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Turnabout Magical Girl Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for being late here. As for this week I think I can say that this week is quite an active one with three official releases along with three release date announcements, and of course the updates from both of Sekai and Mangagamer. Overall I did find that the week is quite satisfying, and let's see what I can write about that below.

No much update from fan translation, but at least we still have some Alka update. For Alka's update, we have Kud Wafter all age part was at 60.32% translated and Miagete FD was fully translated. Speaking about Miagete FD, the plan would be that they'll finished the editing and if possible release it at the June's end (Still uncertain for now). While once again I prefer to see Miagete got the sex scenes translated first (I'll look forward to Alka's first update in regard of that), at least we'll going to have 18+ version for the FD if Pulltop decided to officially released censored (Duh) Miagete FD later just like back at Konosora FD release earlier. For some other updates, we finally have Oreimo translation group manage to get around the technical issue, the new fragments from Matsuribayashi PS3 version was at 92% translated, and finally we have Eustia reached 90% mark (90.09%) translated with side stories was at 35.68% translated.

I guess it's still good that Sol Press still committed to release Irotoridori with their current progress for that was at 95% translated, and let's hope that they'll keep that commitment until the end. From Sekai, we have Kimagure was at 30% translated, Amairo Chocolata was at 85% edited, Hoshimemo FD was at 62% translated, Nine Episode 3 was at 30% translated, Island Diary was at 90% edited, and Nekopara 4 was at halfway translated. We also have Sekai have some problem in regard of Nekogami in which the VN in question was banned from Steam. I guess we can always say that Valve being fickle with their policy, although I also think that it might be the title that cause the ban (And that's all for what I can say here). Let's just hope that Sekai will find a way to get around of Steam's policy, sooner or later. Lastly we have Aristocunts nukige release, so if you like to watch an isekai story where the MC have a lot of sex with the villainess, go get the that.

We have Mangagamer released Esclalayer, and as usual they announced their next month release in that turned out to be Macchiato which will be released at July 9th later. For the updates, we have Rance 02 in testing, Sona-Nyl's Refrain was at 35% translated, and Msicus was at 89% translated along with 86% edited. For the secret project, they decided to add one more so currently we have four unrevealed projects from Mangagamer. The roundup for secret projects progress goes like 3rd was at 95% translated along with 91% edited, 4th was at 89% translated along with 87% edited, and 5th was both fully translated and edited. As for Escalayer itself, it's like Haruka in that we'll going to power up the magical girl (The titular Escalayer) through sex, and of course like Haruka the sex can be either romantic or brutal. The premise is like we have our MC Kyouhei who witness his childhood friend Sayuka masturbate in order to transform into Escalayer and fight one of the cadre from the evil organization, and after that Escalayer ran out of power. After that Kyouhei was told to power up Sayuka through sex so that Sayuka can keep fighting, and Kyouhei does so even though he's quite hesitant at first. Go get Escalayer if you interested with it, and have fun.

Aniplex have announced their first VNs (ATRI and Adanbana for the reminder) release date and in this case it'll be at Friday (19th) later, so feel free to note the date if you interested with those two. Lastly we finally have Ouka Sabaki (Master Magistrate) full version release, in that it'll cover fourth chapters along with the heroine routes. As for the premise, we'll have our MC as basically the judge who his job is to hold a court and decide the verdict for the defendant, and while at it his task was also including investigate the crime scenes in order to find the proof to prove whether the defendant is really guilt or not. In case the premise remind you of Phoenix Wright, you're not wrong because it really like Phoenix Wright although instead of defense lawyer your role is basically the judge in Edo era, so the time setting is basically the Japan in 18th century (Based on probable real life version of the MC). If you been interested with it ever since the Early Access version was released, go get the VN and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For this week VNTS review title, seeing that we have both of Ouka Sabaki and Escalayer releases I'll decided to parodied Phoenix Wright with 'Turnabout' title because Ouka Sabaki structure did follow Phoenix Wright so that we have 'Turnabout Magical Girl' as this week title, and for 'Magical Girl' part is simply because of Escalayer release which as we know is the VN where we have sex with the titular magical girl in order to strengthen her.


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