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Utawarerumono: Mask of Beginning Review



While the title is pretty fitting for Utawarerumono remake that was released back at May 26th, unfortunately it's not the case because the subtitle for the remake is 'Prelude to the Fallen' which to say was not idiosyncratic with the rest of the trilogy. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for this week we have the highlight Utawarerumono remake release and more importantly Sol Press big decision in regard of their VN business, and along with that we also have Nekonyan and fan translation updates here. So yeah overall this week is more active compared to the last week which is good enough, and let's see what I can write for this week as well here.

The release for Wanko of Marriage was delayed, and let's just say that they should make sure that they already ready before announce the exact release date. From Sekai we have Amairo Chocolata was at 45% edited, and their third secret project was at 37% translated (I wonder when the project will be revealed). From fan translation we have Taimainin Yukikaze 2 was at 60% translated, Kud Wafter all age version was at 40.48% translated, Miagete FD was past three quarter (76.83%) with Miharu's (The former elementary teacher of the MC for the info) route was fully translated, and the new fragments from Matsuribayashi PS3 version was at 39% translated.

Recently we have Sol Press gave us some big updates along with the big announcements in that they'll stop licensing new VNs because turned out that the VN markets is not quite profitable for them. While it's too bad that Sol Press probably wouldn't joined the VN localization market, honestly it should be the best action for them seeing that they already gathered enough circumstances on how they may overwhelmed with the VNs license. So hopefully with no more VNs announcements from them, they can start clean their VNs backlog one by one as they planned. If I want to summarized what Sol Press did it wrong in regard of VN market, there would be too much seeing that they made so many questionable actions in the past. As for the updates, we have Irotoridori was at 88% translated along with 66% edited, Nukitashi was fully translated along with a quarter edited, and Sakura Celebration was almost fully (99%) translated along with 61% edited. That's all for Sol Press, and hopefully they'll be able to be able solve their own problem (Along with start working on Mirai Radio).

As for this month Nekonyan's updates, we have several. For the roundup we have Riddle Joker was 20% in QA, Aokana Extra 1 was at a quarter translated along with 10% edited, IxSheTell was at three quarter translated, and their first secret project was at 23% translated. Other than the roundup, we have Kirikoi update in that apparently Nekonyan team did have a hard time to work with Siglus engine (The engine that Visual Arts VNs used, and it mean Saga Planet VNs as well seeing that it's under Visual Arts), so they decided to port it to Unity and right now the porting in progress. For Kirikoi's translation progress, currently it's been at 65% translated along with 20% edited. Lastly we have Hello Lady FD fully translated along with the editing was planned to be finished by the end of this month (June), so naturally we can say that Nekonyan's next release should be Hello Lady but whether they can do it at this year or not let's see it later. That's all for this month Nekonyan's progress.

For Utawarerumono remake the publisher did promise us that the gameplay would be like the sequel duology, and admittedly it's quite close although they didn't fully implement the feature from the sequel though. Of course even with no full feature implemented the new version here is still the massive improvement compared to the old PC version, and in addition there's the additional fights that allowed the grinding in order to make the harder battle easier. I think I didn't need to tell the premise of first Utawarerumono here seeing that it should be already well known seeing that it's been available for 12 years, and in case you didn't want to play there's always the anime to understand the story (The story in the remake is almost the same with the older version). As for the release, currently we only have console version although apparently there'll be PC version so if you want to play the improved version of Utawarerumono on PC then you should wait more. Lastly get Utwawarerumono remake if you've been wanted to play the improved version for a while and own the console, and have fun.

Almost forget that we have Kimikoi released at Steam so if you want to know on why people did keep compared Kimikoi to DDLC and yet didn't want to read the sex scenes, then you can get it from Steam. Of course while it's been censored, Kimikoi here is still not fitting for the children at under 13 years old. Or really you shouldn't play it at least until you're 18 years old, because even without the sex scenes the topic that Kimikoi discussed here is rather heavy and don't forget the infamous disturbing scene that surely wouldn't been censored by JAST. I bring the age here because there's some controversy about age in regard of DDLC so much that it was talked in BBC News, and that some parents blame DDLC just because their children did ignore the warning or something like that.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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