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I downloaded Duel Savior recently, and was having a grand old time slashing monsters into oblivion. And then I had to switch accounts on the computer, so I pulled it out my old account's ass and put it into the new account. Unfortunately, now roughly 6 of my VNs have stopped working. While I am working on fixing some, I'm quite stumped here. Especially because the error message is in Japanese. GODFUCKINGDAMMIT.


Anyways, here's a pic.


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Can we bring this alive again? I've spent about 2 days trying different ways of getting this game to work and my conclusion? This game is one of the most hellish things to play. I have windows 7 so it isn't the windows 8 issue and i just got the voice1.pac fix so it won't be that, hopefully but now i can't test that hypothesis because whenever i try and run the game the loading image pops up...then goes away then comes back and then vanishes once again and continues like this in an infinite loop until i log off my pc. so please help me with this I'd like to play this.


Edit: It appears to work after applying the patch for some reason. so for now nevermind.

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