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VN of the Month July 2004 - Dear My Friend



There are no plotge this month. If I am to choose among charage and moege, I'd get one with good text. Dear My Friend is my choice for scenario written by Masada (for two heroines). And just by chance it's the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Dear My Friend [040709] light 1
This light-hearted, high school eroge surrounds the exploits of a soon-to-be non-average student named Kyoichi Morikawa. The son of the odd paring of a nurse and a poorly-selling novelist, he’s been living his life in mind-numbing virtuosity. One auspicious day his father returns home after running errands with a girl (about Kyoichi’s age) claiming to be orphaned. Being the good Samaritan, our hero’s father adopts the hapless girl. Now Kyoichi must explain the extraordinary circumstances to his one and only friend. Furthermore, seeing the main character with a girl has caused several of the female student body to take notice of him...
It's a typical romance game without distinctive personality. But it's reported as a carefully depicted game with a solid scenario, so I hope to find it out myself while reviewing two character routes written by Masada.


2. Majiresu!! ~Omatase Little Wing~ まじれす!!~お待たせリトルウイング~ [040716] Studio Miris
The World Family Restaraunt Association holds a  prestigious national tournament. 
Last tournament was won by protagonist's older brother who married the best waitress of the competition. One day older brother dies on his way back to Japan. His wife asks protagonist to take the lead, but this whole situation for him. But when team's coach collapses in the middle of the match even main character can't stay aside without giving a fight. He will take the challenge and become the best coach of all times!
There are so many comic moege, so let's introduce card battles to stand out. Not a good idea.


3. Brass Restoration ブラス・レストレイション [040721] Twincle Drop 1 2 3 4 5
The main character, Takiguchi Ryo, is a genius percussionist in high school who had a bright future ahead of him. But he loses his left arm in an accident.
The accident causes him to throw away his dream to become a percussionist like his father, and he loses all hope in life. Ryo tries to abandon music, but the girls around him encourage him to take up music once again.
Will he be able to find hope in his life and a passion for music in spite of his handicap...?
Game is localized and has English reviews even though it's a Doujin.


4. Haru no Ashioto はるのあしおと [040723] minori 1
The game is set in a small town in the fictional Mefukino, Japan, to which the protagonist returns after his experiences in Tokyo. Story is about his experiences on the following days.
Coming of age work. General has many advantages as it's possible to depict friendship in a natural way and move at a slow pace. And game indeed takes it time. Overall it's a normal growing drama as kids hurt others and themselves. Scenario is good for this kind of game, but text itself and protagonist are lacking. Routes branch very early, so there is next to zero interaction between heroines. Nothing stands out, so there is no impact.


5. Heavenly Guilt -Kami no Inai Machi- Heavenly Guilt -神のいない街- [040723] Tenshindou
There is a bar in a lawless city.
Main character is a cleaner to do shady jobs. He meets an innocent girl by chance, and that pulls him in a whirlpool of desire, love and hate.
Unfortunately, story is too simple for a full-scale hard-boiled work. But it's dark enough to include all kind of abuse. Playtime for one route is just two hours.


6. Hinatabokko ひなたぼっこ [040723] Tarte 1 2 3
Hayami Natsuki is an ordinary college student who lives with his sister. While searching for a part-time job he runs into (another) Natsuki, the manager of a popular coffee shop. Her twin-sister, Hinata, was his teacher, who he once had a crush back in high school. For the sake of the sweet feelings he once had for Hinata, Natsuki ends up taking the job offer at her little coffee shop. He also accepts the offer to live with her. Natsuki starts his new life where he shares the house with a couple more beautiful, attractive members of the opposite sex.
Hinata's sexy twin and their pretty little sister. All of a sudden, he has a new problem: he can't decide which one he wants!!
Game is localized and has English reviews


7. Hoshigari Empusa! ほしがりエンプーサ [040723] Takuyo 1
Koutenrin School is famous as being an elite institute, and only elite and gifted students are allowed entrance. Therefore, having an effective leader of the student body who demonstrates the school's ideals of "friendship," "wisdom," and "supremacy" is a must.
The election for the position of the student body president is not an easy one; gaining status among the students and their praise is necessary, and a task that is not easy to do alone. A candidate is encouraged to find a "partner" with which to develop a deepening friendship, who is diligent in their studies and will stay by their candidate's side for support.
Every year when election time rolls around, those students that believe themselves to be the elite of the study body try to make their mark, and the competition for student body president is a heated one. Gaining popularity among the students, attending school events, and finding a supporting partner are all vital to gain success...
There is an English review.


8. Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~ せいぎのみかた~ただいま着替え中!~ [040723] Panda House
Main character works as social studies teacher. He has amnesia and only remembers last three years of his life from the moment of lying on operation table in evil organization headquarters. He was implanted a compact bomb into his head during that time to force cooperation. 
There is a self-proclaimed female organization of justice "Astrea" at school. It's only a matter of time when two organizations clash.
Game is pretty funny as evil organization is rather mischievous than evil and justice organization is informal and doing nothing but organizing patrols. Main character is also a good man trying to change evil organization from inside. It does not make this game less fanservice with all the cosplay, though.


9. White Breath ~With Faint Hope~ ホワイトブレス ~with faint hope~ [040723] F&C FC02 1
Tsukasa is in his second year of high school, and is an ace striker for the soccer club. He enjoys his school life with his friends, and hopes it will never end. But one day, he is struck down by incurable illness, and a doctor tells him that his life might not last until the graduation day....
F&C is only good for graphics. So White Breath is an example of an F&C game with even graphics being ugly - worthless. SOL uneventful life kills the fun, and all heroines have the same boring development about solving some problem.


10. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.04: Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.04 時の過ぎゆくままに [040728] WorkJam 1 2 3
As Jake meets up with his friend Scott Kingsley, he starts to reminisce a case from a year ago when he was asked to investigate a burglary of a mansion. During that time, Yulia finds a young boy who is searching for his mother. Little do they know that these two incidents are related to each other. 
There are English reviews.


11. F Fanatic F ~ファナティック~ [040729] Princess Soft
Horror suspense adventure game, set in 19th century London, England. Players take on the role of newspaper journalist William Doustin. Will is on the trail of a killer who is offing young ladies in the dark, foggy streets of England's metropolis -- a case emerges that resembles the infamous Jack the Ripper mystery to a tee. When Will meets such famous literary characters as Doctor Van Helsing and Dr. Moureau, it becomes clear that the supernatural has something to do with the goings-on. The game utilizes simple adventure game multi-choice navigation and conversation systems and features anime-style graphics that seem to belie its somber themes. 
Story is quite solid as there are multiple deaths on our way to finding the murderer. The actual story is about trying to prevent murders and getting the same miserable results. There is a True route to try and actually fix things. The repeated grim development leaves quite a dark impression, but it's a good alternative to nakige and utsuge.


12. Kaiketsu! Osabakiina 解決!オサバキーナ [040729] KID 1
Osabakiina is a character from Japanese radio drama. You play as a newbie manager whose goal is to make Osabakina into a big idol. Game features interactive dialogue sequences where selection determines further development. 
Wow, developing a game for oneself to voice looks kinda selfish. Quite a lively game full of gags. The content is messy and main decision is done on day 7. It's a cheap small game fully cleared in less than 10 hours.


13. Americano, Please! アメリカーノ、プリーズ! [040730] Actress
Main character helps around coffee shop where his sister works. The cafe becomes popular, and he explores opportunity to work there full-time after graduation. One day he learns that his sister considers an invitation to take the manager position in the different prefecture thus breaking them apart...
Story is too bad and short here. It's basically a common week, then a date in the amusement park. The flow is the same for all the heroines. That basically strips heroines off their personality, because it's just work-work-work-date.


14. Izumo 2 [040730] Studio e.go! 1
Yagi Takeru is a student who goes to Izumo Academy. He has no family but he spends his days with his friends like Yamato Takeshi who is his bestfriend aswell as his rival in kendo, Shiratori Kotono and her sister, Asuka.
One day, an abrupt earthquake changed the school completely. The teachers and the students disappeared and the school was infested with monsters. Takeru managed to escape from the school, but he found all his friends and even his town were gone. Then suddently people wearing odd uniforms appeared.
Compared to prequel there is no story sequences about major characters this time, so heroines feel thin and story the same for everyone. RPG part is good, but limited to dungeons which is kind of lonely landscape.


15. Lamune ラムネ [040730] NekoNeko Soft
Summer nears, with the protagonist Tomosaka Kenji continuing to attend the local high school. 
"Won't something finally happen this year", 
he thinks while feeling a somewhat throbbing sensation. At the same time a strange uneasiness grabs hold of him as summer vacation starts....
The various heroines he comes in contact with include his clumsy childhood friend Konoe Nanami, his energetic cousin Nakazato Hikari, his bright and honest little sister Suzuka and the earnest and duty-bound Isawa Tae-senpai.
There's no solid story, no special tilts, nothing to empathize ... so overall impression is weak. Game basically repeats Mizuiro structure - starts from childhood, we get to make a choice about heroine, then moves to modern time. Just one heroine stands out - the others get a really similar treatment.




1. Anata to Mita Sakura ~Shimaizuma~ あなたと見た桜 ~姉妹妻~ [040702] 13cm
Issei loves Nanako. But she marries his brother, Eiichi, after graduating high school. But a few years later, Eiichi suddenly passes away... And this spring, he starts to live at her house to join a preparatory school for university entrance exams. Later on, Yuka and Chigusa, Nanako's sisters, start to live there as well...


2. Gyakushuu 虐襲 [040702] Anim
A small country is defeated by overwhelming Empire forces. The defense was memorable by female Julia who struck down numerous number of impostors before fleeing the country.
After the conquest is finished Emperor swears to take her life and organizes search. On a moonlit night he burns a black heart in a ritual to find out her location. The assault begins now.


3. Miwaku (Charm) Moeru! Mimikko 魅惑(チャーム)萌えろ!耳っ娘 [040702] Gaia
Main character is looking for a girlfriend, but only finds a strange pet in the park. He takes it home, but pet grows into a naughty girl. What's her true identity?


4. Princess Pianissimo ~Naisho no Baieru~ Princess Pianissimo ~ないしょのバイエル~ [040702] Sol-fa-soft
A little piano's student!
Through the gap of her one piece dress you can see her panties. Can you keep your head straight?
Teach piano and other erotic things to Takashina Ayame.
Doujin Nukige


5. Choukou Sentai Justice Blade ~Himitsu Kessha de Go!~ 超光戦隊ジャスティスブレイド~秘密結社でGo!~ [040709] Maika
It becomes the boss of a secret organization of evil, and the heroine of splendid and noble-minded justice is made into the captive of pleasure. They are the orthodox school and a fall breaking game! This is the tale of the "boss" of the one secret organization of evil who stood up bravely in order to get the world. The hero who will be inaugurated as the boss of a secret organization of evil advances the intrigue that an army corps with vicious special capability is commanded, and the heroines of noble-minded and splendid justice should be made to fall, and should be made their faithful sex slave.


6. Kasou = Genjitsu ~Harem Simulator~ 仮想=現実~ハーレム・シミュレーター~ [040709] M de Pink
Head Mounted Display has become a widely spread technology to visit virtual space. Main character attends online virtual courses at a private school. With time he starts to get interested in girls, but there are none around him. That is until the day he discovers a suspicious virtual space called "Harem Simulator".


7. Seido Maria ~Hakudaku Mamire no Zangeshitsu~ 聖奴マリア~白濁まみれの懺悔室~ [040709] Guilty
Main character lost his parents in an accident at an early age and was brought up at a church. He grows fond of facility manager girl, but his feelings only get ridiculed. One night he takes a walk and sees lights in one of the buildings. He peeks inside and sees his love interest having an affair with multiple men right inside the basilica...


8. Seikoujo 聖肛女 [040709] Black Package Try
Sister Rosaria is working at the village's local church. Everything has been peaceful and many days of happiness have passed. One day a new priest and a sister arrive...and her happiness is suddenly shattered. The two are imposters, villains on the run for theft and murder. But that isn't the only problem...the man is a former priest who sexually assaulted sister Rosaria many times in the past. Now, the village's peace is in her hands; if she doesn't obey "Father Edwards", he has sworn to kill every single one of the villagers... 


9. Bonyuu Kissa Hitozuma Choukyou 母乳喫茶 人妻調教 [040714] Studio-74
The newlyweds life is grieved by accumulated debts. Wife gets lured to a cafe and fed with aphrodisiac food. Soon she starts to accept her fate as a lactating slave. 
Doujin Nukige


10. Assault Angel Canon 突撃天使かのん [040716] Rasen
One day, Keiichi meets Kanon unexpectedly, and "Despire" suddenly appears in front of them. "Despire" attacks Keiichi, and the two crystals appear from inside him. Keiichi is pursued by "Despire" since then, and Kanon and her company fight against "Despire". But the girls gradually get involved in a series of insults....


11. Auction [040716] Sage
Main characters lives with maid and an older sister and leads a normal school life. But something starts to change. His sister is approached by a shady man and shy classmates start to behave proactively. Then one morning maid brings him an anonymous letter saying "Auction". This story starts at this moment, two weeks before protagonist's birthday.


12. Goukan Kyakusen ~Jigoku no Cruise~ 強奸客船~地獄のクルーズ~ [040716] Touchy
A luxury cruise ship "Tsukimiya" gets captured by terrorists. They ask main character to become a collaborator. He agrees in order to realize his feelings towards the girl he likes. No female passenger is going to be spared.


13. Inhou no Seijo ~The Nuns of Sexualministrant~ 淫奉の聖女 The Nuns of Sexualministrant [040716] TinkerBell 1
No matter how pure one’s soul might be, there is always a sin nestled in it’s deepest recesses. For most, these cancerous infections remain weak, openly recognized and rejected for their inherent dangers. But there are those who refuse to accept their own evils - individuals who foolishly blind themselves to it. These are the souls demons seek most, for they prove easiest to corrupt and twist. To deny one’s darkest natures makes them unimaginably easy to exploit, for how can one fight what they refuse to even acknowledge exists?


14. Kango Shichauzo 3 ~Kangofu-san wa Amaenbo~ 看護しちゃうぞ3~看護婦さんは甘えんぼ~ [040716] Trabulance
Main characters rents a room and works at a part-time job. The same apartment inhabitants Riho and Sayaka visit his job location where they become targets of nanpa. Protagonist protects them and kicks nanma men out, but gets in a traffic accident with a running bike and breaks a leg. He awakens at a hospital where female doctor is so grateful for saving Riho and Sayaka that she helps him lose virginity... twice. Immovable protagonist looks around and notices Riho and Sayaka who happen to be nurses at this hospital. This summer is going to be wild.


15. Kuro no Juujika ~Per Aspera~ 黒の十字架~per aspera~ [040716] Ferret
”Succeeding in commerce, the protagonist (Wolf) who returns home since a long time. However, it’s not the peaceful village that he used to know. The reality of the witch hunts, he had already known about thanks to the letter from his friend Franz, was more cruel than he imagined. It was clear that the people executed are innocent.
Acting as if blind to the gruesome circumstances, finally reaching home, he reunites with his mother and younger and lives peacefully…
At least for a short while, until one day when returning home after running an errand in a different town he is confronted with the fact that his own family is the next target that are to be hunted down as ‘witches’. And the fact that his mother and brother have already been captured.
Cue Wolf using his skills in stuff like making wigs, to infiltrate the place they are held in order to SAVE them!
Boys Love


16. Injoku Densha 淫辱電車 [040719] Studio-Sakura
Molesting adventure game in which you are to sexually humiliate a woman and her daughter. The mom is married and has big tits, and her daughter is popular in the school. Female characters are fully voiced. Saeko by: Kawase Yuzuki. Anna by: Miwa Seiko. This is a game to sexually humiliate and molest mother and daughter.
Doujin Nukige


17. My Pet Arcueid マイペットアルクェイド [040719] MOON GODDESS
Princess of darkness Arcueid wants to protect main character, but he has his own ideas on the matter.
Doujin Nukige


18. Kizuna Zero 刻無 零 [040720] Nekketsuya
Residents start to disappear in an old provincial town. But later they start to return possessing violent intentions. A mysterious group begins its operation at the same time with the incidents.
Main character discovers a crimson ring at the ruins, and from that moment he becomes in the center of these strange events.


19. Kyouin Oyako ~Chijoku no Cosplay Choukyou~ 狂淫母娘 ~恥辱のコスプレ調教~ [040720] Rasinban
Main character has an affair with his father's new wife. But he can't be satisfied with Kotono cosplay fetishism alone. He breaks his promise to leave Kotono daughters away from this and begins his hunt.


20. Gibo wa Tenkosei ~ Midarana Netori Nisshi 義母は転校生 ~ 淫らな寝取り日誌 [040721] That's
Sayaka, concubine of my father came this town as a transferred student. The days with gentle, pretty and big-breasted concubine. Nails her while father is not home!! At home and in school!! A Pretty puni junior joins them and they takes on a lot of sexual activities: double blow-job, cosplay sex, threesome sex.... A veritable barrage of sex and ejaculation!! Enjoy having sweet wonderful sex life with same age mom and her junior!!!


21. Full House Kiss フルハウスキス [040722] Capcom
Suzuhara Mugi is a 15 year-old on a mission. She is determined to somehow get onto the campus of Shoukei Academy, a super, super elite high school. 
The school is huge and private and has tight security. 
Mugi is searching for her missing older sister, her only remaining family, and she has been led to believe that someone or something on the campus of that school will help her in her search. Unfortunately the strict school security is preventing her from getting onto the school grounds.
However, her luck changes when she literally runs into Midou Kazuya the son of an insanely rich mega-corporation president, and an elite person at the school. Midou is not impressed with Mugi’s sob story about needing to get into the school. He is a very smug and arrogant rich guy. But he can be reasonable, and he eventually strikes up a deal with Mugi, he will get her onto the school grounds in exchange for some labor on her part, she must come to his house and work as a maid! He lives with 3 other guys, known as the La Princes in the super elite school.


22. Aoi Umi de Yarisuteya ~Zangyaku! Namadori Live~ 蒼い海でヤりすてや~残虐! 生撮りライブ~ [040723] Zero
A middle-aged painter is a big fan of national idol Saori. He dreams about making her portrait and with that intentions finds a way to the fan-club exclusive voyage on a luxurious cruiser where Saori gives a concert. But negative emotions prevail, and events take an unexpected turn...


23. Black Gate -Kanin no Gakuen- BLACK GATE -姦淫の学園- [040723] Image-Works
Narifumi Hosokawa prepares for his high school's culture festival with the Kadomori twins, Shizuku and Kasumi. While everyone is distracted, Shizuku decides to open a mysterious gate through the use of magic and travel to an alternate world. She has broken the oath of her family's heritage, as to protect the Black Gate from those who seek the enormous power that lies within the world. The remaining defenders of the Black Gate, consisting of female students and a female teacher, must travel through to the other side and return before any distruptions come to either dimension. However, Narifumi accompanies the group and Shizuku is waiting for them with some new allies.


24. Ijitte Princess ~Mou! Mata Konna Tokoro de~ いじってプリンセス~もう!またこんなところで~ [040723] Vitamin 1
Al is the prince of a new kingdom that has quickly risen to become the world’s most powerful nation. To quell the fears of neighboring rivals, and prevent the possibility of them uniting against a common threat, the King has commanded Al to marry a Princess in the name of goodwill. To this end, royalty around the world have sent their most beautiful daughters to broker lasting peace and usher forth a new noble lineage.


25. Kuro Yorimo Kurai Ao 黒よりも昏い青 [040723] LiLiM
There used to be a God who preyed on the villagers. The best thing people could do is hide. Then one brave man took a sacred Taira sword and decided to give abomination a fight. Man was victorious, but he could only seal the rampaging God inside his body. For a long time his descendants inherited the seal.
But now the creature has accumulated enough power to turn the owner of the body into a monster committing and killing humans... 


26. Mashou no Nie 魔将の贄 [040723] Liquid 1 2
Our protagonist Vincent finds himself wandering around in the forest between two warring nations.
His plan: utilize his unparalleled skills with a blade to advance his standing in the world.
After hearing screaming and shouting off in the distance, he dashes over to investigate, only to find the ground littered with corpses clad in Katushan livery.
A group of bandits is advancing upon none other than the Princess Roxana of Katusha.
Realizing that this is the chance of a life time, Vincent draws his sword, cuts down the ruffians, and escorts the princess back to her castle.
Now, Vincent will not hesitate to destroy anyone in his path as he quests for power, glory, and the beautiful members of the royal family of Katusha...


27. River Trap [040723] ATP Projects
The river, that flows through your city... there is something mystical and majestic to it. And years after, you can't seem to avoid getting drawn to it. It is as if the river... liked you.


28. Sei Maries Gakuen ~Ikasete! Onee-sama~ 聖マリエス学園~イカせて!お姉さま~ [040723] Lilith Soft
Because of her love toward the adorable elder girl, the boy transferred to girls' school as a female student. Horny big-breasted girl, dyke who think that the boy is a girl....a lot of girls are waiting for him. Is he really able to make love with that adorable girl!? 


29. Serina 瀬里奈 [040723] Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT
Young people are engaged in folklore studies at the university. Naoto Kosaka during the summer vacation gets a letter from his professor, who disappeared several months ago. Naoto interested in the contents of the letter, with a proposal to go to the mountain village for practical research, so he goes to Murakami Mori.


30. Taiiku Souko ~Shoujotachi no Sange~ 体育倉庫~少女達の散華~ [040723] West Vision
Once a time, Ryouta Nagase was a very successful salesman, mostly because he routinely supplemented/enhanced his commercial skills by seducing and bedding the female customers, but tragically his past life is now only a painful memory since that fateful day when he lost his job and perhaps even his drive to live after becoming impotent...
Drifting aimlessly from place to place, almost destitute, Ryouta is forced to seek refuge for the night in the gymnastics warehouse ("taiiku souko" in japanese) of an abandoned school somewhere in the countryside.
Unfortunately, the following morning he's discovered by Rikka and Miko, two little (but 18 years old of course, heh... ) girls who are using that same warehouse as a sort of secret room for their summer homework and other childi... , err "girly" activities.
Not wanting to expose himself to the authorities, Ryouta tries and succeeds in befriending both girls, but VERY soon the presence of the cute lolis combined with an unfortunate accident cause the unthinkable: Ryouta's most precious treasure resurrects to new life, and the two girls are conveniently close at hand.
And this is merely the beginning...


31. Trouble Trap Laboratory とらぶるトラップLaboratory [040723] Meriken
Main character wakes up at a laboratory bed with various sensors attached. Two people analize the sperm taken and give it a "pass" score. What are the contents of this mad scientist's experiments?


32. Zan! ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~ ZAN!(惨)~凌辱の館~ [040723] Acme.R
Her father, Saori Kanzaki, ran a small town factory. However, due to the recession, the company went bankrupt and had a large amount of debt. My esteemed father is abducted and lost, and my mother also suffers from serious illness. At such times, a creditor came to Saori to tell him a good story.
They will be admitted to the private Tenma Gakuen, a women's school in a dormitory system, as a tuition fee exempt student, and will introduce a part-time job for debt repayment. Saori jumps to the story that I can not hope for, and performs the transfer procedure. In late July, the last day of a semester, Saori will transfer. And I will come to the villa of the director Narusawa near the school for "I part-time job."
The villa of Narusawa, located on the Midorizawa Kogen, surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes, is a wonderful environment surrounded by dazzling greens, birds singing, and nothing more.
Saori "Can you live in such a wonderful place ..."
However, the excitement did not last long. In the evening of the day I arrived at the villa, I will be informed of the astonishing fact from Shiho of the underwriter.
Shiho "You work in a membership-only secret club. Sexually serve rich men."
Saori "Well, that's ..."
Saori, who thought that she worked as a housekeeper, cries and cries out in this too harsh reality. But after all, Saori is determined to "dedicate his body," to save the family.
Saori's days of hell began ...


33. Hate/Sty Night [040724] Team-Tanabe
A collection of ten rape stories with the girls from Fate/Stay Night.
Doujin Nukige


34. Dorei (Obey) 奴隷(オベイ) [040730] Gaia
Main character is a former civil who turns to criminal activity. He manages to become a sex educator at a church facility that nurtures sex slaves for the clergy.


35. Erokko Grow Up えろっ娘・ぐろぅあっぷ [040730] Black Package
The doctor received a call at his private clinic and was asked to cure two girls:
Kurumi and Kanata barely survived the accident that killed their parents, but while the injuries healed they both stopped to grow physically; Kanata also stopped grow mentally and has no memories of the accident.


36. Gakuen Prince ~Gakuen Seifuku Sengen~ 学園Prince~学園征服宣言~ [040730] Boy's Software
The main character of the game, Asou Takayoshi, nephew of the head of the financial group Ohkouchi, is announced that from the following week he will be transfered to the prestigious Love Wing High School.
Boys Love


37. Hadaka Apron Gakuen 裸エプロン学園 [040730] Sekilala
Main character does not have a girlfriend yet, but he has a distinctive ideal that he seeks in women. And that is "Naked apron looks good"! One day he goes to bed early and wakes up in a town where everyone wears naked aprons. This must be heavenly reward for his dedication!


38. Hitozuma Sekkan Kurabu 人妻折檻倶楽部 [040730] Haoh
Main character learns about secret club called “Married Woman Club” and its membership conditions. To get admitted he needs to prepare a married woman slave for exclusive ownership of the club. Protagonist assaults a suitable woman, trains her and explores the facilities club has to offer...


39. Ikusa Otome Valkyrie "Anata ni Subete o Sasagemasu" 戦乙女ヴァルキリー「あなたに全てを捧げます」 [040730] 1
In the High-Fantasy world of Midgard, the Humans, with the direct support of the Gods, are fighting a long and ferocious war for the control of their land and freedom against the Demons from the netherworld (...).
The main character is Duke, an Human half-blood commander in the demonic Knights of Darkness. A cynical but very capable leader, he's nevertheless openly despised by all other Demons, both for his ancestry and his "soft" practices (like, for example, to forbid his own troops the traditional butchering of captured enemy children). But, ironically, it's exactly Duke's unorthodox approach to strategy that could give the final victory to the Demons...


40. Kazoku Keikaku ~Soshite Mata Kazoku Keikaku o~ 家族計画 〜そしてまた家族計画を〜 [040730] Takayashiki Kaihatsu 1
Continuation of the Matsuri end of Kazoku Keikaku.


41. Love Fetish ~Fellatio Hen~ らぶフェチ ~フェラチオ編~ [040730] Erogos
Miku's fascinating lips do not live up to aspirations. Ayumu seems to know the solution. She suggests using her as a cushion. With that the stronghold draws closer to its fall.


42. Nyuujoku Hitozuma Jogakuen ~Ingoku no Yakan Hitozuma Choukyou Gakka (Nibu) 乳辱人妻女学園~淫獄の夜間人妻調教学科(ニ部) [040730] SQUEEZ
There is a unique class at this school - marriage training. It is supervised by director's son who trains girls into slaves there. Moreover, he has strict principles to qualify for admission. It's to have a G cup or bigger. He forces women to wear uniforms with their breasts exposed and participate in various humiliating activities. 


43. Rashiel no Hakoniwa ~Shounen to Kaihou no Jumon~ ラシエルの箱庭~少年と解放の呪文~ [040730] B Works
Rei Saiga was born with a peculiar power to see into someone's mind when he touches them. This ability caused his parents to reject him, and he was taken in by the Kujo family.
After moving out, he lives his life as a college dropout fairly normally, until Takami Kujo comes to him with an odd proposal:
The Kujo family has made their money by selling off "Merchandise" (human slaves), and they recently found one who supposedly has the blood of both an Angel and a human running through him. Takami wants Rei to find out if this is true, and as long as he doesn't hurt the boy, he can do anything he wishes to find out...
Boys Love


44. Sakura Machizaka Stories Vol. 1 桜待坂Stories vol.1 [040730] Ivory
Contains two stories: "Friends to Sweets" and "花蝶楓月".


Recommended Comments

As for Hinatabokko, the last line that was added in the English premise is really corny if not ridiculuous and uncanny. First of all while the twin sister here is sexy, the art is definitely not show that because Fue's art here is more focused on the cuteness. Second while granted it's normal VN where the man was need to choose a girl, I don't really think that Natsuki here is really confused when he chose a girl. And by the way the new lines about sexy and confused MC here is really added for English version, because when I checked Japanese version synopsis it tell us on how Natsuki's parents dead and the first paragraph of the English premise. Oh and they got the title wrong as well, because Hinatabokko actually mean 'Basking in the sun'.

That said, it's understandable though if the staff got it wrong on the translation (Actually it shouldn't be happen) because back at 2008 Mangagamer was still newbie and they probably lack of English speaker translator. Also for more trivia, actually Mangagamer was formed by four Japanese companies with Tarte was one of the company so maybe they only have Japanese staffs back then. Other than mistranslation on the title and the unneccesary addition of the uncanny premise, I guess it's more or less okay as long as you try to tolerate Mangagamer's early bad translation (I'm okay with it, although other people need to mind on that here).

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