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Sakura Idol Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/19/2017)

For the title, it's very simple because I just combined 'Sakura' from Sakusakura and 'Idol' from Starnova (Which still in Kickstarter right now) in which both of those were VNTS image header, so we got Sakura Idol here for this time VNTS Review which of course not my review of Winged Cloud Sakura's VN - although perhaps Winged Cloud would be interested to release their new VN with that title in the future lol. Welcome to this week VNTS Review in which this is the real one after the apocalypse albeit very belated, and for this week it's quite a breather after Otakon for Mangagamer although we got the updates from them though so it's good. Let's see what I could write this time here.

The first news that I would write is from Sekai, in which they only had two news here both good and bad. The good news is that if you like Ne no Kami then you should look forward to 31st because they'll release the volume 2 at that date, and for the bad news is that Saku Saku release was once again delayed and would be released at 31st as well. As for the reason I had no idea here other than they wanted to make it perfect release for them, but at least I knew that the delay was very sudden because three hours before delay they still said that they gonna release that at 25th. Oh well, guess that's all for Sekai here.

For the fan translation, once again there's only usual progress for this week although interestingly Tsureure was absent though - although it was explained from last week that Trip (The translator) would be busy for the upcoming two weeks, so perhaps there would be an update from them again at September later. For the roundup of this week update, we got Eustia was at 19.82% translated, 12.87% edited, and 12.55% TLC-ed; Loverable was at 86.11% translated (Nanako's route was at 94.53% translated) and 51.75% TLC-ed; Pure Pure was at 24.49% translated; Venus Blood Chimera was at 56.9% translated; Tsukiyori was at 11.5% translated and 8.3% edited; and To Heart 2 was almost finished the proofread (95%) and it was 80% QC-ed as well.


This week we see that Sakusakura Kickstarter (KS) was launched, with the goal was once again at 24,000. As for the KS, iit's going quite well with them managed to gathered 9,891 with 24 days left as of now (08/26) although I still worry about that though because it remind me of Chuusotsu KS in which it was quite a struggle before finally managed to get barely funded at the last few days (Funded at 24,000 with the base goal at 20,000). With the higher goal compared to Chuusotsu, I gonna say that it would be hard KS but despite of that I hope their KS would be success because I kind of looking forward to Sakusakura here (Good luck to KS by the way).

Other than Sakusakura, there's MoeNovel in which apparently their new project would be focused on astronomy, in which the most likely candidate would be Miagete. I'm quite interested a bit here, but seeing MoeNovel highly questionable localization choice in regard of Konosora I couldn't say that I was look forward to the project unless they learned from both of Sekai (Sell it through Nutaku) or Mangagamer (Release free 18+ patch) in regard of handling 18+ release. If not, then I would more than happy if they just release another Lovekami with big boob astronomy goddesses instead of Miagete lol. Other than that, I'll just gonna to wait and see in regard of them.


One week after Otakon, they had many updates here. As for the usual updates, right now they had Hashihime at 96% translated (19% edited), Maggot Bait was almost halfway (49%) translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 77% translated, Trinoline was at 32% translated, Marriage was at 85% translated (82% edited), Hapymaher was at 90% translated (81% edited), Sorcery Joker was fully edited, and Evenicle was at 63% edited. As for my opinion in regard of the progress here, I would say that they did the good job here for Evenicle editing because I think right now they need to upped the editing for Evenicle if they want to release it fast. Oh, and good work to Sorcery Joker as well and hoping that both of Sorcery Joker and Evenicle could see the release in near future. As for Suki Suki curiously the testing still not finished yet, but perhaps rather than complicated situation from Chuuable Soft it was more in regard of the VN itself.

For the new Otakon announcements, they also had the updates for that as well. Right now Sono Hanabira was already completed since back when it was dubbed as 1st secret project, Ritarnia was also both of fully translated and edited as well, Supipara Chapter 2 was finished for the translation - by the way the translator himself stated that he was already work on this since the fundraising was already gathered around 190,000, Sengoku Rance was at 3% retranslated - Arunaru said that he would use new translation for Sengoku Rance, and Rance Quest was at 4% translated - by the way the translator for Rance Quest was working on Sorcery Joker. As for Sona-nyl, Mangagamer said that they still had the translation underway although for the exact number of the progress it's anyone guess though - probably still not much considering that they just tweet Sona-nyl progress exactly one year after they announced it.

For additional news here (Not Mangagamer, but JAST), Doddler at his Twitter said that his porting work on Schatten was already completed which mean that's leave the testing before finally see the release. Although knowing JAST, I would say that it would be either hard to predict or long wait if we want to see Schatten release here.

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you on next VNTS Review because when I write this it's already Saturday afternoon here.


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