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Cleaning Princess Magical Malty Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (10/25/2020)

Welcome to this week VNTS and sorry for being late here, and as for the title I'll tell it at PS later. As for this week, I can see that we've been active with horror theme release (Iwaihime and Sadistic Blood) that was released at this week which to say pretty reasonable seeing that we'll going to have Halloween in four days. Other than horror VNs releases, we also have Wanko Marriage sudden release after there's some uncertainty whether it'll be released at this year or not. Of course we still have some updates, with the most notable one was in regard of Riddle Joker release at December 18th later. Overall I can say that this week is pretty good in regard of the release, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Sadistic Blood, JAST did release it back at 21st and as expected the some of the CG are very twisted when uncensored, which should be given looking from on how the artist manger to draw the character sprites beautifully. I should also add that this is the first time that JAST did offer the patch to make the mosaic appear again, which really says a lot on how twisted some of the no mosaic CG are and I already see that some of the CG are quite disturbing even with mosaic. Once again I won't suggest 15 years old to play this even with mosaic, but if you're 15 years old and really want to play it because of curiosity proceed at your own risk. Forgot to mention that while this is first translated Black Cyc VN, JAST already released Princess X that was created by the company from the same group as Black Cyc so it's quite reasonable that JAST can get Black Cyc's license. Lastly if you interested with Sadistic Blood because of the twisted CG and also the because of the writer Izumi Ban'ya previous works (Mugen Renkan, Kuroinu and euphoria), go get that and have fun.

We also have a good news in that finally we have age started producing Kiminozo for English production according to this tweet. While granted that this is the former age's Magnum Opus before it change to Muv Luv (And milking it), nowadays I guess I can say that I'm not particularly looking forward to it because it looks too dated to me. That said if you want to see more triangle love VN you can get it later, although age themselves still not give the release date though. By the way in regard of which version that age would like to translated, I would guess that the most obvious answer here would be the planned reboot version that was announced some times ago. There's also Wanko Marriage release in that apparently it got some translation problem, although I didn't pay much attention to it seeing that it's just an usual light moege. Go get that though if you want to see the MC run the cafe with dog girl, and have fun.

From fan translation, we have Loverable was at 92.09% translated, Harugi was at 68% translated with Yuuna's route was at 41% translated, 17,186 lines of Pure x Connect are translated, and Eustia was fully edited along with 55.90% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 20.86% TLC-ed (With Eustia fully edited here obviously it mean that I'll fully focused on TLC progress from now on). Nekonyan did announce that they'll release Riddle Joker at December 18th later, which to say was quite surprising to me seeing that I was not browse internet at the time when Nekonyan announce it for several reasons. In any case, since mod Clephas did say that Riddle Joker plot here resemble Dracu Riot I would say that you can just directly play Riddle Joker in case you still waiting Nekonyan released Dracu Riot, although if you still curious about Dracu Riot after finished Riddle Joker of course you can try the former when Nekonyan release it. As for me, well I guess I'll gonna try it later when it's released because after all more Yuzusoft VNs in English is always good.

As for Iwaihime, I would say that it should be good VN if you still very new in that you still not playing any of Ryukishi's VNs. Or rather the comparison would be like you should play Summer Pockets before trying any of KEY VNs, and also you should try Riddle Joker first before trying Dracu Riot. So if I may summarized what Iwaihime is, it would be that I see a lot of deja vu from both of Higurashi and Umineko plot (Mainly Higurashi though) and therefore it should be good for the beginner. Of course like both of previous Ryukishi's work, there'll be no explicit sex CG althoough it didn't mean that there'll be no sex contents though, and more importantly there'll be a lot of horror as both of his previous works can show. The premise here is that we have our MC Susumu who transferred to a new school and met with a creepy girl with the name Toe, and somehow Susumu got a feeling that he must help Toe at any cost. While I did say that it have a lot of deja vu from the previous works, I can still say that Iwaihime here is good on it's own so go get that if you interested with more horror VN and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For the title I decided to have VA parody by change the alias from one of the heroine in Iwaihime (Nunokawa Riria) 'Cleaning Princess Magical Lily' into 'Cleaning Princess Magical Malty', because both of Riria and Malty of Shield Hero anime share same VA (Bridcutt Sarah Emi). And yes I know that the title is very ironic, because while Malty here is princess and magical (She's a mage) she's anything but clean as Shield Hero fans can attest. Speaking about VA parody, I see that Riria's stage name is Kurusu Riria and it makes me wonder if Ryukishi play too much Chaos Child when he wrote Iwaihime and cast the VA for Riria because there's Chaos Child heroine with a same name family that share the same VA (Kurusu Nono).


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