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VN of the Month February 1994 - Dragon Knight 4



Dragon Knight 4 is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Bacta 2 The Resurrection of Bacta Bacta 2 The Resurrection of Bacta [940205] Himeya Soft 1
The sequel to Bacta directly continues the story initiated in the first game. The paranormal investigator Jinpachi Tanaka was unable to defeat the female demon Dirsala, and she intends to resurrect the mysterious magical creation known as Bacta. In order to prevent that Jinpachi must work together with the local police and his faithful assistance, all the while continuing to save young women from demonic possession in his own unique ways.
There was just one obscure japanese review on the game, so gave it a try for an hour. And it was totally like prequel. Same "noone knows about Bacta", same gags at every step, same cool black glasses protagonist. Game is based mostly on examining everything and execution of fun commands that are present at every screen like dance in the street or launch an earth-sky system missile and plot is secondary since you don't have real aim or directions - just click at everything till encounter some event at one of the locations - then repeat. Searching for flags was troublesome for me since you really need to bruteforce it. Once I went for 2nd round of clicking everything just because i needed to look around at the street to notice i'm being watched and advance plot. Unlike Bacta 1, here the story ends and that's why there's more satisfaction in it.


2. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 09 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第09話 [940210] Silence 1
In this episode Bass and Lime encounter a vaguely familiar little girl in a shopping mall. Shortly afterwards Lime is attacked by her archenemy W. Pegasus. Even Bass in his demonic form has trouble defeating the enemy, but the two receive unexpected help.
Fooling around is over now as the final approaches and old enemy shows up.


3. Ponkan ポンカン [940211] Ponytail Soft 1
Ponkan consists of three unrelated scenarios. In the first one a young private investigator attempts to unravel a sex-related conspiracy. The second scenario is set in medieval fantasy environment and focuses on two warrior sisters who got captured and thrown into a dungeon by monsters. Finally, the third scenario is dedicated to "sex fighting" between young women of various cultural backgrounds.
So multiple stories genre is still alive in 1994. But the essence of it stays intact - to put in bizarre H situations together.


4. Metamorph Meena メタモルミーナ [940218] Apple Pie 1
In "Metamorph Meena" the player controls Mai, a little girl who has a crush on an older boy who, naturally, doesn't pay any attention to her. But one day she meets two imp-like creatures, one of whom is Pal, the 153rd prince of a magical world called Dream Star, and the other his court magician Pul. The two turn Mai into an adult young woman, and she begins to explore her newly found sexuality...
I did not get far in the game due to nkpt glitch and anex86 inability to hook the game, so Mobygames article is all we've got.


5. Dragon Knight 4 Dragon Knight 4 [940225] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Set 15 years after Dragon Knight 3 our hero Takeru along with Luna has finally settled down. All is at peace untill word of a mysterious force from another time invades Takeru's world and request for his help along with his allies has been sent.
Takeru thinking it a good opportunity decides instead to send his son Kakeru on this adventure in his place.
In retaliation for Takeru's decision, his old comrade Baan(Rolf in the English version of Dragon knight 3) sends along his own son Seiru to accompany Kakeru.
With the torch passed from father to son will Kakeru and Seiru make their fathers proud?
There are a lot of English reviews.


6. Etsuraku no Gakuen 悦楽の学園 [940225] C's Ware 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Amamiya Gakuen, a secret pleasure garden prohibited to men, is the site of a investigator's disappearance. What has happened to her? Her friend Yumi, has sent someone to find out. Inside of the ALL-GIRLS high school, lies a variety of voluptuous leasures. Everyone is indulging in not only lesbian pleasures, but all sorts of other temptations. Yet there lies a horrific secret hidden behind Amamiya Gakuen's walls...
Game is localized and has multiple English reviews.


7. Jankirou 雀妃楼 [940225] Red Zone 1 2
Jankirō is an adult mahjong game. Only the four-player variant of the Chinese tile game is available. Player-controlled male protagonist can choose to travel through any of the three magical gates. Each gate contains five female mahjong opponents, from which the player must select three. The characters are united by themes: one gate leads to medieval characters and fantasy-themed creatures (a princess, a female elf, etc.); another contains exotic characters from past cultures or fetishes (including a woman wearing Nazi uniform); the last gate accommodates more regular young woman with specific biographies.
I've no words for strip mahjong.


8. Floppy Bunko 24 - Sadistic Gamers Syndrome - Episode 2 フロッピー文庫24 サディスティックゲーマーズシンドローム エピソード2 [940226] Sixteens 1
You play as a student who is having trouble with his studies. Lucky for you, your teacher is willing to give you a supplemental lesson. If you’re smart enough, this lesson can turn into sex.
There is an English review.


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