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game starts but there is no window.

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I recently started getting back into Eroge and started playing this series, "巨乳家族催眠 「家族なんだから、セックスするのは当たり前よね……」" it installs just fine, and even starts but no window opens. I can hear the voice of one of the characters speaking, likely a startup window, but no window, and the application is open on the task bar, I just can't see anything. I've already exhausted my options, region and formats are set to Japanese, latest language pack is downloaded, started the app in administration, and in compatibility mode. Any advice would be welcome.

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This one right https://vndb.org/v12796 ?

I am unable to duplicate your issue. The game works fine on Windows 10 21H2 x64 for me after using a JPN locale emulator using an nvidia graphics card and SVGA graphics. It did not need any compatibility settings, or the region itself changed. Just the locale emulator was enough, but the game launched (with corrupted characters displaying) even without the locale emulator being used. What OS are you using? What GPU are you using?

It does ask for configuration options on first launch and will not work properly without clicking past that? Do you perhaps have two monitors or something? It might have launched on the second monitor even if you disconnected it at some point. Some software is quirky that way sometimes. Reconnecting that monitor would allow you to move the window back to the main monitor if this obscure situation applies.

You can get the game to refresh its display settings by deleting its save data folder. At that point, it should ask you to run through through setup again. There was a report that hitting the Escape key twice selects uses the default options, but so does just saying "no" twice.

The only thing I can think of that might be causing your issue if the above did not work is intel Arc graphics cards. Those are known to have compatibility problems with all software, including visual novels. If that is the case, a graphics driver update might help, but only for Intel Arc cards. Nvidia/Intel integrated graphics/AMD Radeon graphics are usually stable at release in comparison.

Edit: Just as an afterthought, there are reports of Lune games not working on intel Arc, but there was no reported fix. You could try messaging them to see if they ever found a fix.

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