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Girls' Tale Review - Top 10 Best Rated Visual Novels Translated in 2020

Quite a crazy year that we have in regard of 2020, especially with pandemic and all here. Anyway just like previous best rated VNs list I'll list what's translated VNs that we have in 2020 here, and the rules are still the same in that I won't list nukige (So no Fanbag Fantasy Sideboob 2 or Escalayer despite the former surprisingly quite well received for a big breast nukige and I like the magical girl aspect from the latter), BL, fandisc (So no Aokana EXTRA1 and Miagete FD), partial translated

Baldr Rhythm Review - Top 10 Best Rated Visual Novels Translated in 2019

Since it's already 2020 which mean the year was already changed, I figure that I should make my list for best rated translated VNs from back at 2019. I know that people here might not agree with my list here seeing that they have their own best VNs list there, but still it should be fine if I give my own list here. Once again the rule is still the same in that I wouldn't list nukige (So no Venus Blood Frontier here even though I like it), otome, BL, fandisc, and partial translated VNs (No Rhapso
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