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Arietta the Rain Woman Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (06/17/2017)

For the title, since we had Arietta from Symphonic Rain was together with Chris I decided to gave Arietta the title 'The Rain Woman' because it's called Symphonic Rain after all lol (I knew it isn't raining in the CG). Or if you want to be more precise it's because of Arietta's seiyuu (Mai Nakahara, Moogy's favorite seiyuu by the way) was also voiced Juvia back at Fairy Tail (Also Rena from Higurashi franchise and Nagisa from Clannad), who also had the title 'The Rain Woman'. So I decided to give a seiyuu joke for the title this week, and with title matter done welcome to my belated VNTS Review for this week. As for this week, the release of Symphonic Rain was good enough to me although if I may give my opinion objectively, it's actually quite redundant because we already had the translation from back at 2010 iirc. But it's still nice though that we finally had it officially localized there. Other than Symphonic Rain official release, this week was had less usual updates from fan translation and also one important announcement. For now let's see what this week had, shall we.

For Sekai, there's no updates from them although there's Hoshimemo Kickstarter though in which it was gathered around 69,000 with 65 hours left (So maybe Eternal Heart was impossible, although there's always last burst though in which it might be possible to reach 75,000 for Eternal Heart). From JAST, there's also a statement that apparently right now they finished translating Katahane remake and right now they're editing and QC-ing it. While it sounds good, considering that it's JAST I think it's still impossible if we expect 2017 release from them (They expect that Katahane remake will be released at 2017 back at last year AX iirc). So I think it's better to expect some delay from them if I may suggest here, although to be fair delay was quite common though in regard of game release. Oh, an by the way it's confirmed that Flower Summer episode was still at around halfway translated, so it'll be impossible as well like Katahane to expect 2017 release if we looking at how JAST work on VN Translation in the past. 

Fan Translation

As for fan translation here, first of all we had usual updates from both of nukige. For Sansha Mendan right now it was at three quarter translated (75.8% translated), while for Venus Blood Chimera it was at 37% as of now (Once again I didn't care for those two, but nonetheless good luck to those two projects there). For Majokoi looks like there's some incident that caused the QC progress dropped significantly so right now it was at 28.8% QC-ed for the new QC progress, although it might better expect the progress may change in the future. By the way as for the incident I could think several reason for that, but right now I definitely not in the mood to using Penelope's Web reasoning like Mr Poltroon did. So once gain in regard of Majokoi I'll just wait and see here. For Koiken Otome fandisc, I admit that the percentage was hard to see but actually it had some progress and right now 1,644 lines was translated (Or to be exact Shiho's route was at one third (33%) translated). We also had Konora Restoration project was finished the translation with only two scripts left to edit, and after that it's QC and make a patch so maybe it'll be released in near future (Hopefully).

For the rest of usual updates, right now we had Eustia in which it was at almost 16% (15.94%) translated with Fione's arc was at a quarter translated, 9.90% edited with common arc was fully edited, and 9.09% TLC-ed (With Eris's arc was at 8.19% TLC-ed and common arc was at 87.01% TLC-ed). About Loverable, as usual they still give some nice updates and right now it was at almost three quarter translated (74.33% translated), 43.64% TLC-ed, and one fifth (20.37%) TLC-ed. For more detail in regard of Loverable translation progress, right now Chinatsu route was finished the translation progress and they started working on Nanako's route which right now it was at 19% translated. For the last update from fan translation, we had Tsurezure released Tsujidou common route patch which translated the first part of the common route here and unfortunately there's no progress at this week (Hopefully there'll be at next week). About the patch, they want to do some experiment in regard of the slang translation so it might be good to get if you curious about that.

I think that's all for the fan translation section.


As for this section, other than after-mentioned Symphonic Rain there's Libra in which they already got the release date. The new release date for Libra was at June 20th according to this Kickstarter update. So perhaps it'll be good if one already did looking forward to buying that on Steam, although one should be wary about the translation though because it was quite bad and some user complaint about that here. Apparently it was just some moege mixed with chuunige although it's had better ratio to chuunige though compared to Koiken Otome, but if I may give some suggestion here it would be better don't expect Dies Irae caliber chuunige from Libra.

For Symphonic Rain, once again we did had fan translated release at 2010 according to VNDB so actually it was quite redundant release once again. Despite that, this is actually official release in which was available through Steam. With this release done, maybe we'll gonna see more Kogado VN at Steam in the future if Degica managed to keep the pattern for years to come. But then again, it could be wrong though if we talk about the prediction there. As for the VN itself, it should be very obvious if one talk about that because it's already well known with VN fan, and of course was already discussed several times. Anyway, the fame of Symphonic Rain itself was came from the music itself which apparently was quite good and most importantly it was also had rhythm minigame there. For my last word in regard of Symphonic Rain, my condolence to the composer Ritsuko Okazaki who actually already dead back at this VN release (2004) and the music in Smyphonic Rain was her last works to be precise.

That's all for this week, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


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