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Ragnarok Album 2 ~Introductory Chapter~ Review

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Foreword - No VNTS again as for this week, so you should already know the deal here. That said I'm still hope that someday we'll gonna have proper VNTS, and like usual I hope that you'll enjoy this week VNTS Review from mine as well.

I admit that the title here is pretty ridiculous considering that we didn't have the prequel or the sequel planned there lol. For the title, since we have both of Venus Blood Frontier starting the KS and White Album 2 sudden partial patch release at this week, I decided to just combined the title into 'Ragnarok Album 2' (Without the prequel obviously lol) and the subtitle '~Introductory Chapter~' was there because the KS for Frontier was started yesterday (For the trivia Ragnarok is came from Norse mythology, and Frontier here was have Norse mythology as the setting of the story). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and this week we have some interesting updates from fan translation section with the biggest news was in regard of Frontier KS along with WA2 partial patch release, although unfortunately we didn't have much updates for this week though. Let's see what I can write at this week as well.

One of the biggest news for this week was indeed Frontier KS, and the goal itself was in yen rather than in usual dollar so I'll state the goal in yen since we knew that currently the exchange rate for yen to dollar is easily fluctuate. As for the current gathered funds, it was at 4,512,618 yen out of 16,665,000 yen or in other word already passed a quarter (~27%) mark funded. By the way, the goal itself did have some peculiar number but perhaps Ninetails did have the reason for that. The goal aside, looks like the KS itself was did fine so far considering that they managed to gather at around ~40,000 (In dollar) in less than a week. Of course there's 25 days left with a lot of funding was needed, so anything could change in term of gathered fund rate. So for now I'll just wait and see here, and once again I hope that the KS will be successful. Almost forget that they planned the release at December 2019 later, so obviously it'll be a long time to finally have Frontier in English JAST or not. Other than Frontier KS, at 30th later we'll gonna have Neighbor release although as far as the release concerned I didn't quite interested with that, although some people may interested with that though.

Fan Translation

We have Harugi's overall was at 18% translated along with Tonoko's route was at 72% translated, Witch Garden was at almost halfway (49%) translated, Yoigoshi was at 14% translated, and Loverable was at 85.16% TLC-ed along with 42.11% edited. Also for the reminder Shin Koihime Musou progress was still ongoing, although the percentage still didn't change much though. Other than those updates, we also have slightly bigger update in regard of Eustia in which the current progress was the third arc (Irene and Colette arc) was already finished the translation and with that the overall progress for Eustia was at 51.97% translated along with 41.77% TLC-ed, and after that obviously the translator will going for the fourth arc (Licia's arc) which is the longest arc in Eustia with the line count was at ~12,500 lines so keep in mind that it'll be a while there before we finally going to have Eustia translated.

Other than those usual updates, we also have surprise update from Bishoujo Mangekyou in which the project was still alive. Turned out that the translator himself (Arcadeotic) was been busy in previous months so much that he couldn't took much time to the project there, but of course there's still some background work happening (Polishing script, fix the lines, etc.) so it's not like that the project itself didn't getting worked on. As for the release date plan for now it's still vague, but Arcadeotic said he hope that he can release it at this year so there's that. Other than Bishoujo Mangekyou, he'd also announced that he'll work on Tenkiame as well so hopefully after Bishoujo Mangekyou release we could see more of Tenkiame progress in the future. Also just recently Trip tweeted that he already finished with translating Yukino's append, and therefore what's left is the new patch of HatsuKoi in which it'll also contained the polished translation for both of Midori's and Runa's route. We still didn't know the release date for the patch though, but hopefully it'll be soon so hopefully he could started Hoshiori project at this year.

For the last update, once again we have surprise update that another big title patch was released just like last week and this time it was White Album 2 (I'll call it WA2), although too bad though that the patch itself was still a partial one, so we couldn't play WA2 fully in English as for now. But at least it should be sufficient enough if one want to play the sub routes only because so far only those that was fully translated, and as for the rest I think it'll be a while before we finally could see that seeing that the translator himself said that the rest of the untranslated part was quite long. As for the premise, it was more or less in regard of an indecisive MC who's trapped in love triangle between the school idol and a pianist, so if you didn't like love triangle drama perhaps it would be the best to avoid WA2. What I can say is that the opening song for this was quite nostalgic seeing that it was another VN opening that my roommate was occasionally played, and he also happened tried to play the VN itself using the translator. Almost forget to say that this VN was one of most well received VN out there together with MLA and Steins Gate, so I'm sure that most of the people would be happy with the full patch release later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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