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Atelier Moemi Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week, well most of the updates are from fan translation and at the same time we have a more dire update in regard of Sol Press drop Mirai Radio. Other than that, no much to say except that it's pretty much an anemic one to say it lightly in that there's no new VNs announcements or releases. Anyway let's see what I can write for this week here.

While I did say that I hope Sol Press will work more on Mirai Radio at last VNTS, I didn't exactly mean that they should work on cancelling the license. Although in the end, it's what Sol Press did. Actually Sol Press here not only cancelling Mirai Radio license, they also break the contract with Laplacian in that it mean that they'll no longer working on any Laplacian VNs other than Newton VN. While their loss of Mirai Radio is quite regrettable, Sol Press themselves did have a lot of problematic decision and it's also quite possible in that they might be overwhelmed with their VNs license, so it should be better for them to reduce the backlog in order for them to avoid the problem. Of course it mean that they should focused on the remaining VN projects, and let's hope that they'll be now that they have two less VNs to work along with no more announcing new VNs. To close Sol Press section in more positive note, let me state that we already have Irotoridori past 90% mark (92%) translated, and hopefully they can put more focus on this.

From JAST we have GOLD was fully translated, although when we'll going to get this released of course would be a mystery as of now. We also have a clarification in regard of Boku to Nurse patch deletion, in that turned out Oxford Comma delete it because somehow Sol Press show some interest into it and that they've been trying to get this. What I can say is that even if Sol Press can get it I'll just say that it's a redundant one seeing that it's been available ever since back at 2018 end and it's more or less just a nurse nukige. Also I think we'll going to have it censored if Sol Press got it because the company is the part of GIGA, and if we remember Baldr Sky release we should know that GIGA want to wash their hand from 18+ VNs if we looking from how they've been forced Sekai to release Baldr Sky censored.

For the rest of fan translation updates, we have new fragments from Matsuribayashi PS3 version was at 69% translated, 14,685 lines from Pure x Connect are translated along with 6,227 lines edited, Taimainin Yukikaze 2 was at 65% translated along with halfway edited, Kud Wafter all age was at almost halfway (48.36%) translated, Eustia was at 89.77% translated along with 89.42% edited, and Miagete FD was at 89.89% translated with Honoka's route fully translated. After three months, we finally have Pure Pure resuming the work with the current progress was at 95.58% translated for the overall VN with the bad route was fully translated. Lastly we have Miagete restoration project did join with Alka, although whether it mean that finally we can have Miagete uncensored patch in the near future or not is remain to see seeing that it's more or less is just side project for Alka (For the note their main focus should be KEY VNs).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and again sorry for being late here. See you next week.

PS - For the title, since we have Moemi's route of Pure x Connect was already fully translated and currently I like to play Atelier series games, I just combined 'Atelier' with 'Moemi' so we have Atelier Moemi. I don't know though if GUST would like to use Moemi as their future Atelier games, but I guess the chance might be low as of now.


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