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My return means game codes


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It has been a long time i don't come around, so today as celebration (if u can consider it as a celebration :mellow: ) I came with 3 game codes for those who have a PS Vita system. I've got the codes from Famitsu 1294 issue and from my own Chinese version game. As you know the codes are only available for one system so only one can exchange it.


Just post what code do you want and I send it by the forum messenger. My policy is that you should be at least a member of fuwanovel hahaha.

The first one is from the game Conception II, code only available if you are from Japan or you use an Japanese account.
The second one is for the game Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, the same as the last one, only available on Japanese accounts.
The third one is also for Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, this one differs, it's available for Chinese accounts (I don't know if in Japanese accounts will work) because I bought the Chinese version that is in english. ^_^


Well people see ya' around the forum! or if you want, also on PSN (Natiolo21)!

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Good to see you!

How have things been?


Well... I've been trying to watch anime, work and study but it seems immpossible actually... So now that I can't watch as much anime as I want I'm feeling kind of "unsatisfied" hahahaa. So I thought of logging in to watch the progress of some translated VN and I ended here. Now I will stalk the forum for some weeks haha.

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