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Sakura Magic Knight Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (07/28/2019)

It's good to see that we managed to have VNTS again (Hopefully Decay can keep it up). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title it should be obvious where it came from although I'll explain it at PS later. Rest assure that this is not because Winged Cloud decided to suddenly released yet another Sakura VN. As for this week, I like that we have some very interesting updates from both of Mangagamer's Otakon announcements (I think you might be more interested with their Otakon's announcements instead of AX) and the releases. Let's see what I can write for this week in regard of the updates along with the Otakon as well.

As for fan translation itself while more or less it's still just usual updates with the most prominent one is Eustia's update, we also have a surprise release for this week. For the updates, we have 4,923 lines of Pure x Connect are edited, Loverable was at 68.83% edited, and Eustia was at 73.28% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 18.05% translated. We also have the update from Monster Girl Quest Paradox translation project, and apparently they more or less already finished translating the whole VN although they still need some time to do clean up the translation though so we need to wait for full patch release (You can view the progress here). For the surprise release at this week we have Sono Hanabira (Sonohana) 12 release back at 24th, in which is the continuation of Risa x Miya story after Sonohana 11. Although unlike 11 we wouldn't have all stars couple though, so it's just Risa x Miya story there and at least we didn't need to wait for Mangagamer to announce Sonohana 12 because obviously it's already translated. By the way for the reminder here Sonohana is the series of GL VNs, and with this now we have 14 translated Sonohana VNs (Including New Generation and Deatta).


As for Date A Live, recently I do some research about it and the artist also work in Neptunia so it's normal if you find some resemblance between Date A Live and Neptunia arts. The premise is obviously very different in that instead of having a female personification of console, we'll gong to have a male MC to date a spirit in order to prevent the world from destruction. While granted the premise is quite absurd at the first glance, actually the world building in the series is quite interesting and that the spirits here is not really a traditional spirits. And the formula is proven to be well received so much that it got many adaptation, with on of those is the anime in which the season 3 of that was infamously badly animated by JC Staffs. As for the VN itself, well apparently most of those are sort of alternative scenarios from what happen in the light novel canon seeing that it also introduced several new heroines as well. Other than that, I just know that it'll be a pure VN compared to Neptunia and obviously wouldn't have sex scenes (Duh) seeing that it's a port from the console. You can get Date A Live VN at Steam if you've been a hardcore fans of Date A Live and want to try the VN version, and have fun.

We also have two nukige releases here, and both of those will obviously have a lot of sex scenes. I know that Sonohana is also technically a nukige, but compared to those two I think Sonohana here is more tamer. For the premises one of those will have love triangle with twin sister of childhood friends at summer, and another one is Love Cube in which it's telling us on how a male MC will have a harem life with three big breast female who work on hentai manga (At least the childhood friend one is look normal). No much comment other than it's obviously very exciting if we talk about it visually wise, and that Love Cube here is from the same company group as Nekopara so you may feel familiar with Love Cube's interface if you've been play Nekopara. You can get those two nukige if you've been interested with it, and have fun. Almost forget to inform that Photonflower released was delayed to August 3rd, so you need to wait for a while if you've been looking forward into it.

Sekai Project

Release wise Sekai here is have a big one at this week back at Friday (26th), but beforehand they also announced that they already prepared the release estimation for Zombie VN part 2. Some source did say that it'll be released at August 12th, although I wouldn't be sure about that until the release though. In any case, at least it's good that Sekai cleared two of their a lot of VN backlog here and perhaps we'll really get Nanairo release date in the very near future.

As for the release from Sekai, it's obviously Majokoi in which it's been in the translation for three years since back at 2016. Back then it was hosted at Luna Translation when one of our member (Aizen) did create that site in order to host the VNs translation projects, and one of those projects was Majokoi. As far as translation goes in three years, there's no much to talk other than it's going smoothly until the editing and QC process was finished and back at 2018 Sekai decided to license this as well, which is not as surprising back when Saku Saku was announced by them. As for the premise, we have our cute Decoy MC Alice (Another Alice Allusion) who find a mysterious diary that depict the real MC (Takumi) sex activities, and some of Takumi's partner is the woman that Alice met in her real life. Curious, Alice decided to investigate more about the diary which might contain some unexpected truth. Majokoi here is also mark the first Niijima Yuu VN that was being fully translated, so you may cry at some points in Majokoi later seeing that Niijima was famous for his nakige writing. Go get Majokoi at either Steam or Denpasoft store, and have fun.


From Mangagamer announcements, turn out that my prediction is right in that all of their announcements is the last three of their secret projects and that all of those are from their available partners. Other than that, they also announced their next releases (Three of that) which they couldn't announced back at Minagoroshi release because of their payment processor problem. As for the first release announcements, it's Sengoku Rance at September 12th which is a redundant release to me. The second release announcements is Ciconia, in that Ryuukishi will obviously release the first part of that and for the release date it'll be at October 4th in that it'll be at the same time with Japanese release. The last but definitely not the least release announcements is Haretaka, in which finally was about to be released at August 15th later. Good luck for Haretaka release later.

As for Uchikano, what I can say is that the premise is resembled Kanojo no Seiiki only that instead of Eri Sendai in Uchikano we have Yuina voicing the heroine here. To be more serious here both of Seiiki and Uchi trilogies premises is very similar with the MC live together with one heroine for each chapter, with the last chapter of the trilogies the MCs will have two heroines to content at the respective trilogy. Although both trilogies are already around before Loca Love, it's normal if we recognize Loca Love first because Loca Love is the first localized VN that introduce the concept of serial VNs with one heroine per chapter (I might be wrong on this). By the way Argonauts here is the branch brand for Moonstone, so it's still counted as Moonstone VN to a degree. Like I said beforehand, Uchikano here is one of the secret project and in this case it's 9th secret project with current progress was at 77% translated.

We also have new gameplay VN announcement from Mangagamer at this Otakon, and it's Magic and Slash from Luna Soft. It's also quite an unique one seeing that it got female MC, and more importantly it's an action RPG which is rare in the VN. As for the premise, we have our MC cowardly Lille who talented in both of sword and magic thanks to her parents bloodline. One day her mentor Tanya got a request to investigate the problem that happen in Tanya's village, but instead of Tanya taking care of the problem she tell Lille to take care of it while Tanya herself is lazing around in the village. Seeing no choice, Lille decided to steel herself in order to investigate the problem and eventually take care of it. Other than this VN is being action RPG VN, we'll also going to have Lille getting raped by the monsters when she defeated so hopefully you can try to avoid that if possible. Magic and Slash here is the 8th secret project, and for the progress currently it's fully translated along with past halfway (55%) translated.

The biggest announcement from Mangagamer here is obviously Sakuramori, in which it's been asked by several people as one of Moonstone VN that wanted to be translated. Sakuramori here is also known as the first secret project, and currently it's in image editing so perhaps it'll take no long time before we see Sakuramori in testing. As for the premise, it's an unique one seeing that it's a Moonstne VN that was focused n the mystery instead of their usual moege focus. In there we'll have Shinji who tried to move on after his childhood friend Madoka was brutally murdered, and after some time later Shinji saw Madoka's spirit. Soon after the town was engulfed in the darkness with the monster roaming around, and thus Shinji starting to gather some allies that capable to combat the monster and hopefully end the incident. As for the writing, I believe that Kure want to write this kind of story even since back at Suika although apparently Sakuramori here is the improvement on his writing back at Honoguraki Toki no Hate Yori though. In any case, I'll look forward to Sakuramori here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review along with my commentary on Otakon, and see you next week.

PS - For this week title, since we have Magic and Slash MC here is basically have a Magic Knight job and we also have 'Sakura' from Sakuramori, I just combined both of those so we have 'Sakura Magic Knight' as this week VNTS Review.


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