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WN: Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Narimashita ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu



This particular series follows a guy who dies after being trampled by an escaped horse as he is revived in another world and told to live freely.  He is given two major growth cheats right up front (20 times experience gain, plus 1/20 experience to next level) and becomes immensely powerful in a relatively short time, while gathering a group of friends and lovers around him (he only has two lovers, which is pretty low compared to most isekai protagonists).  

Throughout most of the story, he picks the jobs he wants to level up at random or based on his needs at the moment, so you can't really say he is an intelligent and far-sighted protagonist.  In addition, he is highly reliant on the moral support of Haru and Kyaro (his lovers) to keep himself balanced.  The theme of this story is very much a 'normal guy his given immense power but no purpose', and it is only toward the end that things become truly serious and he is forced to stand against fate.  

Since the protagonist doesn't become morally defunct (something that happens to roughly half of the serious isekai protagonists I've seen so far), chapter for chapter, this isn't a bloody series.  Nor is it graphic.  The protagonist tends to try to save everyone he can while not endangering those close to him, but he doesn't have a hero complex.  It is more a situation where the protagonist has the power to do something about it, so he does.  

The story itself is fairly solid and internally consistent, even if it appears to go off on tangents regularly (the intermissions with the two idiots and their monster donkey are a perfect example of tangents turning out to be important).  However, it is also a long story to read, and it gets off to a relatively slow start until the events that result in him buying Haru.  

Overall, it is a complete series that never truly loses its shine from beginning to end, so it is worth reading for those who like isekai stories.


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