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How can I make higurashi voice patch?


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HI guys.

I am really big fan of Higurashi no naku ni

So I downloaded the game(ps2 graphic version) and vnds and had coverted it.


but it doesn't have voice.


now I have got Hisurashi Matsuri(ps2 iso) and pcsx2 so I can play with voice through pcsx2's voice with english pc version.


but I'd like make the pc version get the voice and I got the opportunity seeing the onikakushi voice patch version or rei voice patch version


but I'm dunno.


but I'm ready to learn all you'd teach with pleasure.


just tell me the ways. So I'll spend my all time and make the voice patch. 


thanks for hearing me. it would be really helpful to watch your lesson.

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There's no good way to automate it, apparently, so anyone who does a patch would have to manually add each voice to each line, making sure each one is correct. Anyways, it's not something we can just quickly teach you to do, otherwise the patch would have been made already.

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If you want to make a voice patch you're better off waiting until Mangagamer releases the new translation of Higurashi since the engine it's using is probably going to be easier to work with, and if it isn't you're going to have to redo all your work again anyway unless you only want the version with the worse translation to be voiced.


You should probably also wait until the new ps3 port is out (Higurashi no naku Koro ni Sui) since Matsuri isn't entirerly compatible with the pc version of Higurashi. It is missing some scenes (or at least one) from the first three arcs since they were selected depending on your choices in a common route instead of being separate. Sui is however is going to have a scenario menu so it will have all voices it should have. Matsuri also doesn't have Matsuribayashi at all and has another final arc instead. And while Kizuna (ds) has Matsuribayashi none of the ds games are fully voiced. But with Sui we'll finally have full voices for Matsuribayashi.

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