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Draculius+ Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (06/24/2017)

About the title, because we had Libra release I figured that I'll do Blood+ parody only this time we had Draculius+ from Draculius VN instead, because Libra producer himself was work at that VN (As the producer too of course) along with Fujisaki Ryuta (Grisaia franchise) as the main writer. Although the producer might be the same people, I heard that apparently there'll be some difference between Draculius and Libra itselves because Libra was lacking Fujisaki as the writer. Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week, and about Libra translation issue let's just say that I didn't really want to discuss about it too much here because that topic was too divisive here. Back to the topic here, this week we had some less than usual updates here although this week we had many release though, especially from fan translation section. Let's see what update that we had for this week, along with the releases.

As for Sekai Project, first of all congratulation for successfully gathered 75,000 for the Eternal Heart. As for the release date for Hoshimemo, I think what we could do for now is that just wait and see there. Other than successful Kickstarter, this week we also had fault prequel (Silence the Pendant) demo released so you may try that if you interested, although I prefer that they released side:below ie the sequel though. Oh well.


This week we also had Mangagamer biweekly updates. As for the updates here, we got Hashihime was at 64% translated and 14% edited (Minakami's route was completed and Kawase's route was almost completed), Hapymaher at 82% translated, Naked Butler was fully edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 72% translated, Imopara 2 was at 92% edited, Maggot Bait was at 39% translated, Sideboob was fully translated, and Trinoline was at a quarter translated (Also 3% edited). They also had some secret projects as usual in which the 2nd was at 84% translated and 53% edited, the 3rd was at 64% translated and 61% edited, and the 4th was fully edited in which it mean that there's 2 incomplete secret projects now.

As for Boukaku, right now it was in the middle of the testing along with Suki Suki and Evangile W. For the last news here, actually this was not from Mangagamer themselves but rather it was from Doddler. It was about Bokuten in which apparently Doddle was already started the porting as the video at this tweet show (Enjoy the video there). Also he said that he expect that Bokuten would be out before the end of the year at his Curious Cat, so I think it'll be out at least in 2017 preferrably as Christmas release from Mangagamer. That's all for Mangagamer at this week.

Fan Translation

This week we had good news and bad news from releases. The good news is that we had several VNs releases from one person, and the bad news is that the VNs in question weren't big title. The VNs in question was Harvest December in which it was already had English version for iOS apparently, and this time we also had PC version was translated. In relation with Harvest December, there's also the translation for the side media of those VNs as well. Well, I would say that it was quite nice dedication from the translator himself, although too bad though that I wasn't interested with those VNs in the first place. About the translator, George Henry Shaft or GHS, he was quite a controversial translator in which he tried to created some non sensical book and translated the VNs that he was refrenced in his book. I would say that if he did translate a big title or at least well known like Denwalts did with 11eyes, maybe people would appreciate him more imo. In the end I would like to say have fun to anyone else who play Harvest December series here (If any). Oh, and GHS also had released the translation for another VN here although it didn't had any relation with Harvest December though.

For one more release here, we also had Monster Girl Quest Paradox part one patch here. If I talk about Monster Girl Quest here, my impression here would be that the VN was had story that wouldn't be out of place in any normal old RPG, and it's supposed to make us enjoying the MC would be raped by monster girl (Well, I prefer to avoid all the scenes if possible because the H art was quite bad if I may blunt). I couldn't tell much about the story here, although apparently it's had some difference with normal trilogy and supposed to improve the RPG element. It's still incomplete though if we talk about the translation because there's untranslated Chapter 2, but if you want more Monster Girl Quest might as well try that.

As for the updates, we had Eustia at 10.23% edited, Sansha Mendan was passing three quarter (75.82%) translated, Venus Blood Chimera was at 39.5% translated, Shiho's route from Koiken Otome fandisc was at 36% (1,751 lines) translated, and Anzu's route from Clover Days was at 71% translated. For this week Majokoi was had extremely crazy boost from QC number in which it was at past halfway QC-ed (50.79%), and apparently this time it was solid number according to the translator ie only reading the scripts so I'll keep the translator words here (There's also slight progress from the translation (87.48%) and editing (85.1%) at this week). Of course there's also another update from Loverable, in which right now they managed to past three quarter mark (75.39%) translated with Nanako's was at past a quarter (25.28%) translated, 44.3% edited, and 20.71% TLC-ed. Didn't care about both of Utawarerumono portable and Fate Hollow voice insert, so I'll pass those two.

That's all for this section.


As for this section, we only had Libra release here which unfortunately had some problem with the translation once again. I wouldn't talk about the bad translation issue here seeing that Dergonu was already opened his thread, and I think it was more than enough if you want to talk about the sticky issue itself.

As for the VN itself, actually it was quite interesting that the developer at that time was trying a new thing with vampire chuunige. For more info here, the company behind Libra (Onomatopea) was usually only produce something like moege or harem VN, so apparently MOKA (The producer) there was attempted to make the 2nd Draculius and here we had Libra the Vampire Princess. Oh, even if I said that this is vampire chuunige it's still had mostly slice of life element though according to Clephas. Which mean that the lines was probably wouldn't too hard to read if one read it in Japanese, and therefore quite easy to read. Oh, and about Mikandi here they might be nice people who quite responsive to hear the backer alright, but in the end it's their final product that matter though imo. Well, have fun for reading Libra there or maybe have fun for finding out more mistake at Libra out there lol.

That's all for this week, and I'll add Tsujidou update here later. See you next week.

PS - As promised I'll deliver Tsujidou progress here. Right now they currently translated the common route, and it was at 71.07% translated with overall was at 17.5% translated. As for the plan, Urrim (Tsurezure's editor) said that they'll go with Ai's (The main heroine) route first, then Maki's, Saeko's (Onee-san heroine, and a short extra route), and finally Renna's. I could think the reason although it might be wrong, so I'll just hold up my theory until Tsurezure said the reason for now.

PPS - There's also Seabed translation progress which announced one day after VNTS, and right now it was at 70% translated.

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Draculius is actually several levels deeper than Libra...  if they had done to a Draculius translation what they did with the Libra one, I probably would have written a ten page rant on my blog.

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