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  1. there's nothing wrong with the voice patch.The PSP port added voice for Yuichi,but only for some scenes(like how Takeru is only voiced in some scenes in Muv-Luv.After all,VN protagonists are usually unvoiced),and they also re-recorded all of Shiori's lines with her second voice-actress from the anime(the original one from the Dreamcast version had retired by that point,and they wanted consistency with the voices from the 2006 anime.)
  2. I can't even uninstall it!when I try to go to uninstall,it says: "invalid start mode:archive filename". HELP!
  3. my drivers update automatically,so,yeah.
  4. I'm starting to play,but it has no sound!sometimes sound shows up for two second and then it's back to no sound.I'm using the latest patches plus the Restoration ones. Any help here,please?
  5. I want to start Air but I know there are two different translations to get and so,which one is recommended?I've looked it up and it seems people are divided about which is better.
  6. if Dies Irae gets banned or censored in Germany,can't you just buy a Steam key from another country?Bully was banned in my country for years and couldn't be bought on Steam or PSN(though as of recently recently they finally lifted the ban) and since a government has no place to demand me what I should or should not play,I said "fuck you" and bought a Steam key elsewhere.
  7. it's nice how they are quick to give the Steam keys to backers.Meanwhile,there are people still waiting for their Mighty No. 9 keys.People should look at that before generalizing that everyone is ill-intentioned if they use Kickstarter. We have gotten Grisaia,Clannad,and Muv-Luv on Steam(and the consequences of that are getting more VNs on Steam.Hell,we are getting the extra contents of Clannad and Tomoyo After translated for the first time thanks to that.),and they were all great quality releases thanks to Kickstarter,unlike MN9,which delivered a mediocre game after 4 million bucks and m
  8. of course it's amazing,that's Wesker from Resident Evil and Legion from Mass Effect playing Zero!
  9. kinda surreal how much hentai Navi from Zelda Ocarina of Time has done...
  10. Ace Attorney Zero Escape series Higurashi Muv-Luv they all did quite an impact
  11. finally. I just hope all the stress this game caused does't stop JAST to try and bring Cross Days to finish the trilogy or any other game with risky content.
  12. Holy Shit,it's selling more than a GTA,a Call of Duty and Counter-Strike game at the moment...Who could have ever dreamed this could happen until recently?I mean,I knew it would sell well on Steam thanks to the anime's popularity (remember that the Clannad is amongst the highest rated anime in major sites like ANN and MAL ever since its debut in 2008.),but THAT far?Even in Japan a VN is niche,but now its selling higher than juggernaut games likes GTA and CoD?Granted,that doesn't mean Clannad is selling more copies than GTA V or CoD,but still...
  13. the patch to restore Kokoro's scenes is never gonna happen,isn't it?It's been two months now...
  14. other developers have pulled this crap before.You would think SP would learn that the only thing they would gain by doing this themselves is getting a really bad exposure by Jim Sterling...
  15. so,how did they handle Kokoro's route,exactly?did they cut just the sex scenes or her entire route is blocked?
  16. you do know there are native english speakers who have been living and working for years in Japan as translators that have probably dominated the Japanese language,right?At least,I hope that's the case...
  17. I still hope they release a PS3 port.It's already done and they would just need to throw the translation in.
  18. the games haven gotten All-Ages versions in Japan,they will probably use just that,which added more voiced lines for Takeru,extra CGs,extra endings and more facial animations for the characters. Hell,the 18+ version of Alternative didn't even have CG gallery nor Chapter Select.They added those for the All-Ages version.
  19. I'm not being impatient.I just found it weird when they kept said about the date.Then again,I haven't been following the prefundia,so there's that.
  20. so...where is the Kickstarter?I recall them saying it should be up on the first week of September...we are already past that and they are still silent about the Kickstarter's date...
  21. which is why it is still getting new games released,including two VNs this year:Xblaze Lost Memories and Steins Gate, right? So,yeah,I believe there's still room for a PS3 and if they plan stretch goals to fund the production of ports that don't exist yet,why not funding the localization of an already done port?Having the two main Muv-Luv games on all three current main Sony systems on the west would be awesome.
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