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LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1

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LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol.1

Available on Steam, Denpasoft, JAST, and Nutaku (all +18)


Kairi is a young and cheerful girl with a dream... Becoming the best and most popular Idol ever!

She recently moved to Akihabara in order to achieve this, but she's been rejected by around fifteen different agencies so far.

Already short on money, with some increasing debt, and feeling defeated and frustrated after another failed audition, she meets Ranko, a self-proclaimed "producer" that introduces the innocent Idol wannabe to her most recent and most ambitious project... Lewd Idol Project.

Join Kairi, explore the amazing city of Akihabara, meet and recruit new girls for the project, and help her fulfill her dream in this new Lewd Adventure!

Relationship Meter

There are no routes or different endings. You do, however, get a "relationship meter" to fill if you want the most positive dialogue outcomes. In this guide, I'll highlight only those.



  • Hello... Good morning!
  • It's my pleasure, Ranko-san!
  • You look extremely good!
  • Do you really care about what's happened to me?
  • You're the best, Ranko-san!
  • Sometimes I say things without thinking... Sorry!
  • Yes! I love that idea!
  • Uhm, well... I guess that's my fault.
  • I'm so happy to see you!
  • Y-Your office looks very cozy...
  • But we just got here. I'm not sleepy yet.
  • That sounds so cute and sensual... I love it!
  • I bought it today, especially for you...
  • Please don't stop, Ranko-san...
  • Y-Yes, please... I like it...
  • That's because your hands feel so good...
  • I like it... I like it so much...
  • That's because I like what you're doing.
  • You look so beautiful, Kairi-chan!
  • I was so excited to see you!
  • I've already been giving some bit of affection to myself...
  • Thank you so much for your help, Ranko-san!
  • I just wanna go for a walk... with you
  • You put a lot of effort into the photo shoot.
  • You look so cute when you're happy...
  • You look so beautiful, Kairi-chan...
  • Hm... I could do this all day.
  • I had a great time with you...
  • [Have a toast with her.]
  • If those are the rules, I'll have to accept...
  • I'll undress you, Ranko-san!
  • I must admit that it was quite the experience.
  • I can only think of you!
  • D-Do you promise you'll be gentle with me, Ranko-san?
  • K-Keep going like this...
  • O-Okay. I want to feel it...
  • Ahh... That was amazing...
  • Better than ever...
  • Okay... Let's go!
  • Awww... THANK YOU!
  • But you look beautiful in it...
  • Don't be so nervous. I'll help you with everything.
  • Why did you stop?
  • I definitely love this uniform, but...
  • Did I say something wrong that made you sad?
  • Really?! You're the best, Ranko-san!
  • Thank you! I'm very excited to see it.
  • You're proud of me... That makes me so happy...
  • That... That was good. So good.
  • I-I'm so sorry!
  • I'm totally excited!


Summary stolen from VNDB.

If there is anything wrong, let me know ASAP via PM!

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