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Sakura Childhood Friend Review



Once again sorry for being late in regard of this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I just combined 'Childhood Friend' from the nukige that Sekai was suddenly released and 'Sakura' from Sakura Forest Girls that Winged Cloud just released recently so we have 'Sakura Childhood Friend' as this week VNTS Review. As for this week, there's Frontwing new announcement in that it has a lot of big breast heroines and that it's a nukige that'll be released at May later. Other than that, we have Sekai being active and manage to reduce their backlog by one thanks to the aforementioned nukige release and that there's some usual fan translation updates. Overall I can say that this week is a breather after Musicus release, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Frontwing new VN was called Oppai Academy and as expected it has a lot of focus on the big breast, and for the reminder while I did say Frontwing VN their role here is more or less just the publisher for the translated version. The premise is like we have out MC who is the writer of an erotic light novel was sent into another world because of his little sister mistake, and after that he find himself surrounding by a lot of girls who have big breasts while at the same time he find out that he has a magic that can make the girls breasts squirting a lot of milk. As for what I can say, let's just enjoy the visual excitement if I may suggest seeing that it's nukige and all. Anyway Frontwing will release this ay May, so if you like big breast heroines and still not satisfied by Funbag Fantasy 3if then you can wait for this VN. Apparently Frontwing also did delay their Sharin release to May, but seeing that there's no much word from them in regard of that let's just say that Sharin's release was delayed indefinitely until further notice.

From fan translation we have Eustia was at 87.58% TLC-ed with side route was at 84.50% TC-ed, 72.8% original lines of Summer Pockets was reworked, and 3,100 out of 15,087 (20.5%) lines of Tsui no Sora Remake are translated. Other than that, no much to say here so that's all for this week fan translation updates.

Good to see that Sekai did release their childhood friend nukige, and no much to say other than go get the VN if you want to play some nukige that was focused on the childhood friend. Anyway my focus on Sekai here is obviously not on their release, but rather I pay more attention to their updates. As for this week Sekai's updates, we have ReLord Episode 2 was in QA (At least it mean that it's really almost ready for the release), Imouto no Seiiki was at 40% translated, Kimagure was at past three quarter (79%) edited, and Amatsutsumi was halfway done with the engine work which mean at least they didn't need to wait for the engine to start working on it. There's also some secret project announcements from Sekai, but seeing that they did release two of their VNs at Chinese language first I won't keep an eye much of them until they'll reveal it later. In case you want to keep the eyes on it, they're about to start the translation work on the second secret project and their third secret project was already finished both translation and editing process.

That's all for this week VNTS Review and sorry if it's quite short here. See you next week.

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