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Fuwanovel Karaoke Booth


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I like singing, but I was never really talented at it. My first controversial appearance in the anime scene was when I started posting unedited karaoke cringe covers on Reddit. It gained me my first bits of infamy in the r/osugame community and obviously people thought I was serious about singing and doubled down on it.

This made me frustrated and I only sang songs alone or in closed Karaoke groups. These days I got nothing to hide and just like to sing and post them online.

Here you have a quickly made cover that I recorded very sloppily in an improvised booth in my bathroom stall.




If you can sing you can post your videos, vocaroo or recordings in here too. I would be happy to listen to them.

Same applies to music covers where you play an instrument. I am passionate about music but never bothered learning an instrument, so I definitely gonna be jealous of your skills!

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