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VN of the Month March 1994 - Mirage 2 - Torry x Neat x Roan no Daibouken



Mirage 2 - Torry x Neat x Roan no Daibouken is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Mirage 2 - Torry x Neat x Roan no Daibouken ミラージュ2 トリーXニートXローンの大冒険 [940309] Discovery 1 2
The sequel to Mirage is set in the same world and features some recurrent characters, although the protagonist and the story are different. The main character is a young monster hunter named Etranze. He needs to slay a certain amount of monsters to reach a higher level, but meanwhile is struggling to be accepted among other heroes. This changes when he befriends Torry, Neat, and Roan, the three lovely ladies who work (of all places) in the local church. Soon Etranze is summoned by queen Irene, who sends him on a quest to find a magical artifact that will save her kingdom from great peril.
You travel with the youngest of sisters Tree only as your support. A very solid user-friendly RPG with a good balance. Quite simple in systems, but that may be only for the best. Story scale is large and there's lots of depth, so the game sets a very high level standard for future RPGs. A masterpiece, of course.


2. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 10 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第10話 [940310] Silence 1
In this episode Lime, Bass, Mizuki and Kokona travel to the countryside. The girls decide to visit the hot tub, leaving Bass outside. A friendly BEM from a previous encounter appears and suggests that its kind may be used by the heroes to further their goals.
More fooling around before the final! And it was high time for a fanservice episode, so here you go a hot springs episode. And the result is three monster jewels at once.


3. LIKE [940311] Ange
Hero is summoned from America by his father and forcibly put into all girls school to find a bride.
After releasing "Kiss" Ange got a lot of attention. And Ange had really cute character designs. There are only three commands to choose from, so system-wise it's a step back from "Kiss". There are all kinds of girls, but need to choose just one and turn everyone else down. But if decision is made, game goes right to ending and that was weird. The only bright point is actually the ending where you get to see the afterstories of each of girls you dumped. So it's a charage through and through, and rather mediocre one.


4. Viper-V10 [940311] Sogna 1 2
The third Viper has the same structure as the two previous entries: three unrelated stories with little interaction, but many animated sex scenes.
The stories this time are:
Northern Lights describes a competition between two young apprentices of kendo. The protagonist, a young boy, is challenging the girl Asuka, who claims to be better than him. He needs to practice in order to win, especially because Asuka promised him she will do whatever he wants if he defeats her...
Children's Play tells the story of a teenage girl named Yuki, who is in love with an older school mate. One morning she goes to school, only to discover that someone has made pictures of her masturbating to the boy's photo...
Read Under follows the adventures of a team of three female soldiers who have to infiltrate the base of an evil robot simply known as "Boss". One of them is captured, and the other two have to save her at all costs.
There is an English review and it's more than enough for a collection of short animated H stories.


5. Fechi ふぇち [940318] Cat's Pro. 1
Feti is a short game that doesn't have a real plot; its entire text is a conversation between two "office ladies" (sometimes shortened in Japanese language usage to "OL"), Eri and Kazumi. They chat mostly about men, clothes, and sex. The conversation develops, until the two young women begin to get intimate with each other.
Game focuses on several fetishes at once including peeping fetish, of course. It's definitely an unusual game, but it's only two diskettes, so the lack of contents does not let it to pretend for something more.


6. Possessioner ポゼッショナー [940318] Queen Soft 1 2
he year is 2035. A series of mysterious incidents began to occur in Tokyo. Young women disappeared under strange circumstances, and returned brainwashed, commanding armies of bionic monsters and assaulting human settlements. Such women were called "Possessioners". A special all-female squad was formed to face them in combat and bring them back to humanity.
Game has a cool SF setting and CG, but actually it feels more like an eroge with the systems akin to Choukou Sennin Haruka. You constantly fight with your 4-girl team and watch lesbo scenes after each fight with the lost side. Fights are actually very challenging, so need to know well the strong sides of each girl and eliminate weaker enemies very fast. So it's pretty much a lesbian eroge, but the first to originate from battle rpg mix.


7. Injuu Gakuen ~La Blue Girl~ 淫獣学園 ~La★Blue Girl~ [940324] Dez Climax 1 2
Miko was just an ordinary Japanese teenager attending the prestigious private Himenogi Girls High School. Everything began to change when she witnessed two of her classmates making love to each other. While taking part in various sexual activities, Miko gradually realizes that supernatural demonic forces have taken control of the school.
Based on manga by Toshio Maeda.
La blue girl is probably the most famous hentai franchise. There's a good English review of it.


8. Emit Vol. 1: Toki no Maigo EMIT Vol.1: 時の迷子 [940325] Koei 1 2 3
Emit is an adventure game that is the first entry of Shibusawa Kou's "English Dream" series. The purpose behind the projects was to teach Japanese people the English language with the help of a thrilling narrative.
On October 5, 1994, a seventeen year old high school student named Yuri meets a polite yet mysterious elderly gentleman at the crosswalk. Although puzzled by his questions, she answers them honestly to the best of her ability. As Yuri walks across the street, she hears the man mutter the word "Emit" to her. Yuri thinks nothing of the conversation until an oddly familiar yet attractive young man approaches her a month later on the street.
There are English reviews.


9. Yami no Ryousen 闇の稜線 [940325] Illusion
A car fell from the cliff and its driver is heavily wounded. He lies on the side of the cliff bleeding and awaiting his last seconds to tick. The driver wakes up in the house bandaged, but with a light memory loss. He was found and helped by a local family. First thing he gets to remember is that he went on a trip to ask Mayumi's father for marriage permission. But at the moment that he arrived, villa got attacked. Mayumi was raped and killed. He discovers from the newspaper that he is the main suspect and now it's the time to go undercover and find out the truth.
The game actually starts as main hero lies on the cliff and it's by the end of it when he goes to uncover the truth. It's a suspense mystery story so during villa attack memory flash it's important to take notes to take a trail. But at the same time it's also a borderline work with strong NTR motive. Scenario alone has a lot of impact, but the game system here is absolutely outstanding as well. There aren't commands like watch, talk etc. Instead, there is a set of commands unique for each scene. Some of them are needed to be repeated at times. Another surprising feature is animation - it's not just eyes and lips, but also other parts of body, which is rare. At times text takes full screen as NVL, but most of the time it's kept compact in the right down corner. I really wanted to like this first Illusion game, but it ended up a nukige with some plot as side-dish. I struggled through first three scenes during the first hour of play, but when the heavily wounded hero regains consciousness only to see the hostess riding on top of him I lost all the hope in the story.


10. Floppy Bunko 25 - Sadistic Gamers Syndrome - Episode 3 フロッピーブンコ25 サディスティックゲーマーズシンドローム エピソード3 [940326] Sixteens
Remake of Sadistic Gamers Part 3 Telephone Play
No point bothering over remakes, and it is a remake according to link.


11. Emit Vol. 2: Inochigake no Tabi EMIT Vol.2: 命がけの旅 [9403] Koei 1 2
After Yuri's friend Outa Ichirou tells her that he met her the other day, even though Yuri hasn't seen Ichirou for a year, it becomes clear that a dimensional doppelganger is trying to steal her identity.
There is at least one English review.


12. Emit Vol. 3: Watashi ni Sayonara o EMIT Vol.3: 私にさよならを [9403] Koei 1 2
Ichirou and Yuri's mother start getting suspicious of the doppelganger, not to mention that Yuri's return wrecks her plans to steal her identity.
There is at least one English review.

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