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Majo Koi Nikki TL Weekly Update 4: 11% Translated



Hello guys. Fourth weekly update. This'll be a short one compared to the others. Basically the progress has been steady this whole week and things are progressing nicely. If you haven't seen our plans for the prologue patch in our project thread I'll just copy-paste what I wrote there here:

"We decided to release a patch of the first 4298 lines of the game, which is essentially the real prologue of the game (until the OP pops up). Qoobrand released two trial versions. The first of those trials covers exactly that amount of lines until the OP, so we'll release the patch among with the trial version (which is completely free, we will set up a download button in our website for it) so you guys can experience what would be essentially a piece of the final work and what should you expect of our complete patch. Expect also the game's interface translated too."

The prologue is almost completely translated (It'll probably be finished this week, no promises though) and I've resumed editing again since I'm on summer vacation now (yay). Fred has also started editing on his side. We have very similar writing styles and I do think our difference won't be noticeable. Darbury has started proofreading on his end and TLC is progressing nicely as well. We'll start looking for QC's once the prologue has been completely polished by both the Editors and the Proofreader. Anyways, that's everything I can say on my end. Have a nice day everybody.


TL: From 7% to 11% - (4303/40394)
Edit: From 3% to 5% - (2039/40394)

Proofread Prologue Scripts: (6/20)



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