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Useless Succubus Review

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Visual Novel Translation Status (02/10/2018)

First of all sorry for very belated review here, and welcome to this week VNTS Review - I'll tell about the title in my PS. As for this week update, well anemic was one way to put it like admin Tay although perhaps we could call this a slow week. That said, we still get some update though so it's enough for now. Let's see what we get for this week.

We finally to have release date for Root Double PSV version at March 8th later, which mean that Sekai finally managed to fulfill one on their KS promise. It's quite a good news alright, only that apparently it's only for NA which mean unfortunately Europe still didn't get that yet, although Sekai promised that they'll look at the issue. Not that I care anyway, since I didn't own PSV lol. Other than Root Double PSV, we got Bokukotsu release estimation, in which they gonna release it at this month - it's rumored that it'll be released at Valentine day later, but for now it's still unconfirmed whether they'll release it at 14th or not. Other than those two, no other interesting info from Sekai.

This week back at Tuesday, Mangagamer did released Sono Hanabira 11 demo. As for the demo, apparently it's only for the engine testing so there's no much content to see. If anything, at least they already prepared the engine for the release at 22nd later. Oh, and since obviously there's already exact release date for Sono Hanabira 11, it mean that the fan translation project of this was halted and therefore there'll be no more progress from that project. While this week Mangagamer didn't have their usual updates, Arunaru tweeted some interesting thing that namely he managed to have Sengoku Rance was at 90% retranslated and he hope that by next week it should be finished.

Fo fan translation, there's still some updates like I said earlier. The roundup goes like Eustia was at 21.22% edited and 20.86% TLC-ed; Loverable was at 74.16% TLC-ed; Musumaker was at 48% translated; and Majokoi was at 85% TLC-ed, which is good because at least they're on track to finished TLC within one or two month. No update from Pure Pure at this week, because the translator said that he's quite busy at the school (The info was at Abyss Translation Facebook). As for Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at almost halfway (49.05%) translated and overall was at 88.25% translated - no much to say I admit. There's also another two updates from both of Koiken Otome fandisc and Shin Koihime Musou, in which they have some progress. For more info, Koiken Otome fandisc was at 13% translated, and right now Shin Koihime Musou was at 91% translated along with 15% edited.

Before closing this VNTS Review, there's another update from Newton VN. As for the update, right now they managed to fully translated Lavi's route and fully edited Yotsuko's route. Other than that, there's no much info from them at this week.

Well, that's all for this week and I admit that this week review is pretty short. See you next week.

PS - For the title, seeing that we got a sleeping succubus in front of monitor and the sucubuss herself was from Bokukotsu (The full title is 'Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma', and the ponkotsu part from the title is mean 'affectionately useless'), I decided to just adapt Pulltop's Lovekami VN from 'Useless Goddess' to 'Useless Succubus'.

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