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Baldr Tears Review

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Foreword - Since admin Tay was still absence and Nekonyan was probably getting busier with the updates (So does Decay), obviously we didn't have another VNTS here. So here's this week VNTS Review from mine, and I hope that you'll enjoy week review.

Since we have surprise big release Baldr Force and part one of Daresora release, I decided to just combined 'Baldr' and 'Tears' into 'Baldr Tears'. The meaning for Baldr itself should be obvious that it was came from Baldr Force ie Baldr Series from GIGA, while for 'Tears' part it was came from Daresora localized subtitle 'Tears for an Unknown Sky'. With the title matter done, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which the updates that we'd have were mostly focused on both of fan translation with the aforementioned big release Baldr Force, and Other section with two newly announced KS (Frontwing's Loca Love and Fruitbat's Deven Days). Let's see what I can write for this week as well, shall we.

First of all, congratulation to our Mangagamer CEO Kouryuu that he finally managed to fully translated Maggot Bait, which surely would be mentally tasking for someone who didn't like some extreme and guro stuff. Although the translation for Maggot Bait was already finished, it didn't mean that the process was finished because after that it'll be in TLC by other people and after that if the flow goes like usual, they'll going to edit and testing the Maggot Bait before the release (By the way, good luck to the TLC-er, the editor, and the tester to endure the Maggot Bait). Other than Maggot Bait update, we also have Sekai did open the Steam store page for Bokukotsu which mean that at least Bokukotsu should already be ready to be released. Interesting to note that Steam apparently did allow 18+ content to be added at their store, so perhaps Sekai will released the uncensored version at Steam as well although I'm still wary a bit though that Steam may change their policy in the future, but perhaps it might be the new change for visual novel market considering that most of VN did have 18+ content.


This week Frontwing decided to open the KS for Loca Love, and this time Frontwing decided to release it as episodic release just like Corona Blossom. While it make sense that Frontwing want to release it like that, unfortunately I'm in favor for full release instead of episodic release because if they decided to do that it mean that the reader wouldn't be able to get the full story for the VN that they'd read, and I'm sure that most people would prefer Frontwing to release full version of Loca Love. That said seeing that we have three heroines for Loca Love, perhaps Frontwing would like to devoted each chapter for one heroine so it might be work considering that Loca Love here is probably just an ordinary moege. As for the KS itself (For the first part), once again Frontwing decided to use it as their own pre-order store for the physical edition with the base goal at 30,000 with currently the gathered fund was at 12,612. Oh, we also have Frontwing said that they'll gonna release Sharin at December later after many delays, but seeing that we already have it translated since long time ago (And discussed to the death) I'm more or less just treat as the redundant release even with the knowledge that they'll also released the FD as well.

For Daresora, well good for Sol Press that they managed to release it on time at the exact date that they'd announced back when Daresora was announced (Back at 14th). I just hope that Sol Press will keep up their current good performance, namely that they didn't overestimated the release time when they announced any new announcement like back at Sakusakura. As for Daresora itself, it's just the first part of that and one hour at that so we may wouldn't see enough of what the VN itself will offer, although I admit that it would be easier to the writer though if the company decided to release it episodically. That said, seeing that the writer also did write ChronoBox in the past perhaps we can expect some disturbing contents in the VN itself, although apparently we couldn't see that yet in the first part. Well go get Daresora from Sol Press if you've been looking forward into it and have fun, even though you may be able to finish it in one hour at most. 

We also have Seven Days KS in which the VN itself is an unique one, considering that it was funded through the crowdfund with some help from Fruitbat. About the Seven Days, for the doujin VN that was funded through the crowdfund I would say that the production value of that is quite high, and interestingly the developer also did manage to get two well known seiyuu (Uesaka Sumire and Shimizu Ai) to voiced two characters in Seven Days. As for the premise itself, it was in regard of the MC (Shuuichi) who have an encounter with the ghost which possessed the Blu Ray disc and try to exorcise it, only for the exorcise to be partially successful because the ghost was leaving behind the physical body which turned out to be a girl body. The girl was also said that there's other six ghosts inside of her, and after hearing the ghost story Shuuichi decided to help all of the seven ghosts with each ghost have seven days to gain their own happiness before departed. As for the base goal, it was only at 20,000 with the current fund gathered was at around three quarter (15,221) of the base goal itself. Also interesting to note that this was another KS with the goal to gather the fund for physical edition, and that Fruitbat was estimated that they'll release it at December later.

Like what I said earlier here, yesterday we have some updates from Nekonyan so I'll roundup the update here. For the updates we have Sanoba was at 90% for both of TLC and editing progress along with halfway QC-ed, Fureraba mini fandisc was at 60% translated, Sukiren was at 30% translated, and Aokana was at 6% translated. No much to comment other than Sanoba progress was going smoothly, and that Sukiren was interestingly already have sizable progress. As for Aokana, I understand that the script was probably did have a lot of line so good job for the current progress.

Fan Translation

For fan translation roundup, we have Eustia was at 51.42% translated along with 42.10% edited and 41.59% TLC-ed, Harugi's overall was at 17% translated with Tonoko's route was at 66% translated and Branch was at 27% translated (Along with 20% edited), Pure Pure was at 85.15% translated with Tobari's route was at 49.53% translated, and Loverable was at 85.14% TLC-ed along with 41.63% edited and 21.03% QC-ed. Other than those updates we also have Taimanin Asagi Zero was about to be translated by one of the fan, although seeing that Asagi is one part of well known nukige series I wouldn't sure if I'm gonna look forward to the eventual release of that.

Once again we have Baldr Force as the big release for this week, and to be frank it was quite surprising because at first I thought that the translator was attempted to do his very belated April Fool prank at 4chan lol. Of course we should be happy that the translator was turned out to tell the truth, and more since we could consider Baldr Force as one of most well known VN that people want to be translated (Even though the translator chose to translated the backport from PS2 version, so no explicit sex contents were translated). As for the premise of Baldr Force, we have our MC Tohru who joined a team of hacker before everything's going wrong and the team caught in the crossfire between the military and the terrorist, and one of his teammate was killed. From there Tohru decided to join the military in order to search of whose the one that killed the team leader and possibly avenge him, while at the same time uncovered the truth behind both of the military and the terrorist. From what I saw, I think we can treat Force here as sort of it's more popular spiritual sequel (Baldr Sky) prototype, and perhaps you can try Force first while waiting for Sky for a very long time. For the last word here, while Force here did have good reception I would still said that don't trust they hype and look by yourself whether it'll be good not. Have fun if you've been interested with Force for a while there.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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