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  1. Marginal Operations 1~10. Good military-type manga.
  2. I've only played the trial, but I felt as though Otoboku3 was in many ways a watered-down Otoboku2. Did you get this feeling when you were playing, and if you did, did the game grow out of it down the road?
  3. Will likely be watching: Otakoi - like the manga Caligura - the game seemed cool and I don't think I'll be playing the actual game anytime soon. Tokyo Ghoul:re - assuming this continues off of the manga and not Root A Captain Tsubasa - why are we even getting another captain tsubasa. Whatever. Still watching. Houshin Engi - Another remake.
  4. I think you could kind of make the distinction that a Yuusha is chosen to accomplish some difficult task, though they often continue to be referred as such after the task is complete, while Eiyuu is an epithet that's only given to those who have accomplished some such task.
  5. Natsuiro Komachi https://vndb.org/v531
  6. Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu might be a decent starter. Doesn't have furigana everywhere, but there are some. And it's short. Like, shorter than if you skip all of DDLC short. Also it's free.
  7. One other VN I can think of that utilizes caption is Tapestry by Light. I don't really have an opinion on these. They are fine, but I don't prefer them over the 'traditional' text box. I can see these making trouble for localization, though manga scanlations must have had to deal with these types of things forever so you could just go ask them for advise.
  8. So, during my freshman year at college, I lived on campus, where we were pared off in 2s and given a room each. We'd have a bed and desk on each side of the room, and my roommate and I would spend most of our time sitting in our chairs, back to back. I'm also a fairly large guy, so I figured my back would block my roommate's vision, so often just played VNs on my laptop. I'm pretty sure he caught me at least once while playing X Change Alternative and on an H scene, though. Eventually I decided that I should just play VNs on my bed with the back of laptop to him.
  9. You would like the WN version better, then. Ains has absolutely zero competition over there, whereas in the published version there's at least some hint as to powers on his level.
  10. Lastest episode of Overlord has had to have had the worst pacing in a single episode that I have ever seen. The novel was significantly better. Ep3 of evergarden and agree with above that there doesn't seem to be anything special about the show thus far.
  11. A bit of guessing, but: Hara Kano Another nukige from the ~ Kano series Natsu no Ame Sakaagari Hurricane Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no
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