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Game idea for hirring

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sorry for the lame title but I didn't know what I should write for title.


So like the title said I would like to help somebody with game idea like which somebody don't have Ida for KN/VN game I can help with that.

since I have many idea in my head and since I cant make myself KN/VN game.

but I'm doing this for free since I don't have any money.


so which somebody need help with KN/VN game idea ask me for help.

I would gladly help you.


Best Regards '



P.S. sorry which this are wrong thread I was not sure where I should post this thread so be free to move this thread to right thread.

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After think for awaile I have some idea for somebody to use and I hope there like my idea.

Plattform engine: Ren'py or others


Setting: Morden day and school life.

Genre: Romance, Friendship, drama, betrayle and jealousy

Game info: Ryu Tanaka are 16 years old highschool student so goes to Mirage Acedemy school for gifted student self at he is not one Of them.

He was lucky enough to transfer to this school Thanks to full schoolarships.

Because Of that he is looked down on others and its not popular until one day Myumi Takami so are counsil vice president annoucend at Mirage Acedemy school its going to take student so are not gifted like Ryu.

Some months after that so transfer new student at this school so won full schoolarships her name are Hinata Hinaba and When she sees Ryu, she suddenly kissed Ryu before everyone.

Why did Hinata suddenly kiss Ryu? Does Hinata know Ryu from somewhere? And Why did Myumi suddenly annoucend that news?

Well Ryu school life suddenly become more intressing.


Ryu Tanaka are 16 years old and his personanlty are Tsundere.

He like to hang out with his friends and read books.

Hinata Hinaba are 16 years old and her personanlty are dedere.

She is very engertic and smart.

She likes to cook and drawing.

Myumi Takami are 17 years old and her personanlty are morden Tsundere.

She is Mirage Acedemy school counsil vice president.

She is very smart and have IQ around 100+.

That was my first game idea and I hope somebody want to use it and sorry for at I didnt draw the characther I suck at drawing.

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