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Otome Domain



Well, this is the first June's releases I've dug into, and it was an... interesting experience. 

This VN is a thematic trap protagonist VN that is fully voiced.  I say it is 'thematic' because all the heroines share the same general quality/direction... to be specific, they are all from the 'ponkotsu ojousama' sub-archetype.  Rich girls who are cute and generally nice to look at... and have an overwhelmingly high number of seeming irredeemable flaws. 

Kazari, the VN's main heroine, is perhaps the most obvious of the three...  from the very first.  For about ninety-percent of the people who play this VN, the first scene of this will decide whether you immediately drop the VN or continue on.  In fact, Kazari is the reason why I think the ratings on vndb tend to be either near the top or the bottom of the scale.  While the protagonist resigns himself to her... eccentricities, I seriously considered dropping this VN during the first scene of the game.

Yuzu... is a more classic type.  She looks like a yamato nadeshiko (ideal of the Japanese woman leftover from the pre-war era) on the surface, but underneath she is a glutton with an inordinate fondness for the smelliest foods on the planet who will eat just about anything (in massive amounts). 

Hinata is a straight-out chuunibyou heroine.  The only difference between her and the other chuunibyou heroines who have been produced en masse in the last few years is that she is also an ojousama, lol.

The protagonist in this VN is the best type of trap protagonist... the one who can do just about anything and everything better than everyone else around him.  The fact that he settles into the role of taking care of the three girls like a sharp-tongued mother figure who nonetheless spoils them rotten is the biggest ongoing joke of the game in my mind.  That he is fully-voiced means that this is one of those rare VNs where you have that element of characterization to add to the protagonist.  Otherwise, he is your classic trap protagonist, who is girlier than the heroines but wants to think he is manly, lol.

This VN's paths aren't terribly unique... except in the case of Kazari, where the actual path to her and the protagonist becoming lovers takes some really queer turns.  However, taken for what they are, they are definitely at the higher levels for their types.  This is your classic charage setup, where all drama is relatively minor and resolved in a way that doesn't leave a bad aftertaste behind.  It is executed well enough that it doesn't feel like the writers wasted my time, but not so well that this will be one of the VNs I remember permanently, lol.

Overall, when it comes down to it, this is just a thematic charage with some added elements (such as a fully-voiced protagonist and some weird heroines) that make it rise above the other ones like it out there.  However, it is amusing and generally enjoyable... if you can get past Kazari's personal habits.


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