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VN of the Month December 2020 - Tsui no Sora Remake



Tsui no Sora Remake is more than just a remake and is VN of the Month. Other worthy competitors include Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari and Hoshizora Tetsudou to Shiro no Tabi . Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode is also supposed to be good for those who care about depressing games.


1. Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari 紅月ゆれる恋あかり [201225] CRYSTALiA 1 2 3
Jindou-- it's a near-future sport where you fight with real swords that's really hot in Japan in the 2040s. Two girls enrolled into Murakumo Academy, where said Jindou is taught-- One is "Kazamine Setsugekka", a rough and emotionally-driven girl who bolsters her blade with the unparallelled strength within her. The other is "Suzakuin Momiji", a cool headed and incredibly precise girl with a prodigious sense for swordplay and a frightingly sharp mind. These two, whose circumstances and personalities are completely different, both aim for the the title conferred upon the strongest in the academy-- the "Toujinegi".
The protagonist, Muragaki Iori, is invited to the academy as a temporary teacher and is ordered to be the sub homeroom tutor of the special top class "Takamura", which Setsugekka and Momiji are a part of. However, the students in this Takamura class... turned out to all be incredibly troublesome kids! There's "Kuki Asahi", a girl who has a serious and calm personality, but goes on fanatical rampages when it comes to Iori; and "Tobe Ririmu", an incredibly selfish gyaru who believes her "self" only belongs to herself.
Just will Iori be able to successfully guide these incredibly "unique" students? Just who will receive the title of the strongest in the academy, the "Toujinegi"? And in whom will the light of love for Iori be lit?
There are English reviews


2. Akita Oga Mystery Annai Kogoeru Gin Reika 秋田・男鹿ミステリー案内 凍える銀鈴花 [201224] Happymeal Inc. 1
You've been chasing the leader of a special fraud group that's expanding its influence.
You and partner Ken, a junior detective, succeed in arresting him after a stakeout.
As a result of a house search, you discover the existence of the group's leader, Zero, and where he is hiding out.
You and Ken head to Akita prefecture to arrest "Zero".
With the help of the local police, you find Zero and hunt him down.
However, the chaotic investigation eventually leads to the confusing investigation eventually leads to the truth of a cruel case that went cold in the past.
The forgotten memory of the flower is quietly waiting for the time of revenge.
There is an English review


3. Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope 幻想牢獄のカレイドスコープ [201217] 07th Expansion 1
Four girls, locked in an unfamiliar and ominous room.
When, how, by who, and to where were these close friends kidnapped? It was all unclear. None of the girls have any recollection of a place like this.
At some point, an iron collar was attached to each of the girls' necks. Those collars were connected to chains, and each chain was connected to a chair at one of the room's four corners. These were torture chairs that give off an ominous impression.
Four girls frightened in an ominous room with no exit. There, a large cage appeared from the ceiling. Inside, a boy was trapped. The white-robed boy is unable to communicate, and even his emotions show no variation. He, too, must likely be a "prisoner" such as the girls…
"In any case, we need to think of a way to get out of here…!"
"Let me tell you how to escape."
An ominous voice echoed throughout the room.
"I have prepared two fates for all of you. One where everyone in this room dies. The other where only three girls are saved. This is a trial to test the fate of you four.
When the time limit expires, everyone in this room will die."
A group of girls, suddenly attacked by a deadly premonition and hair-raising horror…
There is an English review


4. Hoshizora Tetsudou to Shiro no Tabi 星空鉄道とシロの旅 [201230] Shiratamaco
The steam train I jumped onto pulled out of the darkness of the night, and ran beneath the starry sky.
It's been a good trip. I was right to have taken this tour.
A pleasant night breeze blew as I continued my carefree solitary journey. I met kind passengers and a cute conductor. As well as... a girl with cat ears?
What will this journey leave behind inside of her?
And what might it give to me?
A short all-age work lasting for some ten hours along one road with choices not affecting anything serious. It's a gentle world, but characters are interesting and there are a lot of small mysteries scattered around. By the second half tempo improves and Unity engine stops to bother. A wonderful heartwarming tribute to Miyazawa Kenji's Night on the Galactic Railroad.


5. Ichizu na Kanojo to Koi Shitai 一途な(処女→)彼女と恋したい  [201225] Windmill Cosmos
Girl overhears that boy loves her in the talk between classmates. They talk it out and start dating. Holding hands and shy glances gradually lead to the point where line is crossed and lovers get absorbed in each other.
Our usual share of vanilla nukige has arrived, and that's even without counting Aibeya 2 that I blocked.


6. Koinoha -Koi no Share House- コイノハ -恋のシェアハウス- [201225] Sky Rocket 1
Because of his cowardly nature, Kousaka Iori never had a girlfriend, let alone a friend. Now that he was entering high school, Iori decided to attend a school far away so he can start fresh and make some friends in hopes of leading a better, happier life.
First things first, Iori chose to move into a share house for fellow gamers, since it would be easier to improve his communication skills with people who share the same hobbies as him. If he manages to gain enough experience from this, surely Iori would get a girlfriend.
Iori had high hopes that everything was going to go swimmingly, from his new school life and his new living situation. He'll be able to meet people with the same interests as him. And a willing opponent to play against will always be nearby. He would be able to talk to his heart's content. With a spring in his step and a gleam in eyes, Iori opened the door to his new share house, excited to finally fulfill his dream.
But alas, as Iori opened the door and walked into his new home, his eyes jumped...
As before him was a group of beautiful girls, something he was only supposed to encounter after he leveled up.
There is an English review


7. Kokoro no Katachi to Iro to Oto ココロのカタチとイロとオト [201225] Hulotte Roi 1
Shiki Tsukimori was born with a mysterious power that allowed him to see and hear the minds of others. It could be a direct voice, a mood, or a color, but in any case, Shiki was able to see things that should have been invisible, and as a result, he has had a rough childhood. One day, he meets Harune Hoshina, who's heart he can't read. Shiki becomes interested in Harune, and the two eventually become lovers. This is the first time Shiki has been able to feel truly happy. Shiki wants to know more about Harune's heart but he's also afraid to know more and it ends up affecting his relationship with Harune. Will Shiki and Harune be able to overcome this ordeal and be truly happy?
There is a nice Indonesian review


8. Ryuuou no Oshigoto! りゅうおうのおしごと! [201217] Entergram, Inc.
Kuzuryuu Yaichi is a prodigy shogi player who won the title of Ryūou at the age of 16. Following his victory, he has been in a slump until he is approached by Hinatsuru Ai, a 9-year-old girl who begs him to make her his disciple. Astonished by Ai's potential, Yaichi agrees to become her master, and the two then brave themselves together in the world of shogi with their friends and rivals. However, this comes with the condition imposed by Ai's mother that Yaichi is to marry Ai if she does not become a major player before graduating middle school.
Anime Spin-Off


9. Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode 天ノ少女 [201225] Innocent Grey 1 2
Discovery of Kuchiki Toko's remains didn't leave Tokisaka Reiji any time to grieve.
Chasing Kuroya Naori who took the infant and concealed his whereabouts, is the mission left for him.
At the same time, the creator of「Kara no Shoujo」, Mamiya Shinzou gives out his last breath.
Heart failure without a cause.
But it became a trigger for another incident.
Corpses looking as the angel in Mamiya Shinzou's unpublished work 「Divine Punishment」, are being discovered one after another.
Masaki Tomoyuki's former colleague is one of the victims.
Two Paintings.
Without saying anything, the girl in the painting
kept talking, in a voice that could not reach.
I can't come with you, Makoto, because you have done bad things.
But still... I think Toko wants to see you.
Because she was a lonely person.
Don't forget.
The blue bird of happiness will be reborn any number of times.
The blue bird that passes through heaven will sweep down once again.
There are English reviews


10. Altdeus: Beyond Chronos [201203] MyDearest 1 2
A VR visual novel set about 300 years after the events of Tokyo Chronos, in a world where humanity seeks refuge underground from deadly creatures known as Meteora. ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos has more player interactivity than its predecessor and features full voice acting in both English and Japanese.
The year 2280. Chloe, member of the Anti-Meteora military organization Prometheus, defends the city in her Makhia, a massive battle robot. Though her foes are formidable, she survives with the help of her companions.
Prometheus fights to protect the city from the Meteoras and retake the surface one day. However, that is not why Chloe pulls the trigger.
No. Everything she does, she does for her fallen friend.
Her dearest friend. Coco.
The blue flame of vengeance that burns within her is never extinguished.
It sears Chloe's heart as she thinks of the choices she faced and decision she made, back in that moment.
And then, the gears of fate begin to turn at a screeching pace.
A Meteora with Coco's form attacks.
This is Chloe's reality.
Game is released in English and has English reviews


11. Tsui no Sora Remake 終ノ空 remake [201225] KeroQ 1 2 3
A remake of Tsui no Sora included in the 10th anniversary Subarashiki Hibi package, including a fully rewritten script that is 1.5 times the size of the original and a "whole new work of its own".
There are English reviews


1. Dasoku 蛇足 [201225] Waffle 1
A group of young people come to an isolated island to look at the start in the observatory. Impressed by the fabulous night sky they fall asleep after a lot of talking. Upon waking up five people are discovered hung dead. This is how it begins.
Nukige listed because of an English review


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Recommended Comments

Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari is a prequel to Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha.  The main heroine is Tsubaki's elder sister and Tsubaki's child version makes an appearance during the story (ridiculously cute).  I will say that this protagonist is much, much more badass than the original's protagonist.  However, just like in that one, he is more of a support role than anything else.

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Akatsuki Yureru - Well I only know that it's within top 20 Gethu ranking for 2020 VN and it's the prequel of previously produced VN. Also since it was also sold in DMM, perhaps Shiravune can localize this sometimes in the future.

Kara no Shoujo 3 - The finale of Kara no Shoujo series that finally resolved the story of Reiji who has been hit by misfortune for his life. As for the reception, let's just say that two people at VNDB did expect too much and become enraged by it because the VN can't fulfill what they did expect with the finale. That said though while those two people did have sky high expectation for this VN, it shouldn't stop other people to find the finale is good on it's own. In any case, for now I can only say that hopefully Mangagamer will localize this.

Tsui no Sora Remake - Once in a time Gambs did try to translate this, although he decided to stop it after a twitter user said that he didn't like on how he worked on this or something like that (Oh well). As for the contents, well most of those are the same as the old Tsui no Sora (Including the problematic suicide of Zakuro) so obviously the one that people interested with the remake is the new story that was written by SCA-DI with the focus on Yasuko whose the design here is very cute compared to her previous designs, and yes her role here is basically become the main character on it's own (Her chapter also reveal some interesting point, such as the nature of Ayana). As for the chance to see this translated, well I guess after the failed fan translation we may not be able to have this in English for some time.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of December 2020 releases.

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