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Arifureta Zetsubou no Hate Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (10/11/2020)

As for the title, since we have Eustia fully translated I decided to parodied Love Live Eli's only solo song 'Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate' (Or in English 'The End of Ordinary Sorrow') by changing the word 'kanashimi' (TL Note: Kanashimi mean sorrow) into 'zetsubou' (TL Note: Zetsubou mean despair), and for the info Eustia opening song lyric also have 'zetsubou' word. For the reminder the reason on why I chose Eli's solo song out of all Love Live characters solo song is simply because both of Eustia and Eli are voiced by same VA (Nanjou Yoshino), and yes I know that Nanjou isn't the one who sang Eustia's opening. As for this week, other than Eustia full translation we also have Piofiore release along with Venus Blood Hypno Kickstarter (KS) success as the main highlights to me. In the end, I guess I can only say that this week is quite plain even with notable Eustia complete translation progress, and let's see what I can write for this week.

After one time delay back at August, we finally Aksys Game released Piofiore in that it's otome VN with the story that the Italian female MC was involved in three way mafia wars thanks to her being captured by one of mafia boss that was in the war. From what I read, I guess I can say that the VN itself might be fascinating seeing that the story can be brutal because of the bad endings and mafia wars. Then again I don't exactly play Piofiore here and that the reviews are pretty much have different opinion, so if you want to find out on what's your opinion on Piofiore itself then go get that and have fun. Note that it's still only available for Switch, so unfortunately you can't play it if you still didn't own Switch yet. I don't know when Aksys will port their console only otome VN into PC, but I hope that they'll do it in the future for the sake of otome VN player that only have PC.

From Nekonyan we have them announce that they'll release Aokana Extra 1 at November 6th later, so if you've been Mashiro's fan ever since Aokana being released and want to see more of her then go take note on the date to get that later. As expected Hypno's KS was ended up being successful, with the fund gathered was at 37,663,844 yen. While it's a very good news, it also exceed Frontier's KS in that back then Ninetail only manage to gather the funds at ~23,600,000 yen if I remember. We also have fine out of six stretch goal was achieved, so we'll have more expansion contents compared to what we have at Frontier when they only got achieved three stretch goals. The plan was to have Hypno released at December 2021 later which to say was quite reasonable thanks to big contents that Hypno have, and also it's the same time length that Ninetails need to worked on Frontier. I'll look forward to their first translation progress on Hypno later.

For fan translation, we have Loverable was at 91.82% edited, Reflection Blue was at 66.96% edited, and Harugi was at 65% translated along with Branch was fully translated and Yuuna's route is at 16% translated. We also have Hoshiori mini FD surprise release in which it's focused on Rikka's birthday that happen in between high school and after story. While you may think that Tsurezure did the job, this time it's not the case because the translator is an user called Garudyne. While contents wise it didn't have much seeing that it only a very short VN and that it didn't have voice, it still nice to get if you've been Rikka's fans when you read Hoshiori and want to see her more so go get the mini FD if you interested and have fun. Last but not the least, once again we have Eustia was fully translated along with the editing was almost catching up at 98.76% edited. Of course it's still not the end yet seeing that there's still TLC and QC left and that TLC-er need to work harder, but at least it's still the important milestone for Eustia translation itself. The translator himself also said that he's hoping that Eustia's full patch to be released at this year, although it would be almost impossible to do so he hope that at the very least the TLC can be done at this year.

That's all for my VNTS Review at this week, and see you next week.


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