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  1. My return means game codes

    Well... I've been trying to watch anime, work and study but it seems immpossible actually... So now that I can't watch as much anime as I want I'm feeling kind of "unsatisfied" hahahaa. So I thought of logging in to watch the progress of some translated VN and I ended here. Now I will stalk the forum for some weeks haha.
  2. yo hablo español! Soy de españa y para culminar de familia brasileña xD
  3. Drinking some 96 degrees alcohol to see what happens

  4. Dead Space 3 Stream

    When I used to play that game alone I remember getting on my nerves because of the difficulty where the necromorphs were about 50 vs 1 (great exageration) and freaking immortal, and they would always fuck you up but i had good fun with it hahah. The game has turned from a thriller to a action survival xD. I'll watch the gameplays. If u still with it, good luck hahaha
  5. My return means game codes

    It has been a long time i don't come around, so today as celebration (if u can consider it as a celebration ) I came with 3 game codes for those who have a PS Vita system. I've got the codes from Famitsu 1294 issue and from my own Chinese version game. As you know the codes are only available for one system so only one can exchange it. Just post what code do you want and I send it by the forum messenger. My policy is that you should be at least a member of fuwanovel hahaha. The first one is from the game Conception II, code only available if you are from Japan or you use an Japanese account. The second one is for the game Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, the same as the last one, only available on Japanese accounts. The third one is also for Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, this one differs, it's available for Chinese accounts (I don't know if in Japanese accounts will work) because I bought the Chinese version that is in english. Well people see ya' around the forum! or if you want, also on PSN (Natiolo21)!
  6. Need a little of support

    The poll same for the topic have been made with one objective. Market Research, just not focusing only in Japan, that's why I said "Japan and across the seas" refering in a worldwide way. Here at Spain there aren't actually a lot of readers and the objective is to grow this activity, in this point I'm searching for market techniques for the sell of the product. If we have the problem of not having much readers we have the double objective to make the ones that already read to read even more, and the ones who doesn't to get their attention, and it firstly worked, with Mirai Nikki. Some publishers have their attention on action based manga, and the one I'm talking about entered action based practically this year, so it's like war, a battle to get the more shocking manga and international help is really needed. But don't even think that I'm not working aside of this post. Actually I read every manga that passes through my line of sight and have other opinions, also study the market of other countries and we manage a web page for answers and questions to the publisher and for sure, recommendations. But for now I'm on test to see how good I'm on it so I don't know when I can be fired hahaha This post it's just to have a little help so we can grow the market here, after reading yours suggestions we also study them. PD: Shingeki no Kyojin is already published in Spain by one publisher that's giving a good fight with us
  7. Need a little of support

    hey guy its been a long time! today I'm here to have some manga customers support, I'm probably starting to work for a spanish manga publisher so I'm asking for manga recmendations and for those that are causing furor in Japan and across the seas,and also for good new releases because the statisfaction of customers is the main priority, the publisher already failed with releases, for example hayate no gotoku, and thats why I'm making this. Also the ones on the poll are those that we are already thinking on publishing, so if you could vote and tell why did you selet that manga I would be very grateful. (Nisekoi is already starting at spain but to mantain it we need some knowledge of the success in other countries. And beforehand, Thanks for the support!
  8. Giving away 2 Copies of Far Cry 3

    Because I already got it so it would be nice to have another code for nothing!
  9. Win a copy of: If my Heart Had Wings

    koi-nya had a raffle too... MoeNovel is on fire with his first VN
  10. Right now there is a giveaway of If my Heart Had Wings VN! you can participate at http://animeon.biz/index.php?do=/giveaway/ Problems? A lot... 1. Page is in German 2. Need to answer in German (Obvious ) 3. Also need to register If you also want to try, The question is: Who was the first one to be affected by Aoi? (I think it's: who was the first one to be affected by the sedduction powers of the main character!). The raffle ends the 23/August/2013 and to do it right you have to send an e-mail to asacs@animeon.biz with the word Gewinnspiel (means giveaway) followed by the answer and your AnimeON account name. Register here: http://animeon.biz/index.php?do=/user/register/ Little trans for those wanna register: Well good luck people!
  11. I feel dizzy, I shouldn't smoke more Stramonium D:

  12. Fall 2013 Anime

    Yeaaaah Pokemon XY!!! God no thanks how the can keep it!!!! As expected White Album 2 and Infinite Stratos S2 lets see if we have a good season... But before this Autumn Season we have our awaited 3 last chapters of Oreimo 2!
  13. What methods do you use to watch anime?

    Ya know I've got 100 Mb Fiber optic, I install Adblock in chrome and start my streaming session! Damn the problem is the Core 2 Quad processor that is practically obsolete but still have no problems so... And if the anime is good use torrent download and I have it complete in less than 2~4 hours... Good life
  14. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    Bad season up now... I've even been watching other series instead the ones tat are up now, already finished kimi nomi no shiru sekai to watch this 3rd season lets see how it is... You know Watamote gives me the creeps, every chapter I watch I fell ashamed...
  15. Climate change, global warming discussion

    Don't worry next glaciation is near!!! Now seriously in fact it's true that because of human acts the emisions of CO2 are going up and glaciars are melting, but the oil is finishing, now we only have like 40-60 years more of petroleum before we run out of it. Maybe in the meantime there's another glaciation. Actually we will never know what will happen to the world, but I'm sure of one thing, if we keep going like this, the world is gonna end. As I saw in a book, if every country of the world consumes the same natural resources as USA, we will need 4 worlds like the earth to keep going like this. Talking about government and influential people we have the Bilderberg club that wants to reduce human population... http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/bilderberg-is-a-conspiracy-reality/ Nowadays world is so fucked up and only human can stop this crap, the problem is people is not aware of this problems 'cause we normally watch a new and the next day we don't remember it or no one cares anymore.