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VN of the Month January 2011 - Bloody Rondo



Bloody Rondo is the only real deal in January. Zen supports this idea while Micchi sees this month as a slow start of the year with only fandisc and some moege looking appealing enough.


1. Smile☆Shooter ~First☆Ticket~ スマイル☆シューター ~ふぁーすと☆ちけっと~ [110114]  Kuroneko-san Team
The latest all-ages musical action ADV from Kogado Studio features new idol group Smile☆Shooter, which has been popular on cell phones and Twitter. In the game, you have to help the girls (Yurina, Airi, Mayu) with their debut. It’s a mix of ADV and musical action parts, using the same system as Angelic Serenade and Symphonic Rain.
Game would suit well on PSP, but on PC competition among better titles is too strong. So it becomes the last game of Kuroneko-san Team.


2. Noblelige! ノーブルリージュ! [110125] Mana
This is an all-ages cross-media series by bishoujo game company mana and light novel publisher MF Bunko J. It is written by Okano Touya and TAMAMI. The light novel covers the first part of the story, while the kinetic novel DVD that comes with the special version of the paperback details the second part of the story.
Magic item appraiser Lang visits the house of an impoverished noble to collect debts. There he meets a proud girl named Charlotte who has a great sense of justice and duty to her followers. Even though she had already given out most of her possessions away, he plans to salvage some assets, but…
Light novel spin-off


3. Dream Club Zero ドリームクラブZERO [110127] Tamsoft Corporation
The "sequel" to Dream C Club that takes place chronologically 4 months before the first game.
Our protagonist (named by you) gets a one-year free membership to "Dream Club", a host-club where he pays by the hour for girls to chat and drink with him.
Can he succeed in finding love?
Includes all the characters of the original, plus 3 new girls.
Not much has changed since SIM prequel


4. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない [110127] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. 1 2
The first TV series may be over, but the story of Oreimo has only just begun! Now you can control the destiny of Kyousuke as you interact with the cute girls in your life and deal with your little sister Kirino's otaku whimsy. Packed with over 20 possible endings and dozens of great in-game CG, the regular dialogue is enthralling as well as it's powered by the "O.I.U." graphics system, or "Ore no Imouto ga konnani Ugoku wake ga nai" system ("There's no way my little sister could move like this!). It's a 2D real time feature animation system that has the characters reacting emotionally and with gestures to the dialogue choices you make. Live out your dream scenarios with your favorite Oreimo characters in this great "what if" game!
Anime spin-off


5. Tsukumonogatari つくものがたり [110127] Killaware Ltd.
“That is unacceptable now. You've known the secret.
There is a story of a boy who can see AYAKASHI, not visible to human eye.”
In the present world, crime rates keep on increasing every day. This is happening because evil spirits have crossed over from the spirit world to the human world. These spirits are invisible to the naked eyes. One day, Yūto Ishigami was pushed out of the third floor's window by a classmate who suddenly turned violent, but he miraculously survived without a single scratch. However, since that day, Yuuto began to see strange things. These strange things are known as "Ayakashi". The fact that he's seeing them is proof that the ability that was sleeping within him has been awakened.


6. Aqua [110128] SORAHANE 1 2 3
In 2056, it is possible to create holograms with mass using AQUA computers. The city of Tsukigahama is the home of the Center of AQUA Research and Development, ECReD, and an antenna on the horizon called Ruka which maintains all AQUA. Souta returns to this city after 7 years, but he hates this place because it reminds him of his dead osananajimi, Chisa. However, he meets a dojikko girl who calls him Sou-chan. There’s only one person in the world who calls him that, Chisa, and this girl not only has the same name as her, but also her kind smile.
There are English reviews


7. Bloody Rondo BLOODY†RONDO [110128] 3rdEye 1 2 3 4 5  
This is the first game by 3rdEye. Shinkurou leads a double life. During the day, he leads a normal school life with other students, but when the sun sets, he heads out to the town to hunt the vampires that have slipped in among humans. One night, he comes upon a girl surrounded by vampires. He takes care of the vampires and takes the fainted girl to his home. However, he soon finds out that she isn’t human. How will a vampire hunter like Shinkurou deal with Luna, the last vampire princess who doesn’t know much about humans at all? An action-based game featuring vampires (including man-made ones), lycanthropes and vampire hunters.
There are English reviews.


8. Canvas 4 ~Achrome Etude~ Canvas4 アクロウムエチュード [110128] F&C FC01 1 2 
Ryou was selected for a prize at the yearly Sakurabana art contest and was accepted into Nadeshiko Gakuen on a scholarship. He ends up living with his osananajimi Kotono. It’s been half a year since then and in additional to the cultural festival this fall, there will also be an art festival with surrounding schools. As the ace of the art club, Ryou was selected as the school’s representative. However, he has a problem: he can’t draw people. Even though he can complete the drawing technically, he feels that there is something off with it.
There are English reviews.


9. Damatte Watashi no Muko ni Nare! 黙って私のムコになれ! [110128] ensemble 1 2 
On the second day of the new school term, Naoki was walking to Seiran Gakuen with his imouto Fumuko when he witnessed a group of men forcing a girl in a dress into a car. He jumped in to help her and with help from his friends was able to get her away from the kidnappers. That’s when a a butler appeared beat the kidnappers and scared them off. His relief turned to bewilderment when the angered girl ordered the butler to fire a rocket launcher at the car the kidnappers were in. She smiled at him and invited him to her house as thanks for saving her. Of course, he declined the invitation and ran away as fast as he could.
However, that’s not the end of it. When he reached the school gates the next day, he finds the girl from the day before, Rin, arguing with his arranged fiancée, Reona. Rin notices him and gives him a kiss, telling him that she’ll make him her groom. The school ends up getting involved and a ‘bride poll’ is held to decide who he will marry. Wait, why is his future being decided by a popularity vote!?
There are English reviews.


10. Gokudou no Hanayome 極道の花嫁 [110128] Galactica 1 2 
The Gokudoujin Family. Just hearing the name of this legendary family brings chills to mafia and politicians alike. Well, that was a long time ago. Yuuichi is the heir of the Gokudouin household, which is just a normal family in this peaceful time. That is until Asahi came to his house. Her family (Habutae) has been declining in power and she came to him intending to marry him!
There are English reviews.


11. Hoshi no Ouji-kun 星の王子くん [110128] Leaf 1
Hoshino Ouji is a super handsome boy at the school and popular among all students regardless of gender. He is surrounded by his osananajimi Purin, ojousama Ringo, robot Chino, beautiful Cocoro and trap Yuri. Will they be able to overcome their problems and also find love at the same time?
There are English reviews


12. Oborokomachi 朧小町 [110128] Concerto Soft
Blessed with good quality trees, the village of Oboro had prospered in the forest industry in the Heian era. It has been passed down for generations that the girls from this area are very beautiful. This is because they are descendants of Oboro-hime, a woman of unsurpassed beauty who lived in this fog-covered area. Now, the town is renamed Tsumagoi-shi, but the story of the Oboro maidens still continues.
Scenario is terrible, heroines lack individuality, system is flawed. It even lacks liveliness to be called a moege.


13. Otakano -Konna ni Kawaii Kanojo ga Otaku na Wake ga Nai- オタカノ -こんなに可愛い彼女がオタクなわけがない- [110128] DisAbel 1 
Eiji is a 2nd year student at a regular school with normal grades and average athletic prowess. He lives by himself, spending his free time playing MMOs. He has friends, but none that he would call a best friend. Girlfriend? Forget about it. One day, he completed as SS-level quest with his online friend and he thought it would be nice to meet him in real life. They arrange a meeting and his supposedly male friend is actually a girl in his class, Moe! Not only that, but she’s the bespectacled class rep that doesn’t talk with other people much. And here she is standing in front of him in a cute mini-skirt and top, wearing contacts instead of glasses… what a change!? After the initial surprise, they decided to create a social networking club so that they can meet others like them. Then she adds that seifuku are prohibited in the club room!
A parody otaku moege, a rather amusing one, but still remaining a moege.


14. Sorairo Memoir -Precious Summer Vacation!- そらいろメモワール -Precious summer vacation!- [110128] Ex-iT
Ryuu and his osananajimi Ichigo return to their hometown for the first time in 8 years. They decide to race to the top of the mountain. What reacquaintances and memories lie beyond the mountain?
A doujin level debut work in all the areas. Even if atmosphere and heroines are to your liking, it's mediocre work at best.


1. T.P. Sakura ~Time Paladin Sakura~ T.P.さくら~タイムパラディンさくら~ [110127] Circus 1 
Time Paladin Sakura is an all-ages D.C. spinoff, featuring the eternal loli Sakura as an even more loli mahou shoujo. Sakura is a lively 3rd grader at Kazami Gakuen who spends the day as a normal girl with her best friend Kotori and osananajimi Jun'ichi. However, she is actually hiding a secret… She can use the powers of the space-time tree to travel through time and change the past! The game is split into two parts, and an hour-long anime OVA will come out at the same time too. There’s also mini games included.
2. Jangokuhime 雀極姫 [110128] Gesen 18
This is the mahjong fandisk for Gesen18′s Sengokuhime series, including a story mode and free mode. It features 21 heroines to choose from. Basically, you get sucked into the mahjong world and have to win in order to get back out. Oh, and declaring thirteen orphans grants a wish.
3. Mousou Protocol! -Hime x Miko x Robot- 妄想ぷろとこる! -姫×巫女×ロボ- [110128] Triangle
If you’re not into imoutos or onee-chans… how about some witches, mikos and robots? In Triangle’s latest ecchi title, Shinpei is an otaku that loves anime and games. Currently, he follows many late-night anime on TV and jerks off to the heroines while watching the heroines on screen and imagining them in ecchi situations. Then, the girls came out of the TV and started living with him! They return to the anime world only when it’s time for that week’s broadcast.
Nukige yet with an opening


Recommended Comments

Damatte watashi no muko ni nare was the first of Ensemble's 'ojousama-ge', and it tends to get somewhat mixed reviews.  Compared to some of Ensemble's more recent works, it is a good VN.  However, it suffered from pacing issues in the heroine routes that bothered me greatly at the time.

Bloody Rondo was 3rdeye's first game.  It wasn't a particularly good chuunige, and it drew a bit too much from Draculius without having the kind of character depth that game had.  If you are just playing one of the routes, Luna's is the only way to go.

Gokudou no Hanayome is a really, really weird game.  It is of a small genre of 'over the top setting' charage/plotge hybrids that were briefly common at the beginning of the decade.  It was no better than decent, in my opinion (mostly because the protag was a total drag on the cast).

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Smile Shooter - I can only say that the story is obviously lighter compared to Symphonic Rain, and apparently it has idol theme.

Oreimo - At least the original creator did involve in the creation. The premise here is that the MC will have the romance with the other heroine, in which it might be good for Oreimo fans who didn't like canon heroine. As for Oreimo itself, well I only know that the little sister heroine there did has fragile ego and act harshly towards her brother and yet she like to play little sister eroge. You can play this in English because we have the full translation patch for this as New Year gift (The patch was released back at December 31st, 2020).

Bloody Rondo - The debut VN from 3rdeye that was focused on vampire, and it's pretty apparent that they like to use high resolution graphic with the result that the HDD size for this was at 4.2 GB. Other than high resolution graphic that 3rdeye keep it until today, no much to say other than it might be possible for Mangagamer to localize this seeing that we have Sona-Nyl, although the chance of it might be small. Oh yes unlike nowadays back then 3rdeye still using single MC for their VNs.

Canvas 4 - I did remember that out of four Canvas VNs only Canvas 2 was translated, and back then it's one of earlier charage that was available in English. While Canvas 2 has the MC as the teacher, in Canvas 4 here the MC is just usual high school student. No much to say here other than nowadays Canvas here is more or less just usual charage, and that Canvas 4 here is the sequel of Canvas 3 while at the same time it merely share same setting as the first two Canvas. That said, I don't really know if Canvas 4 here is really the sequel of Canvas 3 or not seeing that both VNs has different MC and different heroines (It might be like Da Capo trilogy though in that while each series has different heroines the story is still connected to a degree).

Time Paladin Sakura - Da Capo spin off with Sakura become magical girl with Circus somehow decided to recast the VAs for the main characters, with the notable one Sakura here is voiced by Suzuko Mimori instead of Yukari Tamura (Sakura's VA in all age version of Da Capo).

Overall no much that I can say in regard of the releases, so that's all for my comment on January 2011.

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