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Retarnia Odyssey: Legends of the Chimera Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, even though there's no usual VNTS for this week because of some screw up. For the title, I just combined two releases at this week (Retarnia and Venus Blood Chimera) into one title by parodying Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, so I decided to make it into 'Retarnia Odyssey: Legend of the Chimera based on those two releases - coincidentally both of the title in question were VN RPG. For this week, I like that there's many releases of translated VNs at once (Three) and some good news from fan translation side as well. There's also Mangagamer announced one of the title that people took the interest as well, along with some usual updates from them. So let's see what I could write for this week as well.

Fron Frontwing, we have Phantom Trigger volume 4 release in which we gonna have another character focused episode in which this time the focus was goes to Chris and her presumably dark past. No much I could say in regard of this, other than by next chapter we should have a glimpse of Haruto's past because the next chapter should be focused on Haruto's childhood friend. Other than Phantom Trigger volume 4, we have Newton VN with Yotsuko's route was fully translated and Lavi's route was at 30% translated, while the common route editing was catch up to the translated part with 76% as of now with Yotsuko's route just begin the editing at 1% edited. Since we have Newton VN which is Sol Press project, let me say that they'll release Sakusakura at March in which they already announced that back at December (I miss the news very badly lol) and right now they already open the Steam store for that so at least they ready for the release.


We have some good news from Mangagamer, especially if you're like Sono Hanabira franchise. The reason was because Mangagamer already announced that they'll release Sono Hanabira 11 at February 22nd later, and curiously it also have Steam version as well in which they gonna did the usual free patch for Steam version. Other than Sono Hanabira 11, we have Retarnia release (I'd always misspelled it as Ritarnia lol) in which it was released back at 26th. Unfortunately the VN itself still pretty much quite an unknown one even after the release, although at least I knew that more or less it's first person dungeon crawling with MC and five spirit heroines in a quest to stop the demon onslaught that come from another dimension. Yeah, the story was pretty much a cliche usual JRPG story one.

For the rest of the updates from Mangagamer, we got that Hapymaher was still in testing, Supipara Peace story was finished the testing (So it's possible that it'll be released at this year), Hashihime was at 56% edited, Sona-Nyl was at 27% translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 66% edited, Rance Quest was at 69% translated (Coincidence?), Sengoku Rance was at 79% translated and halfway edited, Trinoline was at 70% translated and 27% edited, and Maggot Bait was at 70% translated along with 13% edited.

There's also another update in regard of Suki Suki, although it's not official from Mangagaamer though but rather it came from the fan who asked some info about that. The update goes like Mangagamer said that they working on solving the issue in regard of Chuuablesoft bankruptcy. So it's finally confirmed that the delay was indeed in regard of Chuuablesoft bankruptcy, because Mangagamer would need to do another negotiation with whoever have the right for Chuuablesoft property if they goes bankrupt. To tell the truth, I already slightly suspect that along the line since back at August but I tried to ignore it because it might be the engine problem that caused the delay. But if Mangagamer already confirm that they have the problem with the bankruptcy, there's no other choice other than accept the truth here.

Fan Translation

There's a good news from Eustia, in which Fione's arc was already fully translated - for overall progress it was at 32.83% translated and with 21.02% edited. For Loverable, congratulation for finally have Kaho's route fully translated and in turn all of Loverable, while for the rest of the progress it was 71.26% TLC-ed and 30.9% edited. For Majokoi, right now it was at three quarter TLC-ed. As for Musumaker, right now it was at 47.4% translated. While for Pure Pure, right now Chapter 4 was at 6.34% translated and overall was at 54.77% translated. This week we also finally have Nocturnal Illusion progress after a while, with the progress was at 45% edited right now. For the last update from fan translation, we have Tsujidou update with Renna's route was at 30.85% translated and overall was at 84.06% translated.

As for Venus Blood Chimera, after we have regular updates and partial release from them finally we have completed translation released back at last week. As for the VN, it was some sort of gameplay VN in which we'll gonna have the girls get tentacle rape or something like that, and it also have the medieval setting like usual RPG. For more info, unfortunately as of now it was pretty much quite lacking especially in regard of the reviews, so I couldn't say much in regard of the gameplay. Although looking from VNDB average score, perhaps this would be just a mediocre VN. There's also an unpolished patch for Princess Maker 5 at TL Wiki, which could be interesting if you're into Princess Maker. Not that I interested with this though, although too bad though it's not the fourth Princess Maker that was translated, because it have Nana Mizuki as seiyuu and personally I hope to see her more in translated VN.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.



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