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Sniper of the Mountains Review



Sorry for being very late for this week VNTS Review, and I'll tell the title at PS later. As for this week, let me say that it's quite interesting in that we have Musicus release in that it's one of well received VNs that was just released by Mangagamer a week ago, and other than Musicus we have JAST did release their BL VNs. We also have two updates in regard of Black Lilith nukige, in which one of those updates is the release of the full translation patch. All in all, this week is more or less a breather after what we have from previous two weeks in that we have both Sekai and Nekonyan have a number of new announcements. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week when it come to VNTS Review here, and while I know that Frontwing did have announce their new big breast nukige I'll save the talk about the VN for my next VNTS Review.

Good to see that JAST finally being active for released two VNs at once, even though the VNs in question are not necessarily what I look forward into with one of those is the redundant one. The redundant release in question is Dramatical Murder in that we already have the full translation patch of this ever since back at 2013, although apparently the old translation is unedited from what I hear so if you like some BL VNs with good plot then you can get Dramatical Murder from JAST and have fun. The second release is the trap VN with the localized title Tomgirl of the Mountain, in which we have our male MC who has bad experience with female wander into the mountain which has traps (Or if you want explanation it's the male who have physical feature like female) and the MC was started to wonder if he swing to the wrong side. Go get the trap VN if you somehow want to play BL VN with the heroes looks like cute female, and have fun. Anyway seeing that JAST here being active at this week even if their releases are basically BL VNs, I'll look forward if they can release the rest of their backlog quicker and announce Flowers Hiver at this year.

From fan translation, we have Shin Koihime Musou was at 44% edited and 71.7% original lines of Summer Pockets was reworked. Other than that, we have new project in which it's Taimanin Kurenai which as far as I know is another Taimanin series which mean we should expect some rape along with female ninja wore tight fitting outfit and have big breast. As far as progress concerned, currently it's been at 10% translated and the one who translate it was Rattan Man who usually deal with Black Lilith VN. Speaking of Black Lilith VN, we have Koukaku no Ai full translation patch release in which it's about the female policewoman who has been enhanced with nanotechnology who asked to investigate that has been kidnapped a lot of famous female celebrities, and naturally since this is Black Lilith VNs we obviously expect the policewoman to get raped. Go get Kokukaku no Ai if you want to play some nukige, and have fun.

Since Mangagamer did just released Musicus, obviously they did announce their next release and in this case it's Funbag Fantasy 3if in which they'll release it at May 6th later. As for Musicus itself, the premise is that we have our MC Kei who more or less confused on how he should shape his future. One day he saw a music group who perform and Kei was fascinated with the performance, and as soon as the band was disbanded somehow Kei was asked to reform the band with him as the leader. Musicus itself is called as Overdrive's Swan Song (Bonus point for the writer here was also wrote Swan Song VN) in that it's their last VN before they're stop VN production, and apparently Musicus here is quite well received with several positive reviews in that it might be appropriate to call this as Overdrive's Magnum Opus. That said even with Magnum Opus status here, I can't exactly says that each people would share same opinion in regard of Musicus so perhaps you better try and see if the VN here is really suit your taste or not, and in case you try it then have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For the title, since one of the heroine from trap VN that JAST was released (More like hero though) voiced by Tomoe Tamiyasu and that she also voiced Makina from Grisaia franchise in that she was known as sniper, I decided to change the word 'Tomgirls' into 'Sniper' so we have 'Sniper of the Mountains' as this week VNTS Review.

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