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KEY All Stars Memories Review Part 1



Apparently there's another hiatus on VNTS because Decay might be busy there, so as usual I'll write this week VNTS Review without the VNTS. As for the title, seeing that we have Summer Pockets Shiroha's patch released I decided to parodied 'PreCure All Stars Memories' movie into 'KEY All Stars Memories' because we'll going to see some plot that was available in the older KEY VNs at Summer Pockets, and we can treat that as some sort of nostalgia trip in that the aforementioned PreCure movie was also deal with that as well (The movie itself is not quite well written though). For 'Part 1' part here, it's because we only have one route translated out of five routes, so there'll be four parts more in the future. As for this week, other than Shiroha's patch release we have Mangagamer released Minagoroshi along with Majokoi exact release date at Friday later and some updates from Sol Press. Let's see what I can write for this week as well despite the lack of VNTS.

For Sol Press updates we have Nukitashi was at 21% translated, Onikiss was in image editing before moving on to QA, Himawari no Kioku was at 26% translated along with 3% edited, Shitsuaru release date was forwarded to October 18th, and Kimiaogi was in QA. Speaking abut Kimiaogi, apparently the no mosaic file that was already prepared was deleted because their hardisk that was stored the file was damaged. While granted it would make some people mad because they can't remove the mosaic on time (Apparently the process to redraw the CG is very expensive), what I can say is that I prefer to ignore mosaic matter as long as the sex scenes is available in the release later so it's meaningless to me here if I'm mad about mosaic. I can understand though that it would be very suck to loss all of the files and that kind of mistake is surprisingly common, so hopefully Sol Press could be better to avoid that kind of mistake in the future. Lastly it's t bad that there's no update from Windmill VN (Especially Witch's Garden), but I guess we need to wait for a while here.

As for Aokana Kickstarter, currently the KS manage to pass 80,000 euro mark (Currently at 83,326 euro) funded so obviously they'd pass the stretch goal for Switch port. Although I'm more interested with the additional feature though, in that we finally can have Music Gallery along with the new feature such as Sprite Viewer. Still congratulation to Nekonyan though in that they managed to have Switch port for Aokana here, and I'll look forward to their big announcement later. By the way the next stretch goal is badges and tapestry at 90,000 euro, so at least it's good that there's more collectible item if you interested with Aokana's merchandise (Not me though). We also have Photonflower released today, so go get that if you've been Muv Luv fans and want to see more of the characters life. There's Date A Live VN release as well, although for the release I'll talk about it at next VNTS Review.

From Mangagamer we have Minagoroshi release, but before gong into it we have some complicated matter in that Mangagamer have the issue with their payment processor so that we can't buy the VN from their website. More importantly it also delayed Mangagamer next release announcement as well, so it's too bad that we wouldn't know what release that Mangagamer will have for August later (Granted we have Ciconia for that, but it's at September later). For now I just hope that Mangagamer will resolve their payment issue as soon as possible. Back to Minagoroshi, as we know it's the 7th part of Higurashi in that it's the part where the main mystery in Hinamizawa (Higurashi's place setting for the reminder) starting to get dismantled and there's a hope for Keichi's and friend for the happy ending, although looking from the title it's obviously wouldn't end happily (TL Note: Minagoroshi mean massacre or mass killing). Anyway with Minagoroshi done it mean that only a chapter left from original Higurashi (Matsuribayashi), and obviously it mean that there'll be a patch that will add voice and PS3 graphic to Minagoroshi later.

From fan translation as usual we have Eustia updates, and at this week it was at 72.87% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 15.11% translated. Other than that, we also have Miotsukushi Omote start the translation progress (Apparently there's a lot to port in regard of Miotsukushi) and currently it's at 1% translated (Yeah they literally just start the translation). For the reminder here, Mitosukushi is the new arc for Higurashi PS2 version and that arc is the alternative ending for Matsuribayashi. The biggest news from fan translation here should be Summer Pockets Shiroha's patch release, in which it did released bot of common and Shiroha's routes (Duh). Of curse we have a lot of progress from Summer Pocket translation, and currently it was at 35.40% with the most progress was at Kamome's route in that it's already reach past a quarter (25.14%) translated so we may have Kamome's patch released next. Anyway get the Shiroha's patch here if you want to try it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. I'll look forward to the three announcements that Mangagamer will bring at Otakon later.


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