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A Peaceful Sengoku Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/12/2017)

The title for this time was combined 'A Peaceful Story' that was came from Supipara Chapter 2 that was also known as Peace Story, and Sengoku from Sengoku Rance in which both of those two were Mangagamer Otakon announcement. I knew that the title was quite ironic in a way, considering that back at Sengoku Rance there's always war in the VN itself and also in real life Sengoku era itself was dubbed as period of near-constant military conflict. Welcome to this week VNTS Review along with my commentary in regard of Otakon, although it's very late though for obvious reason the moment I wrote this (Forum breakdown and all).

As for the Otakon itself, this time it's only Mangagamer that had participate and Sekai did had announcements at another convention (Anime Fest). As for my opinion, well to tell the truth the announcements from both of them were quite a letdown to me especially in regard of Mangagamer (Last year Otakon from them was had new interesting announcements, and so does with recent AX), but then again perhaps my expectation was a bit too high here. Regardless, let me write what I could say in regard of Otakon here (And Anime Fest as well if possible).

For the fan translation, after the announcement that Clover Days was translated there's no much to report here other than usual progress, which of course still good if one keep an eye on one of the fan translation project that interest them. For the roundup of fan translation project here, we had Eustia at 19.80% translated, 12.66% edited, and 12.36% TLC-ed; Kanobito was at 8% translated; Majokoi was at 92% edited; Pure Pure was at 22.59% translated; Tsujidou was at 10.3% translated and 6.7% edited; Tsujidou Ai's route was past halfway (58.66%) translated, and overall was at 37.06% translated; and Loverable was at 84.62% translated (Nanako's route at 84.78% translated), 51.53% TLC-ed, and 20.91% edited. This week we also had Lovely Cation progress and right now 1,200 lines from Sera's route (Out of 4,565 lines) were translated. I think that's all for fan translation here, and of course we didn't had either Otakon or Anime Fest announcement for this.

Sekai Project

Sekai's announcement from Anime Fest to be honest not very interesting to me, because it's just new OELVN and I think I didn't interested with those VNs here, but then again maybe there's some people who look forward to the OELVNs. As for the OELVNs announcements, three of those fives were yuri (ie shoujo ai) announcements so perhaps you might interested with those three title if you're yuri fan (The shoujo ai VNs were Blackberry Honey, Same As It Ever Was (From Highway Blossom developer), and Synergy). Another announcement from them was otome game (Operation: Future Domination), in which it didn't really interesting to me to said it lightly although apparently it had some sort of time loop story though so perhaps it could be interesting there. For the last announcement, there's Exogenesis in which it was already in development for 4 years. The premise was apparently it was in post big war setting thing so perhaps it might be interesting, although too bad though that I didn't interested for now (Good luck for the project though).

Speaking of OELVN, there's Shining Song Starnova in which they launched the kickstarter and I think the goal was a bit lower for developing VN that was claimed using Japanese seiyuu, which is only at 40,000. Other than that, there's a problem namely that the writing was quite not fitting according to Zakamutt. Not that I interested with the VN anyway considering that it was mostly just like usual idol anime, but nonetheless good luck to the KS I guess. For the last news in regard of Sekai, let's close it with the good news that Saku Saku was finally will be released at 25th which of course it was very good news. Although seeing that Wagahigh got delayed after the release date was determined, perhaps I better be careful in regard delayed release from Saku Saku (By the way, the release was delayed to 31st at the time I write this (August 24th), but of course I stull looking forward to this (Delayed or not I would be waiting Saku Saku here, although of course I prefer that delay didn't happen). 

That's all for Sekai Project section here.


Before going to the Otakon announcement from them, this week they had two updates. The first update was they released Marina which is apparently just a short NTR nukige VN, which to said not my type here but perhaps there would be some people here who would appreciated that kind of VN. The second update is that they're about to release Boukaku at Spetember 8th later, and they already released the demo for it so if you want to see Boukaku by yourself you may check that out. As for me, I'd already tried the demo itself and I think it's pretty much usual otome game although the MC herself was kind of weak willed though (So much that you could get the bad end at the beginning). So I think I won't get this VN even though it's interested me back at last year AX because it had some sex scene, but if you already decided to get Boukaku hope you gonna enjoy that later.

As for this year, to tell the truth I expected that Mangagamer would bring something like Sengoku Koihime or Haretaka rather than what we had now. Guess I was asked too much here if I wish for those two, especially Haretaka in which it would had some additional procedure before finally Mangagamer could bring it now that Chuuable Soft was bankrupt. Regard less of what I said, I think it's better if we just accepted the announcement from them for now and hope that next time there would be a better announcements from them.

Like Sekai, this week Mangagamer was also announced a number of OELVN to their collection. As for the OELVN itselves, I would said that I didn't quite interested with them in the first place although I must said that one of those were different from the rest of OELVN. As for Lupesoft VN, let's just said that I didn't interested with them at all. As for Five Hearts, it's a yuri VN just like Mangagamer another announcement here but with the monster girl so maybe it could appeal people who like both of monster girl and yuri. For the last OELVN announcements, there's 'His Chuunibyou Can’t be Cured!' which apparently will tell a story of how a group of gaming student was tried to created their own video games. Didn't knew the detail yet, but perhaps it could be interesting I guess. I think that's all for the OELVN and let me write in regard of the localization announcements.

For the first localized VN, there's Ritarnia in which it was another HRPG which focused on the spirit girl. To be honest, right now it was lack of info when I did searched about this one but I managed to found one Youtube video and apparently it was some akin of first person RPG with usual turn based combat. The story itself was fairly cliche old RPG with a threat was looming in the peaceful country, and it's up to the MC himself to counter and destroy the threat. I just hope that in the future we could get more info in regard of this one, and I think for now I prefer Evenicle in regard of HRPG.

Didn't really interested with Room No.9 because it's yaoi and all (If you like that yaoi announcement it's okay), but at least we managed to see Mangagamer get the license for Sono Hanabira 11 aka 1st secret project in which it did had fan translation project previously. As for the premise itself, actually it's just the continuation of the previous five couples that was developed in the previous 10 VNs and the couples would like to deepen their relationship there. However, other than those couples they also featured a new couple in which it's not exactly new though now that they already debuted in 'Remember How We Met' back at 2015 - in fact the couple from that VN (Risa x Miya) was first appeared in Sono Hanabira 11. For more info, it was already had the fan project back at Yuri Project and I already knew that they planned to sell the translation to Mangagamer, also the fact that actually the translator himself (Ralen) was already involved with the official localization of Nyuu Jene so perhaps Sono Hanabira 11 localized by Mangagamer was forgone conclusion.

As for Supipara, at least they finally managed to reach 200,000 sales which mean that they should be prepared for Chapter 2 (ie Peace Story) release in which it will be more focused on our half French tsundere Hotaru. As for Supipara itself, I think it's already well known that it was an ambitious project by minori that was failed because the development cost for that was too expensive, and for now we only had two stories (Smile (Chapter 1) and Peace (Chapter 2)) out of supposed five stories which of course was still incomplete considering that we missed 60% of the story. And since now that we had Chapter 2 announced, minori decided to announced additional goal for their fundraising in order to develop Chapter 3 (aka Passion Story) in which they need to bring the overall sales at 350,000 (ie they need to gather at least 150,000 to start the development). I would say that this method would be too slow if they really want to launch Supipara faster, but then again it might be only need two years perhaps if they managed to release Trinoline later and add the sales to fundraising (Would be still be very slow though). For now I would like to just wait and see as usual, although I won't expect much though.

For Rance announcements, I would say that this is actually good announcements. But I would say that Sengoku announcements was very redundant to me here, if only because we already had that fully translated for a long time ago mistakes aside. Besides, I think some people out there would be prefer that Mangagamer announced the new stuff instead of Sengoku because they already secured Rance license with Rance VI release. Well whatever float in Mangagamer's boat I guess, although to tell the truth I prefer Mangagamer (And Arunaru as the translator) got busy in Rance IX instead of this though, because to tell the truth I want to see of how Rance IX conclude one of the interesting subplot (You knew if you play Sengoku).

As for Rance Quest, it's good that they got the Magnum version because it was the improved version of Rance Quest. Also they got the old translator to work on this so it should be good, but then again it's quite inevitable though that the old translator (Tulip Goddess Maria) would work on this sooner or later. As for the premise, it's the continuation of Sengoku in which it would tell us of how Rance will tried his best to resolve his own problem, only to greeted by another problem because he was too reckless in regard of having sex (It's quite complicated to explain). Long story short, Rance decided to gathering the female that he sexed, and from there he was doing as he please while searching a way to solve his problem. As for the story, I'd heard that it was mostly quest based which mean that there will be no big war like VI or IX. Although the main point for this VN was apparently it's trying to resolve the side characters story from Rance which should be a lot considering that it was already out for 20 years. I'll be looking forward to this for now, even if the wasn't as epic as VI here.

I think that's all for what I could write in regard of Otakon here. See you next week (Or rather next VNTS Review).

PS - Forget to said that Subahibi was as expected managed to reach the goal at 80,000 at this week, although looks like they're gonna had a hard time though to reach 180,000.


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