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Does anyone know how to install Touma Kojirou's Detective Files? I can't install it even if I have the patch and crack. how do i get it work? please

i download that game in here

i've try to install the game and palyed it, i don't see any trouble in my PC.,

maybe you just forgot to take the crack into the folder game?? or forgot to set japanese app locale??

what you need is patch.xp3 (This patch fixes crashing and few other bugs.), and Crack Game

I Just download the crack, and get Notepad,

I hope this can help you :)

Patch contents information:

Original Touma.exe was protected with SoftDenchi. SoftDenchi encrypted data.xp3, this is the decrypted version.


1. Install from "Touma Kojirou's Detective File Installer.exe" or extract the following files from it using 7-Zip while keeping the paths as they are:





The rest of the files are either part of installer, DRM, are encrypted or are unneeded for running the unmolested game.

2. Extract Touma.exe and data.xp3 from this archive into the same folder you extracted or installed the game in.

3. You should also copy the official patch.xp3 in the same folder, otherwise the game will only work in Japanese locale.

4. Play the game by running Touma.exe.

5. Enjoy!

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