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Kunashima Scramble Review

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Foreword - No VNTS this week again because both of Decay and admin Tay were probably pretty busy, so I guess you should already know the pattern here lol. Once again I hope that you'll enjoy my VNTS Review here, and also someday we'll have another proper VNTS.

As for the title, seeing that we have both of Shibuya Scramble release and Aokana's announcement by Nekonyan (From last week though), I decided to just change 'Shibuya' into 'Kunashima' and if we knew Aokana we surely would understand that Kunashima is the island where almost all of Aokana's cast reside. So yeah for this week title I'm simply parodying Shibuya Scramble title, in which it's the biggest release that we have at this week simply because it got 40/40 score from Famitsu in which it's quite an achievement in itself. Other than Shibuya Scramble, we also have two other releases along with some updates from several section. So let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Seeing that JAST did managed to have Kimikoi was already halfway at editing Kimikoi, perhaps I should gave them some credit that they really want to improve their work tempo so good for them - although I still didn't agree though that they focused on the physical release before the actual release (ie they can just release download version first). Hopefully they'll keep up the good job there, and perhaps we'll be able to see more interesting announcements from JAST.

From Sekai unfortunately both of their Yuzusoft project were in icebox (ie in torpor), or to put it more generally were stalled. While personally I wouldn't care too much in regard of Dracu Riot seeing that the announcement itsel was a redundant one, it's still too bad though that Tenshin Ranman was getting stalled as well. Also since it's Yuzusoft and they also work together with Nekonyan to releasing Sanoba, I assume that Sekai did need to wait for Yuzusoft action until at least Sanoba release (October 26th later). While it's funny to see that Nekonyan did released Sanoba first before Sekai, I should hope that Sekai did sorted up this dilemma if only for the sake of the fan whose been waiting for Tenshin Ranman (And I guess for fans who've been waiting for more polished version of Dracu Riot). Also while there's still no news in regard of Senren Banka, it's easy to assume that it's also got tangled as well.

While both of their Yuzusoft project were in the icebox, at least we still got some good updates from Sekai. Namely that we got both of Bokukotsu and Nanairo was still in track, with the former was already through the QC. While there's still no clear update from those two, I'll just hope that it mean that they've been preparing those two for the release especially the former. Oh and we also have a release from Sekai Project, in which while the VN itself was not quite interesting to me (Koiama), although at least it's should be interesting if you just want to play a short moege VN there to take a break from the routine. The premise itself is just a MC was about to reopened the cafe that was closed down by his grandmother, and coincidentally he met two girls that were available to hire as the new staff. So yeah more or less just a story about running a cafe, although at least the MC here did have a face and it's a good looking one lol. Have fun play Koiama there if you've been waiting for that.

Finally after more than two years in work we have Tsui Yuri released by Mangagamer, which of course followed by the announcement of the upcoming release in which it's unsurprisingly Bitter Exclusion (It's been finished the testing for a while) at October 11th later. As for Tsui Yuri well from the name it's should be obvious that it was another yuri VN, and this time we have a twin sister were in love with each other but they must hide their passion from their mom who obviously wouldn't agree with that kind of relationship, because if the mother agree the subtitle shouldn't be 'Don't let mom find out' lol. Anyway, this VN did also have a history with this blog seeing that I'd kept reporting the progress at each week whenever there's a progress, at least until it was fully translated iirc before the QC progress began along with the engine works - back then it was still fan translation project. For the last word in regard of Tsui Yuri, if you've been waiting for two years to play this then go get that from Mangagamer and have fun. Also congratulation to mod Dergonu in regard of Tsui Yuri release there, and I hope that your second project will be successful.

For fan translation progress we have Eustia was at 50.72% translated along with both of TLC and editing progress was at 41.59%, Harugi's overall was at 16% translated with Tonoko's route was at 60% translated and Branch was at 27% translated (Along with 15% edited), 266 scripts of Oreimo Tsuzuku were finalized, Daitoshokan side story was finished both of editing and TLC progress, and Pure Pure was at 83.73% translated with Tobari's route was at 41.12% translated. Also we have the new update from Higurashi PS3 port, in which they already extracting Yoigoshi's script and already began with the translation. Also for the trivia here, they took a longer time to port because Yoigoshi's several choices and it also have multiple ending, which is quite surprising if we knew that Higurashi's arcs were mostly did have single ending.

For Daresora as promised I'll try to write the premise here. The VN itself was written by ChronoBox writer, which as we knew were infamous for some twisted sex contents so obviously Sol Press can't add ChronoBox to Steam easily. That said, since Daresora itself managed to entering the Steam, perhaps the writer decided to make the sex content at the minimum there. Anyway from the first glance apparently we'll gonna have some sort of battle which involved some magic or something like that, although seeing that it's just a very recent release it would be hard to getting most of the info - at least we know that the MC will have a battle against a mysterious woman. As for me, seeing that it'll be a serial release I guess I'll just pass this for now despite the story itself have many potential. For the release date, it'll be at 14th later so let's see that whether Sol Press will managed to release Daresora at that date or not.

For this week we have big release with the name Shibuya Scramble, and it's definitely a big release seeing that it's lauded as Chunsoft's Magnum Opus back when it was released at Wii, simply because it got score 40/40 from Famitsu which is quite a prestigious achievement (Only a few games managed to get that score, and as far as VN concerned currently only Shibuya Scramble that managed to achieve that score). As for the premise, it was in regard of some characters were involved in the kidnapping case at Shibuya, and it's up to one detective to handling the case by saving the victim. I can't say more than that because it would be spoiler, but rest assure that the kidnapping case will spiraling into something else. This VN also have some unique feature, in which we'll going to have the photo as the background and the sprite was a real man, or to put it simply rather than anime style like almost all of the VNs in here we'll gonna have live action style. Also interesting to note that Type Moon also involved in here, and their contribution was writing one of mini scenario with the anime style there. Go get the VN if you're curious about this, and have fun. Also while this VN get 40/40 from Famitsu, it didn't mean that you should trust the hype because some people out there might be not interested with this or just find this overrated.

That's all for what I can write at this week, and see you next week.

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