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A Gunwoman Hugging Her Handler Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (06/10/2017)

First of all, sorry for this week title which is very simple. It should be obvious what's my title mean, a gunwoman (Rena from Phantom Trigger) hugging Haruto who is also her handler (Same age as Rena too). Well, welcome to this week VNTS Review which to tell the truth didn't had any notable release here after Dies Irae, although we still get updates though. And since right now we had Phantom Trigger head image, might as well tell that it was confirmed that the English version for the Volume 3 of it (Will telling us of Touka's dark backstory) would be out at July 28th which is the same release date as Japanese version. Before going to updates here, let me tell that right now Hoshimemo Kickstarter managed to gathered funds at 63,330.

As for this updates here, so far this week wasn't a lot here although of course there should be some updates that might be interesting for some people. So let's see what updates that we had for this week, starting from Mangagamer because right now they bring some updates here. For the updates here, we had Hapymaher was reaching 80% translated and past three quarter (76%) edited for the first one. Next we had Hashihime at 62% translated and 10% edited, Naked Butler was fully retranslated and 67% edited, Sideboob was at 94% translated, Imopara 2 was at 80% edited, Kuroinu Chapter 2 was fully edited, Maggot Bait was at 37% translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 69% translated and 44% edited, Boukaku was about to entering beta testing, and Sorcery Joker was fully translated.

As for the secret projects, the 2nd was at 78% translated and 52% edited, the 3rd was at 60% translated and 58% edited, and the 4th was at 89% edited. By the way, I still think that all the remaining four secret projecys might be nukige although perhaps I might be wrong there. Oh, Mangagamer will released Rance VI hardcopy at July 7th so if you inyerested with that go ahead and order it. That's all for Mangagamer updates at this week.

For fan translation, once again we still had some usual updates here although of course it's still good that we had updates here. For the updates we had Eustia was at 15.62% translated with some progress at Fione's arc and 8.71% TLC-ed. There's also Loverable in which they had their own chart who gives update at every hour, and for the updates here we had Loverable was at 72.57% translated, 20.2% edited, and 43.27% TLC-ed. As for Majokoi, there's some very slight updates in translation progress (86.9% translated) although perhaps we need to wait dor a while here if one want to look some real number. Oh, and right now Koiken Otome fandisc was at 6% (Or 1,563 lines to be precise) translated.

Other than those updates there's also Sukiuso which give the first update after a while (43.2% translated), Clover Days Anzu's route was at 63% translated, and Sayooshi in which that it did already has some update for a while although I keep forgetting it (It was at 42.2% translated). Speaking about my forgotten projects, actually there's two although it's just nukige though which to said not my priority to keep the eyes on it. The projects were Sansha Mendan which was translated by our Quof with the progress was at 69.16% translated and 67% edited, and Venus Blood Chimera which also incorporate some gameplay and was released the 2nd partial patch just recently (The progress was at 35% translated by the way). Perhaps I'll keep my eyes on those two nukige from now on.

For last updates from fan translation here, there's a surprisingly early updates from Tsurezure in regard of Tsujidou in which right now they managed to fully translated the first part of common route (The overall progress was at 13.05% translated). While this is a good news indeed, there's also some bad news that namely Trip (The translator) will be busy so he wouldn't be able to translate until 18th so maybe there'll be no update for Tsujidou at next week. But we also had a good news there namely that Tsurezure will release the partial patch that'll be translated the first part of common route, and they'll try to release it before 18th so there'll be something to look forward if you like Tsujidou (Although I would like to just wait and see here as usual).

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


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