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Elden Book Review



Since we have someone say that Aoishiro is like 'Dark Soul of Yuri' (Thanks to a huge number of choices) along with Spiral Dystopia release, I did make a parody of a very well known newer game from Dark Soul developer, Elden Ring, with I change the 'Ring' into 'Book' (Because Spiral Dystopia plot is started thanks to the MC hold the mysterious book), so we have 'Elden Book' as the title. Anyway for this week, we have a number of releases, with the most notable one are Akai Ito and Aoishiro releases, although compared to the last week there's no much new title announcements. Overall, I guess we can say this week here is yet another average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

We have Akai Ito and Aoishiro release for Steam and Switch version, and as you know it's GL VN duology with very good graphic, which to say is still looking good even now regardless the problem that popped up in the Steam version. For both VNs, in both we have a girl who have come to the location that happen to have some problem with supernatural, and said supernatural event is meant life or death with the MC need some help from the heroines who have some experiences in dealing with those. The difference is that Akai Ito MC Kei is only a normal teenage girl and thus have no experience in fighting, while Aoishiro MC Shouko is kendo club captain so at least she has experience in fighting. While Aoishiro release is technically redundant because we have the translation for it since 2009, at least in this release we have the interface of this being translated on top have it's HDD size reduced. Go get both VN if you've been waiting for it, and have fun.

Frontwing released 2nd work of Milk Factory, and let's just say that you may as well play this for the arts with the heroines are keep constantly suffer back pain because of their big breast, although of course it's okay if you want to just skip it. Frontwing also has announced that they'll localize Grisaia Chronos Rebellion in which if we remember it's their now defunct mobage with the PC version apparently only have the story, and I can only comment that Frontwing surely like to milk Grisaia until it's milk is dried out thanks to the constant milking.

Unfortunately Sugar Sweet Temptation release is delayed again, and the reason is apparently they still not finished with the build or something like that. Kagura Games did release Spiral Dystopia back on 26th, and from a first glace it seems to have some nice production value, although turned out that it's a game with some controversial sex scenes. That said, it still has some interesting story (Being chuunige and all) if you can see past that, courtesy of TORI who as we know is the former Rance series writer. Go get Spiral Dystopia if you've been keeping the eyes on it, and have fun. We also have another route for Obedient Women being translated (Now we have 10 stories of it in English), and the new translated route is about Ria Naeho who is not satisfying with her new marriage because she like to have variety in sex (Being young and all), so obviously she seeks that to the man who is not her husband that happen to be in her house.

For fan translation update, first of all we have Senmomo is fully translated with the next step is they'll do a lot of works (Including QA) before finally release it with the target is hopefully in this year. Other than Senmomo fully edited, we also have ChuSingura is past a quarter (25.65%) translated, H2O is at 64.2% edited, AND Akagoei FD is at 43.68% edited along with past a quarter (25.29%) in QA. That's all for fan translation updates in this week.

Turned out that Shiravune did have yet another project, and said project is One Remake that Nexton create as it's 30th anniversary product. For the reminder One is the work of Jun Maeda before he formed KEY, so naturally there'll be some nakige element in one along with supernatural story. For the remake, there'll be no sex scenes in there so you better not expect it, and if you've been desperate for sex scenes you can read it in old version that has been translated anyway. For the art, I can say that the coloring staff really now on how to make Hinoue Itaru art looking good, so at least her art in One Remake looks better compared to the art in Koropokkur. Oh yes, we already have the exact release date, and it'll be on December 22nd later with the release is also simultaneous release with Japanese version.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.


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