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Sanoba Sadistic Review

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Foreword - No VNTS yet again, and perhaps this time it's because Decay was still in need to cool down from his work load. So here's another VNTS Review from mine and I hope you'll enjoy this.

As for the title, it should be obvious that it have the relationship with Sanoba release but for this time I'll tell why at the PS so let's focus on the main topic first, and welcome to this week VNTS Review. Quite a surprise that we got from Sol Press back at the last announcement, so I'll try to write about those announcements. Other than Sol Press announcements, of course we still have some usual updates with JAST and more importantly we have two big releases (Bokukotsu and Sanoba). Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From JAST we'd have Majikoi was at 70% edited along with Kimikoi was fully edited, in which while it's not too much at least it mean that there's still some activity at JAST (Let's hope that they'll manage to have good announcement at next AX later). For fan translation, we have Eustia was at 55.38% translated, Harugi's overall was at a quarter translated with Miyabi's route was at 17% translated along with Branch was at 36% translated, Loverable was at 88.9% TLC-ed and 45.51% edited, Yoigoshi was at 46% translated, Pure Pure was at 87.36% translated with Tobari's route was at 62.62% translated, and Witch Garden was at exactly halfway (50%) translated. For last updates from fan translation (At this week obviously), we have Trip managed to fully translated Marika's route in which it's bring Hoshiori overall progress to 22.32% translated, and they'll going to release Marika's patch along with announce the next route that Trip will translate next within this week (Before Irru going to Japan at Saturday later). That's all the updates for both of JAST and fan translation section.

Congratulation to Sekai in regard of Bokukotsu release, in which like Sanoba it did have some good production value although once again my interest was still with Sanoba though. As for Bokukotsu, the premise is that the MC (Ren) who suddenly became the caretaker to five magical creature girls (The game say it demon though) who is quite useless, and two of those five were his brocon stepsister and his childhood friend. Safe to say that Ren's adventure will be rocky because those girls have each of their own quirk. Other than comedic story, Bokukotsu here was also the VN with Sayori as the artist so you didn't need to wonder if the art remind you of Nekopara. Have fun with Bokukotsu there if you've been interested with, and before forget Sekai did release that for both of all age and 18+. Other than Bokukotsu release, Sekai doing their porting work for two parts of Tokeijikake (1st part and Daybreak) into the new engine in which it good to know. We also have Nine was fully edited, although I'm more or less just pass on that because it's episodic release.


We'd have Frontwing released Loca Love, in which it's only the first part so I'm not quite interested with this. Although from what I saw I think Frontwing will probably going with one character route per releases, in which it's been the format that Frontwing did for their past episodic releases (Phantom Trigger and Corona Blossom) so at least you can say that FW was already experienced with episodic releases. In any case, at least Loca Love here isn't as bad as Supipara in which if we remember didn't have the sex scenes while Loca Love here did have the sex scenes. Get Loca Love if you've interested with that, and have fun.

Last Sunday we did have a lot of announcements from Sol Press, and one of those was Irotoridori in which it's surprising enough seeing that I've been thinking that it would be Nekonyan's next project. But then again, perhaps we could say that FAVORITE would be interested with doing the KS while Nekonyan was already insist that they're not doing the crowdfund (Including KS obviously), so obviously both of FAVORITE and Nekonyan were clashing with each other. Keep in mind that it's just my conjecture though, so I may be totally wrong in regard of this. Anyway let's see what Sol Press new lineup is.

For both of Nukitashi and Onikiss, what I can say is that Decay work on the former and Fred did work on the latter. Although as far as my interest going, I would say that Nukitashi here is the third most interesting announcement to me after Irotoridori (I'll talk about my second most interesting announcement later), while for Onikiss I'll just pass that as nukige with little sister theme. Yeah I know it's quite ironic that I prefer the VN with nukige name there compared to the VN that didn't have nukige in the name there lol, but that's my impression here. As for Nukitashi, it's in regard of our MC (Junnosuke) who is quite valiantly to protect his virginity to his true love that got thrown into the island where have sex is a necessity if you want to survive, and that situation obviously wouldn't sit well with Junnosuke so he decided to organize the rebellion or something like that. Not something that you would expect in a title with nukige all right, so at least it should be interesting. As for Onikiss, well the premise was did give nukige vibe like so I'll just pass on that although perhaps there's something more beneath that because otherwise 4chan wouldn't insist to have this title to be translated.

To tell the truth, their ojou sama VNs announcement (Shitsuaru and Kimi to Aogi) were not interesting to me, because we already have both of Evangile and Noble Works and also Hello Lady that we'll get at the next year if all goes well. No to mention that the MCs concept as poor and capable man was already done in both of Evangile and Noble works, and from the look of I think we can just dismiss those two VNs as moege although I still hoping that maybe those two VNs did have some potential especially in regard of Shitsuaru. That said, if you want to talk about the seiyuu that did those two VNs, there'll be a lot to talk because the seiyuu were quite well known especially in regard of with the example like Kawashima Rino and Taguchi Hiroko (The latter did have roles at both of ojou sama VNs). Not quite interested with Hitotsuba here either because it's just less known VNs that got called as 'The Second Aokana', although to me it's more like the combination of Aokana, Haretaka, and Konosora though (And not not mention that the girls costumes didn't interesting like Aokana lol), but then again some people may look forward into this.

As for Himawari no Kioku well apparently the producer decided to go with Nekonyan instead of working alone to localized it like back when it was announced, although more or less I just pass on this (The graphic was still good though). In any case, it's obviously will be released on Steam seeing that it's already been green-lighted at that site since two years ago, and obviously Sol Press will have 18+ patch available for this VN as well. As for Mirai Radio, since it's another Laplacan VN it's not surprising that Sol Press did get their hand on that. As for the premise, it was in regard of the post apocalyptic world in which the MC himself was about to die only to find a strange girl who said that the MC wasn't supposed to die yet. To tell the truth, I did have a hard time to understand it from VNDB synopsis alone so I'll just link it to mod Clephas's review because I find that his review is understandable. Anyway, this is the second most interesting announcement to me after Irotoridori, so I'll look forward to eventual release of Mirai Radio.

The most interesting announcement from Sol Press to me here is obviously Irotoridori. As for Irotoridori, the premise was in regard of our MC Yuuma (Another Yuuma as MC's name I see) who receive the power from Shinku when he was a child. As he grown up as the adult, suddenly he's heard a girl's voice that beg him to to save the her. Irotoridori here definitely have some history with two translation attempts, the first was by Tokidan and the second was by Akerou. It's a shame that Tokidan was failed to present the full patch for Irotoridori, especially with his progress back then was already at almost 90% translated. While for Akerou it's been his dream project, and to be frank it's quite frustrating to him if he didn't able to work on his project so hopefully he could move on now that he manage to established Nekonyan with currently two big releases there. That aside apparently Sol Press will going with KS in regard of funding this, which is understandable considering the scope of the project (And once again more in line with FAVORITE's interest) so let's see of how Sol Press will handle the KS later.

To conclude Sol Press announcements here, once again I'm interested with Irotoridori the most, following with both of Mirai Radio and Nukitashi. As for the rest, well let's just say that I probably didn't interested with other five announcements as of now, but I may change my mind in the future. Also while it's good that we have so many announcements from Sol Press, it would be inevitable that if they couldn't manage those eight it'll be hard to them, especially with they promised another announcements later. In the end, I just hope that they'll find a way to handle those announcements, and seeing that they overestimated their engine work back at Sakusakura I just hope that they'll be more ready to work on the engine for all of those announcements, especially Irotoridori in which from what I'd heard it's hard enough to work around. If anything else, at least they should be experienced enough to work on Mirai Radio since it should shared the same engine as Newton VN. Oh and I knew that they already hired five people to work on the engine, so I hope that those people will be suffice for the announced VNs.

The biggest release to me at this week here is obviously Sanoba, in which it's another Yuzusoft VN (Congratulation to Nekonyan in regard of first official translated Yuzusoft VN release). Obviously it's very ironic that until now Sekai still didn't release any of their Yuzusoft announcement yet, also with FAVORITE left them but at least Sekai managed to release Hoshimemo even though it's a redundant one. As for the premise, it was in regard of Nene who is a witch that have some arousal problem because of her witch contract, and Shuuji (The MC) was lucky enough to see Nene masturbated using the table lol. Seeing that Nene was easily depressed, obviously got seen by other man it would be very embarrassing to her, and so Shuuji decided to take a responsibility for the situation. As for Nene's situation, since she's a witch she got the job to collect heart fragments that was appear whenever human felt some strong emotion (Be it happy, sad, or anger), and while at it Shuuji also could perceive the emotion around him as sense. While the premise was sounds like nukige, actually it's more in line with charage so if you want to read some charage, then Sanoba here should be good VN. Get that from either Steam or Nekonyan's store, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Once again the title was obviously come from Sanoba Witch but instead of 'Witch' I'd use 'Sadistic', because it's in regard of seiyuu joke (ie Role Association) with Nene's seiyuu (Kirihana) who also voiced a character in Blend S and if we remember back at the opening Kirihana's character (Miu Amano) was associated with the word 'Sadistic Oneesan', so I just add 'Sadistic' for the title at this week. Here's Blend S opening in case you want to get some nostalgia.

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