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WN: Imouto no Iru Seikatsu




This particular series is another reincarnation story, but it stands out because the entirety of the story so far is concentrated in his childhood, where he is constantly dealing with problems beyond his abilities, faced with situations where revealing his true abilities would harm his family, and generally trying to keep his yanderish little sister from being lonely.  His name is Alto Cranepot, and he is the bastard son of a noble who married into an Earl's family with the man's mistress, Ryuushka.  Al, as he is called most of the time, died of overwork in his previous life and is often described as having the atmosphere of a worn-out worker that is at odds with his beautiful features inherited from his mother.  Due to the fact that he had to touch his sister's soul while in the womb to help her and his mother survive, his sister is totally obsessed with him from the moment she is born.  

His teacher, Eibelle, is the series heroine, one of the two remaining ancestors of the elven race, the Arch Elves, her nickname being 'hametsu' (Ruin) for the fact that she was always the one to destroy threats in the previous ages (she is at least ten thousand years old, but as innocent in matters of romance as a girl can get).  She is not only his love interest but his teacher of sorcery and easily the most adorable character in the series.  It helps that Al loves her from almost the first time he meets her, and she shares that feeling.  

The entirety of the seven hundred and so chapters that have come out so far has only resulted in him turning eight years old, as the author is cramming an immense amount of detail into every year of his life.  As such, there is no way you can consider this to be a complete story.  However, it is an immensely enjoyable read, as Al struggles to have a normal life while ruining those plans with his own hands and efforts.  

Overall, this is a great choice for people who like isekai stories that are mostly daily life with a side of comedy and action/adventure.  I don't recommend this to people who want fast-paced stories.  I do recommend it for people who like their stories to have a lot of details.


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8 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

Sounds pretty interesting, actually. May get tedious though if it's so slow-paced.

That's what is weird about this one... it doesn't get tedious.  The author is really good at making you want to read 'just one more chapter', and it never really stops.  Normally, I'd agree with you, and objectively speaking, it would be nice if he hurried things up a bit.  However, when I'm reading it, I don't feel that way, oddly.  @Rikuremarked that he had a similar experience with it.

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Yeah, it's strangely addictive. And even now that the update pace decreased, I still eagerly wait for the next chapters even though I stalled quite a few WNs because it was a pain to wait too long between chapters.

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