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VN of the Year 2016




Year 2016 is a comeback with some very strong titles and months after somewhat weaker 2015. It even broke out of the 20 masterpiece curse. Clephas hesitated between three titles, and stopped at Tokyo Necro , but for me it was an evident winner. Visual Novel Openings 2015 . 

As for future review out of 2016, I usually choose something lacking attention, so the candidate that suits the best is Dungeons & Daimeiwaku -Great Edges in the Abyss- . Again, with the sudden influx of RPGs that showed up, I won't take up a review before I finish all those.

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Can't comment on your pick since i've never played it, but mine is BLge Hashihime of the Old Book Town (also favorite of the decade). The one route i've read from it was such a well done time loop storyline that it essentially made them obsolete to me. Also, i hope you prepare yourself, because 2017 is god-awful if you ignore doujins.

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