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House of Chavez - Kickstarter for a psychological visual novel / adventure game


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Hi everyone,
I've done a few horror games in the past, but more on the grotesque/hilarious side (Love Bites and Love Notes). Now I am trying to do my first pyschological horror visual novel with adventure and minigames gameplay:

I am going to use first person view during the adventure gameplay, and visual novel “cutscenes” to tell the story.

I made some videos/GIF previews of the current work in progress:
interacting with environment
example of using object and cutscenes

I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what to implement in a psychological horror story, I have already a plot in mind, but about the adventure gameplay, I’m currently thinking of having some “sudden death” scenes (they happen if you don’t do things correctly). A bit like in some old adventure games I played many years ago.

I automatically save the game before such events, so players can click “try again” and they don’t lose too much time in case they die. Is this a good idea or could potentially frustrate players ?

For more info about the game check here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/winterwolves/house-of-chavez

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