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Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc Chapter 2: Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-

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Foreword - Seeing that Decay was probably will get busy again even with Sanoba released because now that he got two projects to contend (Nukitashi and Nekonyan's secret project), easy to say that he probably wouldn't have enough time for VNTS here. So let me write the VNTS Review for this week as usual, and I hope that you'll enjoy this.

Since we have Hoshiori's Marika's route patch released by Tsurezure, once again for this week the title scheme goes with 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc' and of course it mean that it would open the new chapter now that we also have Misa's route to be translated next hence 'Chapter 2' at the title. As for the chapter title, seeing that Misa did her best to guide Ryousuke into closed down aquarium made me remember back when Ever17's Sora guide the guests back at the VN beginning, I think Ever17 here should be fitting for Misa's route seeing that her route will have a similarity in regard of aquarium even though Ever17's setting was in underwater theme park (It still did have aquarium though), and moreover both of Misa's route and Ever17 did have jellyfish with the former as Misa's iconic(?) animal while the latter was one of the attraction along with the leitmotif for one of Ever17 heroine. Even with some similarities here, obviously both of Ever17 and Misa's route were very different seeing that Hoshiori is more or less just a charage, while Ever17 itself was quite famous because of the escape from the imploding underwater theme park story along with some mind screw element.

My trivia in regard of Ever17 aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review and after a lot of announcements from Sol Press along with three releases, this week we have a breather here so it's the updates here was not as numerous as the last week. Of course it didn't mean that there's no interesting updates though, especially in regard of Tsurezure who released Marika's patch back at the last week. Other than that, we have one VN release although admittedly it's less known though. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

While in theory it's good that we got another release, unfortunately it's quite unknown to me here so I'm more or less just pass on this. The VN in question is Death Mark, in which it'll depict the story of an amnesiac no name detective (Because he forgot his name) who fated to be dead quickly with the strange accident because of the mark that the detective have, and from there he met with a mysterious doll girl who seemingly have the connection with the mark. Other than the factor that the VN is quite less known, there's also the fact that it's only for the console so I'll pass on this. Other than less known Death Mark VN release, we also have Lamunation was at 30% translated according to LoveLab's tweet along with Pulltop did announce the exact date for Healing Harem release at 14th later, and as for the latter I'm still suspect that Pulltop will rerelease that in Japan with sex scenes available.

For fan translation, we have Eustia was at 56.71% translated along with editing and TLC progress was at 43.63%, Harugi's overall was at 27% translated with Miyabi's route was at 27% translated along with Branch was at 40% translated, Loverable was at 45.78% edited, Yoigoshi was at halfway translated, Watamasu was showing some progress with current progress was at 17% translated, and Shin Koihime Musou was finally touched 99% mark translated. For more updates, we got both of Eushully VNs here did have some updates. For Rhapsody as of now we have Chapter 8 of Lavirie's route was at around 10-15% translated (According to the translator himself), while the TLC was already progressed through Chapter 1. As for Amayui, right now Chapter 1 was already at 69% translated and by translated I mean 69% of Chapter 1 should already finished both of TLC and QC along with editing processes (Hopefully), while as far as rough translation concerned as of now the translator were finished with around 12,000 lines of main story script. What I can say is that it's good enough that Eushully projects still show some of the activity, and I'm still hope that both projects will eventually release the full patches.

For the last update from fan translation, we have Tsurezure released Marika's patch so go get the patch and have fun. Also they already announced their next route to be translated and it's obviously Misa's like I'd say at the beginning, and more importantly they announced the translation order for the rest of the routes. So for the remaining routes, after Misa's they'll translated Rikka's route next, following by Touko's route next, then Sora's, and finally Natsuki's. And since Tsurezure already announced that they'll translate Natsuki's route last according to Irru's wish, from now on I'll call Hoshiori full patch as Natsuki's patch here. Other than routes order announcements, we also have some progress for Misa's route and the current progress for Misa's route was at 10.86% translated with overall was at 23.85% translated. For additional notes here, Irru said that Trip will be busy at this week so it would be better if we didn't expect that the next week progress will moving much, although personally I'm content with Hoshiori showing some progress here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. 

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