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Mobile Suit Gunvarrel Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (10/18/2020)

As for the title, since in Robotic Notes we have Gunvarrel giant robot which supposed to be Gundam parody, I decided to just simply return the favor by changing Gundam from 'Mobile Suit Gundam' into 'Mobile Suit Gunvarrel' with the in series name is 'Mobile Battler Gunvarrel'. I'm sure that you didn't need my explanation for Gundam seeing that it's a very famous robot anime franchise, but just in case you want to know more here's the article from Wikipedia in regard of that. Welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for this week I guess I can say that it's been an active week compared to the last week with Robotic Notes and Steam Prison Fin's route release, and other than that we also finally have Mangagamer usual updates. Other than those highlight, we also have JAST announced their new VN and the VN in question is quite twisted to say it lightly. So overall it's not too bad week here, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Few days ago JAST announced their new VN that will be released at 21st later. The VN in question is Sadistic Blood in that it's another VN from Black Cyc which as we know like to make a twisted nukige, and Sadistic Blood here is no exception with some CG depicted amputation. The VN itself have two female vampires wondering together and both of them are in love with each other, so at least we can say that this is a GL VN to a degree. In any case, if you want to play it you can wait until 21st later although obviously I won't recommend 15 years old to play this for an obvious reason, and at least I can say that the graphic itself looking pretty. Speaking about release, we have Cherry Kiss suddenly release a nukige called My Yandere Sister Loves Me Too Much back at 16th, and as for the premise it's about the older sister who dotes on the MC who is her younger brother so much that she decided to isolate the MC so that she can keep him by herself. Go get that if you like yandere heroine, and have fun.

Mangagamer did released Fin's route add on for Steam Prison, which mean that you can play Fin's route if you like him ever since Steam Prison released so have fun with his route. For the updates, we have Sona-Nyl Refrain was fully translated, Genesis was fully edited, and Jeanne image editing was completed. For secret projects, the 6th project was at 68% translated along with 67% edited and the 7th project was fully edited. No much to say admittedly, although Mangagamer did tease that they plan something interesting at this month so hopefully it could be something really interesting.

For fan translation, we have Yukikaze 2 was at 70% edited, Loverable was at 91.93% edited, Harugi was at 66% translated with Yuuna's route was past a quarter (31%) translated, Chiccakunai Mon was at 64.5% translated, and Reflection Blue was at 71.77% edited. From Eustia today we have another milestone in that currently it's been at fully edited, and with that I'll fully change my focus on the TLC process in that currently it's been at 55.80% TLC-ed with Licia's Chapter was at 20.36% TLC-ed. By the way I know that we have Akagoei translation project being revived, but since I already stated that my interest was plummeted to almost none thanks for Kinugasa being incapable to end his own story, I would say that I didn't care much about it. Still good luck on the project though, if only for Kinugasa's writing fans and also for the people who've been wanting to play this VN after knowing that it's one of well known untranslated VNs.

Before I talk about Robotic Notes, let me say that at first I find it questionable that Daru of Steins Gate did have MC role in the sequel as of the creator didn't confident that people would like the VN on it's own. Then again seeing that people think Robotic Notes here is inferior to Steins Gate, perhaps what the developer do is right even though I think that it should be okay if Robotic Notes casts are the one who handle the problem by themselves. That aside let me talk about the premise in that we have a robot school club that currently about to be disbanded thanks to usual lack of member problem, and that the club have goal to build Gunvarrel replica. Of course since Robotic Notes here is Science Adventure VNs, obviously there'll be some bad events that'll be happened and it's our heroes job to put a stop into it. By the way it's just too bad in that it have weird choice to not have mouse support which is unacceptable seeing that both of Somnium and YU-NO remake have mouse support and both of those are originally console VNs. So if you interested with Robotic Notes and didn't mind lack of mouse support for PC version, go get that and have fun. Almost forgot to note that the sequel is also translated, and that both VNs are have translation problems so Committee of Zero decided to do retranslation patch for Robotic Notes and aiming to release it within a month (Their tweet for more info).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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