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Running Cadence feat. Tohka and Rena Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (02/03/2018)

When I saw the picture of the header, suddenly I remember the scene when the same thing happened in Kajitsu as well - it was from Phantom Trigger by the way. The scene in question was titled 'Running Cadence', and in that scene Yuuji and Makina sang a song which made Amane embarrassed. In that case of the image header, I don't know though if Tohka and Rena were singing, but at least they should be running so I decided to make the title 'Running Cadence', and also I add the 'feat. Tohka and Rena' because obviously those two girls featured in the CG. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review after one week of absence, and this week was quite interesting with another company enter the VN localization market with five announcements to boot. Other than that, we still have some usual updates here so let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for fan translation, it's still usual weekly updates here. For the updates, we got Loverable was at 71.8% TLC-ed and 32.84% edited, Eustia was at 33.72% translated and 21.02% edited, Musumaker was at 47.8% translated, Witch Garden was at 37% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 13.38% translated and overall was at 57.34% translated, and Majokoi was at 79% TLC-ed. There's also an update from LxC2 as well, in which Hina's route translation was going stable and Quof is more or less happy with that, although he afraid though that there's nothing could be done in regard of the programming, so hopefully he can find the solution in regard of the programming. For the last update here, quite unfortunate that Venus Blood Chimera translation team shut down their Patreon, but then again it's quite a grey area to ask the payment for fan translation so maybe this is for the best. Other than updates, we have another new project established with the goal of translating Tenkiame, and for the progress it's quite stable for now with common route was at 26% translated (I hope that they could go through it until the end). For Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at 41.34% translated and overall was at 86.48% translated - looking from the current pacing I think by around April we should be able to get Renna's patch.

As for Sekai, unfortunately Fatal Twelve was delayed to March, and so does with Maitetsu - although in Maitetsu case it was stalled though, which it mean that there's no definitive time for the release. For more update, we have Nanairo was in need to waiting for the third party which hopefully it goes well for Sekai. As for their VNs that was ready for the release, not quite appealing to me except for one (Kanonana) in which I'm just a bit interested with this. They have the good news though, and it was in regard of Balder Sky which is halfway translated right now, although I don't know though if that mean that Sekai managed to translated one VN or each VN have some translated lines that the combined result was halfway of Baldr Sky lines (By the way, Baldr Sky was divided into two VNs for the info). I just hope that Sekai will improve their performance in the future, because apparently there's some discord happened between Sekai and the contributors.


For Newton VN, right now Lavi's route was at 80% translated and Yotsuko's route was at 45% edited. For Song of Memory, apparently PQube managed to get the license and they already planned for Nintendo Switch release at this month, although unfortunately there's still no info in regard of Steam release at least for now.

As for the mentioned Sekai contributors, it was quite interesting that both of Akerou and Chuee of Shinku Translation formed the VN localization company with the name NekoNyan. Not only that, they announced five VNs which more or less could be said as charage. As for the reason of why they did that, perhaps they have problem with Sekai as well. While this might be just my speculation (And probably is), seeing that we have 2236 was released by Japanese company itself which gave a hint that it might be the truth that Sekai facing the problem with their contributors and the Japanese company. I said this because one of NekoNyan title was Sanoba Witch, and that title is notably 8th Yuzusoft VN whose as we know was have a deal with Sekai - it's more or less like Purple Software case. That said, what I could say in regard of NekoNyan is that we better to wait and see until they have the first release in near future, and I say this because there's some anxiety in regard of both Akerou and Chuee which as we remember worked on Hoshimemo, and it have some issue in regard of the translation.

For NekoNyan announcements, other than aforementioned Sanoba Witch (At 20% translated), there's Hello Goodbye (At 10% translated), Sukiren, Melty Moment, and Furereba (Fully translated and edited, and at 70% for both of TLC and QC). As for the release plan, they're quite ambitious with the closest one was Fureraba at March later. For my opinion about the announcements itself, I interested with both of Fureraba and Sanoba even before the announcements so those two were good announcements to me, and I just hope that they'll indeed released Sanoba at fall later because it's mean more translated Yuzusoft VN which is always a good thing. For the rest, I'd slightly interested with Hello Goodbye (HGB) and less interested with Melty Moment, and Sukiren was pretty much in the middle between those two.

While I like that they'll release those three quickly as well - HGB will be in Summer and Melty Moment in December, unfortunately they just stated 'aiming' which mean that there's no certainty for the release and therefore there might be delays in the future, also the delays can be happen to both of Sanoba and Fureraba. Speaking about Sanoba, they also have plan for physical release as well so perhaps the delay will most likely will be happened. In the end, I hope that I'm just being paranoid here and the release was indeed according with the schedule, especially Fureraba in which if the release was indeed at March later then it would be very interesting month, because there would be three big releases in one month (Fatal Twelve, Sakusakura, and Fureraba).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.



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