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VN of the Month July 2017 - Hikari no Umi no Apeiria



Hikari no Umi no Apeiria is the only masterpiece in July 2017. Clephas also thought so. Micchi on the other hand finds Hatsujou Sprinkle , Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou and O-uchi ni Kaeru Made ga Marshmallow Desu to be worthy.


1. Aoiro Note アオイロノート [170728] ad:lib
Takuya entered Shikizaka Gakuen this spring. One day after school, he saw his classmate Misora inconspicuously putting up a club recruitment poster in the empty school building. With a cool aura and seemingly hard to approach, the beautiful Misora was the talk of the class since the first day. However, she is actually quite shy and the image that had been forced upon her had resulted in her becoming isolated from the rest of the class. So, she thought to create a club to make some friends and break free from her current lonely situation. Takuya couldn’t leave her after knowing the circumstances, so he decided to help out achieve the school life that she yearned for.
Feels very similar to original Aoiro. Weak scenario-wise even though if differs from ordinary moege .


2. Choukou Shinki Ixseal 超昂神騎エクシール [170728] Alice Soft 1 2
Protagonist Tsuguhiko Oudou is the reincarnation of the demon king. He lived his life as a normal student among human society while waiting for his chance to reinstate his position as demon king and rule over the world.
On the appointed day however, he is attacked by Ixseal, a knight from the God’s side. He manages to escape, but is then immediately betrayed by his subordinate Bezel. Meaning that in the end he is left with just one power, the power of “lust”.
Bezel also manages to trap Ixseal on earth, away from her allies. Tsuguhiko and Ixseal then decide to team up and form a joint front against Bezel and his army of demons. But the only way to defeat these strong demons is to provide Ixseal with more power. And since the power of lust is the only one left for Tsuguhiko, you can guess where this is going.
RPG has an English review


3. Fuyu Uso -Snow World End- フユウソ -Snow World End- [170728] Campus 1 2
It follows the scenario of what happens at Mahoshi Gakuen if the magic contract didn’t end up in Satsuki’s hands, Souichirou had protected Aoi from being taken over by the succubus, and Eris didn’t find what she was looking for with Shizuku.
Everyone lies, whether it be to protect, to deny, to misrepresent, or to keep things unchanged.
In spring, Souichirou met Satsuki for the first time and she shortly thereafter was welcomed as a new club member.
In summer, he was busy preparing for the Mahoshi festival with Aoi and the student council.
In autumn, he was caught up in some trouble involving his longtime friend Eris.
Then came today, the first day of snow. He didn’t know the reason, but he could tell that it was a lie.
Even though he always found it hard to deal with her…
Even though he thought that their paths would never cross…
Even though it seemed that he must not reach for her…
— he could not betray his true feelings.
“I love you, Teidou-senpai. Please go out with me.”
It was the beginning of a story about the snow world end.
There is an English review


4. Golden Hour ゴールデンアワー [170728] Niko 1 2 3 4
Yuuya got in an accident just before the regional qualifier finals for the football nationals and he couldn’t play anymore. After the team’s eventual loss and the end of his playing career, he lost sight of his goal in life, and instead just killed time at the game center every day. He also gave up on love, believing that the girl he’s interested in, Natsumi, did not feel the same way about him.
On the way to the game center after school one day, he met a girl, Yuki, who looked exactly like Natsumi. It felt like he had met her before even though it should be their first time seeing each other. She suddenly told him:
“I will support your love.”
And so the time which had stopped for Yuuya and Yuki began to move once more...
There are English reviews


5. Hatsujou Sprinkle 初情スプリンクル [170728] Whirlpool 1 2 3
The protagonist, Kamishiro Souta is a second year high school student who is unusually active and has very high sexual desire. Although some students in the school (mainly girls) keep their distance from him, he still dreams of having a fulfilling life full of erotic happenings so he gives his best.
Although he could be said to be a dangerous person in general, on a certain day his desire was off the scales.
All he could do, was to think of perverted things.
When he was filled with desire to fondle an older woman's breasts, falling into a state where he was just a step from being unable to live in a society, a mysterious beauty, Meidou Hazuki appeared before him. Calling herself a "witch" who inherited demon genes she told Souta that he too, has for some reason awakened as a demon.
Moreover, out of all seven deadly sins he possessed magic power of "lust", of all things his magic power acted as aphrodisiac causing women around him to get in heat.
It appears that his awakening was forcibly caused by the treasure stolen from Hazuki's family, that she was in the middle of chasing after and requested Souta to help her.
And so, Souta was involved in an outrageous happening. Will his condition of exuding aphrodisiac aura improve? What about hidden feelings of the girls around him?
Involving lots of people, the story goes into a strange direction and filling protagonist's school life with erotic happenings.
There are English reviews


6. Hikari no Umi no Apeiria 景の海のアペイリア [170728] Silky's Plus Dolce 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Aoyama Yoshito is a university student in the folklore studies faculty.
When Yoshito was chasing after his faculty lecturer he ended up in a particular area, got himself lost in a mountain far from human habitation and finally arrived at a certain Western-style mansion.
This mansion was owned by the immensely wealthy family of old nobility, the Mikado clan.
Yoshito was permitted to stay at the mansion as a guest and forced to participate in the "Eigu rite" which would decide the next head of the Mikado clan.
The three beautiful but mysterious Mikado sisters, the assembled candidates of the rite invited by the Mikados as well as the mansion's inhabitants, the previous Mikado clan head Heizou and the current head Fumika.
What fate awaits Yoshito in this mansion where the desires of men and women intermingle?
There are English reviews


7. Ouchi ni Kaeru made ga Mashimaro Desu お家に帰るまでがましまろです [170728] Marmalade 1 2
“Hey, are you all right?”
Kanon held out her hand to Ryou, who had collapsed on the ground in the park. Left without a home after being kicked out, he was taken in by her and given a place to stay in exchange for working at her pâtisserie, “Marshmallow Tree”. The shop had been very popular before she had become the owner, but now it doesn’t get many customers due to a change in opening hours and the arrival of a famous competitor nearby.
He was able to liven up the shop a bit with the help of others, but his relationships with them also got more complicated at the same time. Every day is full of chaos, with unexpected events happening one after the other. What will happen to him and the shop? It is the beginning of sweet and fluffy marshmallow days.
There is an English review


8. Re;Lord Dai San Shou ~Grossen no Maou to Saigo no Majo~ Re;Lord 第三章 ~グローセンの魔王と最後の魔女~ [170728] Escu:de 1
This is the third and final episode in Escu:de’s Re;Lord series. Following the liberation of Herford and Cologne, Iris was captured by Adler’s Jäger unit. Since she possessed too much sensitive information to fall into enemy hands, including the concealment of his own magic and plans for a rebellion, Wilfried pursued them into Greiz instead of going after the third witch.
Greiz is a middle-sized city in the center of Groesen, and it is home to the capitol. However, there were no trains entering the castle town, and the hustle and bustle of the past was eerily missing. Surprisingly, it was also under the territory of the third witch. He was forced to fight on two fronts, as fate also seemed to conspire against him. Wilfried’s final battle has begun.


9. Sakura no Mori † Dreamers 2 サクラノモリ†ドリーマーズ2 [170728] Moonstone 1 
This is the sequel to Moonstone’s action thriller Sakura no Mori † Dreamers, composed of a main route and a Madoka route, both of which take place in the second school term after summer vacation if Shinji does not get in a relationship with any of the other girls. While the two routes are separate from each other, there is a common element which links them together, so the reader is encouraged to play both.
With the defeat of the Joker, all the bodachs disappeared from Sakuranomori. Peace returned, but it was only for a fleeting moment. A new nightmare had begun; It was a crimson world with man-eating monsters where the murderer who was supposed to be dead still wandered. Death in this world resulted into death in reality. The Sakuranomori Dreamers once again threw themselves into battle, to protect the town and those they loved.
On the other hand, the daily life with Madoka unfolds. But is it only a sweet nightmare?
There is an English review


10. Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou 真・恋姫†夢想-革命- 蒼天の覇王 [170728] BaseSon 1 2 3 4
Gi version of the Shin Koihime † Musou - Kakumei series. The Kakumei series aim to deepen the story of Gi, Go and Shoku in a restart from 0 with new scenes and stories for existing and new heroines routes. 24 new characters announced(some of them already made debut on Eiyuutan series) for a total of 73 heroines, over 200 CGs, more historical battles from the Three Kingdoms and battle system reworked also it was announced that some Seiyuu(Voice Actor) will be different from the previous versions totaling at least 50.000 voiced words and over 75 Voice Actors.


11. Tsuki no Michibiki Kumo Haruka 弓張月の導き雲はるか [170728] Debo no Su Seisakusho
In a world where humans and dragons co-exist, there are those called 'dragonmasters' who can be contracted with a dragon as their partner since they can communicate with them heart-to-heart as a result of their strict training. Claude aspired to be a dragonmaster, but even after completing his training, he had yet to find a partner dragon. One day, the village chief permitted him to participate in a ritual to meet a dragon and he trekked into the depths of the forest to search for his own partner. He found her under a large tree: a cute dragon girl named Freya.


1. Bishoujo Mangekyou -Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo- 美少女万華鏡 -罪と罰の少女- [170728] ωstar 1 2 3 4 5 6
Yuuma is on leave from school since being hospitalized due to an incident.
For the first time in a year, he finally reunited with his beautiful twin sister Yuuri and began to live with her.
However, he had a secret that he could not tell the sister: he is genuinely in love with her.
Nukige listed for the sake of reviews
2. Hyakki Ryouran no Yakata 百奇繚乱の館 [170728] Astronauts: Sirius 1 2 
Aoyama Yoshito is a university student in the folklore studies faculty.
When Yoshito was chasing after his faculty lecturer he ended up in a particular area, got himself lost in a mountain far from human habitation and finally arrived at a certain Western-style mansion.
This mansion was owned by the immensely wealthy family of old nobility, the Mikado clan.
Yoshito was permitted to stay at the mansion as a guest and forced to participate in the "Eigu rite" which would decide the next head of the Mikado clan.
The three beautiful but mysterious Mikado sisters, the assembled candidates of the rite invited by the Mikados as well as the mansion's inhabitants, the previous Mikado clan head Heizou and the current head Fumika.
What fate awaits Yoshito in this mansion where the desires of men and women intermingle?
Nukige listed for the sake of reviews
3. Niizuma Koyomi 新妻こよみ [170728] Hadashi Shoujo 1 
Soushirou is about to graduate college, but at this point he still hasn't found his calling professionaly speaking, that is till he admires a vase made by a famous potter. That's Soushirou's calling, the work of art captivates him so much that he immediately makes a vow to become a potter under that famous artist's tutetalage.
Soushirou is accepted as a disiciple, with that Soushirou moves from Tokyo to a quite and cozy rural prefecture to live and learn with his master; there is where Soushirou will find love and marry while he develops his skills, becoming a worthy successor to his master.
Nukige listed for the sake of review



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Recommended Comments

Niizuma Koyomi is one of a very, very few nukige I consider worthy of watching for the quality of the romance/story.  While there is a lot of sex in the game, it also is a really high quality romance SOL game with solid heroines.

 Hikari no Umi no Apeiria is a seriously weird game... it doesn't fit into any greater genre except maybe the mystery/mindfuck sub-genre.  It is also full of absurdities.  However, if you can enjoy its inherent absurdities, this is a fun VN to read.

Fuyu Uso is the conclusion of the Uso series, focusing on the most mysterious and inscrutable of the four heroines.  Like all the entries in the four game series, it is a high-quality kinetic novel with a mix of fantasy, plotge, and charage elements.

Hatsujou Sprinkle is a medium-quality charage by Whirlpool that is only interesting if you have finished everything better, lol.

Mashimaro is just a standard-quality charage, nothing to write home about.

Sakura no Mori Dreamers 2 is a great fandisc for people who liked the original game, and it also links up a bit with Honoguraki.  

Shin Koihime Musou Kakumei Souten no Haou covers Karen's/Cao Cao's rewritten path.  Very little of this game was left untouched by the hands of the writers, so it is a huge enhancement of the original path from Shin Koihime Musou.  

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Unlike June in July there's some releases that I'd want to see in English, so let's see what I can comment in regard of July releases here.

Bishoujo Mangekyou 4 - I would like to see this translated just because we have trap MC along with beautiful art of Bishoujo Mangekyou so obviously it should be a good combination, although too bad that Arcadeotic as the translator apparently quite busy so he can't work on this as of now.

ReLord 3 - The last part of ReLord and currently Sekai manage to get this, although too bad that Sekai took too much time to translate the second part (Which to be fair is not really their fault solely) so that I lost interest to it. Anyway for the premise the MC here will face the last witch and homely he'll be able to return the honor of his father because he love his father so much (And thus can be called as having father complex).

Beat Valkyrie Ixseal - The 3rd game of Beat series in that it has more corrupt scene and that Alicesoft decided to just ask us to raise two warriors instead of three like back at Haruka, and that this time the MC is the reincarnation of the demon lord who was betrayed by his subordinate so he didn't have much choice other than teamed up with his sworn enemy Ixseal (Enemy of your enemy is my friend situation). Obviously like previous Beat games, the MC here will has sex with Ixseal in order to increase her status and you can also had her deliberately lose in order to be raped by the MOTW to gain status. Oh yes the enemy here has Seven Deadly Sins motive in case you interested, and I want Mangagamer to announce this but I suppose it's not possible for now.

Sakura no Mori 2 - While this is the sold as sequel in that it's supposed to allow Madoka's route that Kure teased so much in the prequel, in practice it's more like fandisc to a degree. That said I sort of hope that Mangagamer will localize this seeing that they can have Evangile W translated but looks like it's not possible as well. By the way I like the opening song in the sequel more compared to the opening song at the prequel.

Apeiria - While the song is very nice and it has very interesting premise with the MC along with his female friends play a game and that the MC manage to create, unfortunately it's still not translated yet so we can only play this in Japan (I don't really know if Sekai is willing to license this or manage to get the license). That interesting premise, the writer here is also Haretaka writer so you better expect some good technical writing like he did in both of Haretaka and Suki Suki, and that there'll be a lot of adult humor because of the MC did use his penis as his sword (I'm not joking here by the way).

That's all for what I can comment in regard of July 2017 releases.

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