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Chaotic Everyday Review - Top 10 Best Translated VNs 2017

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This is not my VNTS Review, but rather I kind of want to do this for a while so here goes. Seeing that we already has Conjueror posted his video in regard of this on Youtube, I decided to make similar list here because personally I didn't agree with some of his choice. That said, most of my pick here was still similar to him though. As for the rule, no yaoi and otome here. Also I'll use Japanese VN name and add the English name for the alias. For the score I'll use both of VNDB average and Erogamescape average, and keep in mind that it'll be fluctuate at the future - VNDB average score was based on January 18th for the info. Let's see what I could write in this review here, and I'll explain the title in PS later. Beware of the spoiler when you play the opening.

10. Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement aka The Shadows of Pygmalion (VNDB 7.48, Erogamescape 70)

As for the VN, at the first glance it was yuri action VN seeing that it have female MC (Mina) and all of the girls holding the weapons. Well maybe that impression might be not too far off, but seeing the spoiler I would like to say that Madoka would be a good comparison - so much that I made VNTS Review with the title 'Puela Magi Mina Magica'. As for the VN itself, the story was linear and the routes itselves was very short (Just the possible outcome) so I understand that Pygmalion might be not for everyone. That said, if you okay with linear plot it'll be interesting VN.

9. Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki aka Saku Saku Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossom (VNDB 7.55, Erogamescape 70)

As for this VN, well it did saw years of translation project that started as fan project first before the team decided to asked Sekai for polishing the translation, and Sekai announced that they help with the process back at AX 2016. Or if you want more clear explanation it was fan translated at first before Sekai take it and announced the licensing back at AX 2016, which safe to say was surprised me. Also even before released, it was suffered the delay twice before finally released at October which caused by mismanagement between Sekai and Steam.

For the premise, it's just a simple moege with a guy who unable to fall in love met with a love fairy who turned out to be shinigami. So of course, we'll gonna have supernatural element here as well. The graphic was quite good to me at least, and I like that there's two opening for this VN with different tone.

8. Hatsukoi 1/1 (VNDB 7.56, Erogamescape 70)

This is the first VN work for Tsurezure, and I think they did the good job in regard of HatsuKoi translation. Oh, and they're pretty fast working on this one so it's good that we finally got first Tone Work's VN translated. As for the premise, it was very simple with the MC was forming cafetaria club with five girls, and he could be quite bad at some point so he's might be not for everyone - so much that the staff need to post apology video on regard of MC which mean most of the people hate him. Other than that I like it though that they got some vocal song in this VN, and apparently they'll repeat that in both of Hoshiori (Tsurezure planned next project) and Gin'iro Haruka. One more thing to note that this is the shortest Tone Work's VN, because it didn't span years in lengthy detail like their latter works.

7. Wagamama High Spec (VNDB 7.61, Erogamescape 76)

My first impression in regard of this was not good though, if only because of how the female breast was drawn (It's too big). But if you look past that art, actually this VN was pretty good because it show some comedy and good character development for the girls in which each girls did have their specialty. There's also another factor in regard of the developer (Madosoft) last VN in which it was Yakimochi Stream (Nukige like VN), so of course Wagahigh here was the major improvement from Yakimochi. The premise was the MC is a mangaka that was supposed to be the secret at his school, at least until the student council president knew that and sort of rope the MC to join the council in exchange of keep MC's secret. Turned out that the president was also the mangaka as well, something that the MC learned after he join the council.

6. Da Capo 3 (VNDB 7.78, Erogamescape 77)

This one VN have some history with our Fuwanovel here, namely that there's first attempt of translating this by our founder Aaeru. From what I could dig, I remember that she tried to translate it by use the VNR in which it was quite divisive method even back then, because most people would amount that as machine translated. But even so she kept continuing with the project, and finally released the partial patch in which it was only covered the common route back at 2013. Seeing that, Mangagamer decided to C&D the project directly which obviously enraged Aaeru and she wrote some kind of the replies to Mangagamer. After that she was disappear from the forum and nowadays nobody knew where she is. Anyway, what's done is done and we finally get the release back at January last year (By Mangagamer obviously). For the premise, it's pretty much usual Da Capo so if you familiar with the setting then you should knew what to expect. As for the opening here, there's too much opening for this so I'll just use the one for all age version of R that was performed by fripside (It was help though that the first release for this was all age instead of usual 18+ version).

5. Grisaia no Rakuen aka The Eden of Grisaia (VNDB 8.18, Erogamescape 79)

Well I didn't quite interested with this, seeing that I just think of this as another fandisc of Kajitsu and they could just make it with Kajitsu only. It's interesting though knowing that Frontwing was broke back at Kajitsu development, so they pour their energy into Kajitsu (As charage) and they fumbled the writing in the sequels because of that - also the decision to announced both of Rakuen and Maikyuu quickly because Frontwing was probably still in recovery. The anime sort of fix the problem in regard of the continuity that the trilogy had, but became infamous because it was rushed. Those problems aside it's Grisaia, so I would still like to think that this should be good if one want to see more Grisaia characters. For the premise, Yuuji was get caught and about to be executed or something like that. From there, it's up to the girls that he was rescued to rescue him back. Looking from the review, I guess it would be good if one was longing for having Yuuji do some action which surely get teased a lot back in Kajitsu, and also a chance to see the girl do the actions as well. There's also some cathartic factor which enhanced by a return of a certain character, so there's that.

4. Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o aka A Sky Full of Stars (VNDB 8.22, Erogamescape 79)

Honestly I prefer Pulltop to just release their Sakura expy (Lovekami) VN instead of this, not because Miagete is bad but rather the reason is at least people would less likely care to Lovekami even if they released it censored for overseas - the story was pretty much just an idol goddess thing. But too bad that's not what happening here because we got Miagete here, and as expected Pulltop decided to censor the H scenes which surely left a bad taste for some people here. Their past infamy in regard of Konosora definitely didn't help their case at all, although from what I'd heard at least the translation was improved compared to Konosora. I just hope that Pulltop will get past their stubborn policy in the future.

As for the premise, it was involved stargazing in which the MC was have some childhood friend who shared same stargazing hobby before they decided to quit that, and right now the MC was about to regain his passion in stargazing. Oh, and like Konosora it also have the project to have the H scenes translated, so feel free to check the thread for the project if you interested.

3. Dies Irae (VNDB 8.55, Erogamescape 81 (Acta Est Fabula version))

I'm sure that everyone already knew this VN, along with another certain well known VN that released at 2017 as well. But just for the formality I'll write the premise in which case it goes like there's a group of Germany who involved in some dark ritual which involved absorbing the souls in order to strengthen themselves, and the only one who could possibly put the stop of the group was the MC (Fuuji Ren) himself. From there, Ren and the group would engage in very crazy battle with the world at stake. If it sounds cliche, then yes the premise is a cliche one. But the strength of Dies Irae was supposed to be the prose that was hard to be translated, and perhaps to allow the reader immerse in the reading. Although it got some infamy though because of that as well, namely that the prose itself was pretty long and roundabout at that for some people so it might be not for everyone. Oh, and there's also some charismatic gods who is managed to get some attention. For the release, I would suggest you to just play the all age version instead of 18+ version because Light messed up 18+ version, while all age version provided more contents outside of sex content - at least until Light fix the problem. Oh, and I'll post all age version OP here.

2. Chaos Child (VNDB 8.72, Erogamescape 83 (PC Version))

Unfortunately so far it's for console only, so no PC version for now. That said, Committee of Zero promised us that someday they'll port Chaos Child PS4 translation to PC version, so there's that. Anyway, the premise was we have another serial murder in Shibuya which eerily resembled the one back at Chaos Head, which of course would be quite graphic considering that in the past Nitroplus was involved with Chaos Head. From there, it's up to MC and his girls teammate to solve the problem and ease the anxiety of Shibuya. Forget to say that the casts also have some kind of superpower. From what I read apparently the girls route was not quite satisfying (The girls good as eye candy though if that's the case lol), so at least it could be interpreted that the writing was more focused on the main story which is full of sci-fi. Oh, and actually this is more in line with Steins Gate instead of original Chaos Head. As for the opening, I'll post PS4 version since currently it was that version which available in English version.

1. Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ aka Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ (VNDB 8.83, Erogamescape 86)

As for this VN we definitely have many history with this in regard of the translation, and this VN is another well known VN that I said back at Dies Irae. Long story short, it was started as TL Wiki project since back at 2012 before it was officially localized by Frontwing who expanded their business into localized the VN overseas. I think in regard of this they did good job for that, although there's a matter of censorship though (Not as bad as Pulltop because only the picture was censored, and it was quite disturbing for some people). As for the premise, it was in regard of the world which about to face the apocalypse at July 20th 2012, and this VN depict that from several perspective. What make this VN was good was apparently some say that it could change of how one would view his life, although if one want to be more realistic it's a denpa story which is belong to a horror genre - some contents could be disturbing because it could be happen in the real life as well. In the end, while this VN was divisive enough I would say that you should try it once. Forget to said that Frontwing did add Germany subtitle for this, just like Grisaia trilogy with French subtitle.

That's all for my top 10 here, and for now I'll just list 10 VNs. Although I might add the title like Little Busters though, because Conjueror also add that in his video as well. Also I'll try to write my list for 2016 as well later, to show of how easy the VNs score was fluctuated in VNDB.

PS - As for the title, I just combined both of Chaos Child and Subahibi title into 'Chaotic Everyday'. The explanation is that the 'Chaotic' part was come from 'Chaos', and 'Everyday' was come from Subarashiki Hibi (Translator's Note: Hibi mean Everyday).

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