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Date A Witch Review

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Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and perhaps Decay was a bit busy at this week so didn't have VNTS at the main page. As for the title, seeing that we have Majokoi and Date A Live VN releases back at last week I simply combined both title so we have 'Date A Witch' as this week review which is quite fitting for Majokoi to a degree, expect Majokoi's MC here is more forward compared to Date A Live MC and quite a player as well (At least he's at the suitable age compared to Marriage's Yuuta). As for this week, well it's quite calm after the Otakon announcements here which once again is earlier than usual (Normally I would like look forward to the announcements at around this date). That sad, we have Photonflower release so if Muv Luv hardcore fan want to see something nice such as Sumika in bikini then they can get it, otherwise we better wait for some other releases in the near future. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week updates here.

From fan translation, we have Eustia was at 73.90% translated with Eustia's chapter was finally reach 20% (22.53%) translated, Watamasu was at 94% translated, Loverable was at 69.09% edited (Nice number there), and Miotsukushi Omote was at 5% translated. There's also a new project with the goal to translated and add the sex scenes to Noraneko which as we know was censored thanks to some brilliant decision from Harukaze (Or just afraid that Steam would randomly shot down Noraneko if Harukaze add the 18+ patch), and currently they in need some translator so hopefully the project can get some of those and hopefully start the translation progress. By the way in regard of Noraneko censorship, I'll put my blame on Harukaze there instead of Fruitbat seeing that the latter was announced to do the publishing after Harukaze announce their brilliant decision to censor the overseas release (Probably learnt about that shenanigan from Pulltop). No much word for now other than good luck to the project.

From Sekai we have Zombe VN 2 release date was confirmed at 12th later, so you may note the date if you interested with it. We also have Harukuru waiting for the engine work, Nine 2 waiting for Steam review, and Kemomusu already finished the QA while at the same time waiting for the Steam review. We also have Island Diary was fully translated, and Nekogami was both fully translated and edited. Other than that, I'm quite concerned with Nanairo here seeing that they might now know whether they already doing the final build check or not, so perhaps we better expect Nanairo release would be delayed again until Sekai ready to do it.

From Sol Press we have Himawari no Kioku was at 28% translated along with 5% edited, Nukitashi was at 26% translated, Kimiaogi was implementing the QA, and Onikiss QA was awaiting some tech work before doing that. Still no update from other projects (Especially Windmill's VNs), but they assure us that those other projects are being worked on so there's that. We also have the programming work for Lamunation is ongoing, although seeing that the it's already past Q2 obviously the release was once again delayed, although there's a chance that they may pull it at Q3 later (Should be in September's end at most). For the last update, we have KS for Aokana physical copy was reaching massive success, and by massive I mean Nekonyan managed to gather 13 times of the base goal at 130,766 euro gathered (Granted that the base goal was only at 10,000 euro, but still it's quite a massive funds). As for the release date estimation, still no idea seeing that they didn't talk about that at the last update although they made the estimated delivery for the digital copy at this August so perhaps we may see some update from them at this month.

Thta's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being the shorter one. See you next week.

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